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Biden Officially Kicks Off His 2024 Campaign by Calling Trump a Nazi!

Biden Officially Kicks Off His 2024 Campaign by Calling Trump a Nazi!

A stuttering and addlepated Joe Biden made his first speech of the 2024 campaign in which he likened President Trump to Nazis!

With lower-than-ever approval ratings as he officially enters the quest for a second term, the unpopular incumbent warned that the “twice-impeached former president” is “willing to sacrifice our democracy, put himself in power.”

The 81-year-old Democrat branded his likely challenger in November a “loser” and “sick” in a speech on the eve of the third anniversary of the deadly January 6 Capitol attack by pro-Trump supporters.

“He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy, put himself in power,” Biden told supporters, alternating between whispers and furious shouts as he laid into the man he beat in 2020.

Not only had the twice-impeached former president instigated the Capitol attack, but the tycoon and his followers were still embracing “political violence” ahead of the 2024 vote, said Biden.

“He calls those who oppose him vermin. He talks about the blood of Americans being poisoned, echoing the same exact language used in Nazi Germany,” he added.

Biden chose a symbolic location for the speech near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, the historic site where George Washington rallied American forces fighting their British colonial rulers nearly 250 years ago.

He portrayed himself as a defender of America’s institutions, warning that if Trump won a second term in the White House, then democracy itself was at risk. “Trump’s assault on democracy isn’t just part of his past. It’s what he’s promising for the future,” said Biden.

Resorting to such “name-calling” is all Biden has in a rematch against President Trump. Biden lags behind Trump in almost all respected polls right now, particularly in the battleground states that gave him his victory in 2020. Biden also has the worst approval rating of any modern president at this stage in his term of office.

The current president has failed to convince voters the economy is improving, while migration remains a headache, and US support for Ukraine and Israel remains divisive among voters.

But perhaps Biden’s biggest vulnerability is his age: as America’s oldest-ever president, he has suffered a series of trips and verbal slips that make most Americans rightfully feel he is unfit for another four years in the Oval Office.

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  1. Dan tyree

    What can we expect from a moron?


    I know, you would think Trump could do better. Such a moron. Speakin of doin better, in grab em by the pussy news…….Nicky should be sponsoring a town hall and has invited a bunch of Trump’s old acquaintances.

    We have all heard about Trump the Sexual Abuser, Trump the Digital Rapist, Trump the payer of Stormy Sex but what about those alleging the same. These are real people, telling real stories, to real journalists. They may or may not be true, but there is certainly a pattern to them. They all could be liars, but some seem pretty upstanding. They all came forward for some reason, each person’s may be different. This happens to all rich, successful guys; but it does not happen that often and that does not make it right. And there’s plenty of them. I mean Biden has Tara Reid, but Trump he’s got:

    Jessica Leeds told the NYT in 16 that, in the 70s, Trump reached his hand up her skirt and grabbed her breasts on a flight. She said he “was like an octopus,” his “hands were everywhere” before she fled to the back.

    Trump’s first wife accused him of raping her in a fit of rage in 89,they were married. Just before her cash settlement, she said she hadn’t meant in a “literal or criminal sense.” It’s that other kind of rape, the frisky-locker-room rape, legal rape, the kind of rape that pays big bucks.

    Kristin Anderson, photographer and former model, told WAPO in 16: Trump sat next to me at a nightclub in the 90s and reached under her skirt.

    Jill Harth, Trump employee in the 90s, accused him of “attempted rape” in a 97 complaint. She said that in 93, Trump tried to kiss her in his daughter’s bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago resort, pushing her against a wall and putting his hand up her dress. She settled for money. Sound familiar? On the record.

    Lisa Boyne told HuffPost in 16 that she had dinner with Trump in 96 where several women were forced to walk across a table while Trump looked upskirts and commented on panties and bodies.

    Five Miss Teen USA contestants told BuzzFeed News in 16 that in 97, Trump walked into the contestants’ dressing room while they were changing saying “Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen it all before.” The youngest girl was 15, the oldest 19.”
    Trump himself admitted he would go backstage before beauty pageants where women were “standing there with no clothes.” “I sort of get away with things like that” he boasted.

    Temple Taggart, former Miss Utah, told the NYT in 16 that Trump “kissed me directly on the lips” at the 97 Miss USA pageant. Again, when she met with him in Manhattan after he offered to help with her modeling career.
    Cathy Heller told The Guardian in 16 that Trump forcibly kissed her when she attended a Mother’s Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago in the 90s. He got pissed when she tried to escape.

    Amy Dorris, former model, said Trump forcibly kissed and groped her in his private box at the U.S. Open tennis championship in 97.

    Karena Virginia, yoga instructor and life coach, told WAPO in 16 that Trump groped her, unexpectedly wrapping his arm around her and touching her breast, in 98 outside the U.S. Open.

    Karen Johnson, a regular at Mar-a-Lago, said Trump pulled her behind a tapestry to kiss and grope her during a New Year’s Eve party in the early 2000s.

    Bridget Sullivan, former Miss USA contestant, told BuzzFeed News in 16 that she met Trump at a promotion and he hugged her “a little low on your back” and gave “a squeeze that your creepy uncle would.”

    Tasha Dixon,former Miss USA contestant, told CBS in 16 that, in 01, Trump walked into where she and other contestants were changing.

    Melinda McGillivray told the Palm Beach Post in 16 that Trump grabbed her butt without her consent in 03 when they were backstage at a Ray Charles concert at Mar-a-Lago.

    Natasha Stoynoff, reporter for People magazine, wrote in 16 that Trump sexually assaulted her in 05 while she was visiting Mar-a-Lago to work on a story about his first year of marriage with Melania. Trump closed the door and pushed her against the wall before “forcing his tongue down my throat.” Same old story, again.

    Juliet Huddy, a former Fox News anchor, said on the “Mornin!!! podcast in 17 that Trump kissed her unexpectedly, without her consent in Trump Tower in the mid-2000s.

    Rachel Crooks, a former receptionist at Trump Tower, told The NYT in 16 that Trump kissed her “directly on the mouth” without consent when she first met him in 05.

    Ninni Laaksonen, former Miss Finland, in 16 told Ilta-Sanomat, a Finnish newspaper, that Trump squeezed her butt in 06 when they were backstage at the “Late Show.”

    Jessica Drake, adult film star, accused Trump during a 16 news conference of grabbing her, kissing her without her consent as he offered $10,000 to come to his penthouse hotel room in 206 for a stormy session.

    Summer Zervos, from “The Apprentice, told reporters that Trump sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions in 07.
    Cassandra Searles, Miss USA contestant, wrote in a 16 Facebook post that Trump “continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room” when she competed in 13.

    Alva Johnson, campaign staff member, alleged in a 19 lawsuit that Trump grabbed her hand and kissed her on the side of the mouth without her consent during a rally in 16. Old dog, same old tricks.

    No wonder he loves the rallies. Our glorious twice-impeached, never a popular vote has gotten, ex-Presidente El Trumpo.

    • Jim wampler

      Sounds like bimbo eruptions. Quit being so bitter because Trump is winning. Maybe your daughter would like to meet him


      Biden and the Democrats are actually the Progressive Left Fascists. Check history and see what Hitler referred to his party and plans in 1938. People that don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Stupid F#*king asshole Democrats.

      • richard

        do you really expect them to face the truth, ? NEVER gonna happen bro.

    • Max


  3. JPop

    Trump Derangement Syndrome….if it wasn’t so would be funny.

    • Dan tyree

      Frank would you be ok with Desantis or Hailey being elected? Just asking.


        not at all-trump all the way

  4. Darren

    Sorry Frank, but having Sex with a Porn Star would be like asking a Mechanic to change your tire
    then wonder why he did it!
    That is his JOB!
    I guess he should never help his neighbor on the weekend?
    Yes having sex with a BILLIONAIR, what were they thinking!

    • Frank stetson

      You are right, all 24 lied, even the ones is court that he paid off.

      But that’s not the point of the case, you pose a red herring for a case where guilt is already established for his co-conspirator who got three years I think.

      But keep pushing that bow wave Captain, there’s stormy weather ahead.

  5. Rick

    The communist democrats always accuse the republicans of doing what they are doing.

    • Frank stetson

      The fascist Republicans always accuse Democrats of accusing Republicans of doing what they are doing knowing full well they do what they do to do unto others as others do do to you. Scoobie doobie do.

    • Emma Jones

      The Republicans should continue to preserve our freedoms, close the border, and see that our students are taught properly!!

    • richard

      now there is a FACT ,they love doing that to Republicans and get away with it all the time.

  6. Wes Kussmaul

    Looking for the news in this headline.
    Biden’s not going to get much attention if all he does is cite the obvious.

  7. Frank stetson

    Wes, sometimes the obvious does not register with the oblivious.

  8. Max

    The only Fascists NAZI is Joe Biden….Biden is using HITLERS PLAYBOOK…
    1, Takeaway the first amendment rights, the 2020 election the FBI, CIA AND THE DOJ deceived the American people and LIED
    2. GO AFTER THE 2ND AMENDMENT…The only people was want to have guns are the PEOPLE WE WANT(BLM, ANTIFA)
    4. Only the people we want ELECTED ARE ALLOWED ON THE BALLOT..


    • Frank stetson

      Super Max, Can you reference the Hitler playbook and sections you refer to? I’m betting no.

  9. Mike f

    It is rather obvious to those of us that can read that what Biden has said is correct. Trump has said he will be a dictator (but only on day 1-hah, that is just his start). He has promised to go after his enemies, redo civil service so only those who are sufficiently loyal to him can be part of the government. If that isn’t directly quoting the nazi playbook-I don’t know what is. Of course the idiots that support him don’t realize that the only reason we didn’t have a bigger disaster than we did in the 4 years he was in power was because a few of the people he chose for his cabinet didn’t constantly lick his ass (of course, most of the rest of them had to resign due to corruption issues). His administration was a complete failure-from his stupid tariffs (that forced him to pay off the farmers with you know who’s tax dollars), to his pulling out of treaties that we had committed to (allowing Iran to get ever so close to a nuclear bomb and preventing us from looking under the hood at just what they were doing) to his insane negotiations with the taliban, ensuring that Afghanistan government would fail. To his ridiculous border wall (so ridiculous that republican congress would not pay for it, never mind mexico. Portions of which have already fallen and been traversed by illegals, to finally the tax cuts for the rich, which never expire-cuts for poor and middle class have a five year shelf life-just shows how much republicans care for the idiots that voted them in. Need I go on? Only fools support that low IQ orange menace-yes nazi too….

    • Emma jones

      COMMENT Biden’s first day in office was a disaster! He shut down all the issues that were keeping us safe and giving us our freedoms! Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas have done nothing to help our country! Since I was born before WWII, I can honestly say Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, and all the Dems he put in office are the worst!

    • richard

      Hey Mike you are either Blind or Dumb either way trumps 4 years were the best America has EVER been.

  10. Charles

    No same person would believe our lying Totalitarian Dictator Joe Biden when he call Trump names that really fit himself rather than Trump.

  11. JPop

    The only Nazi i see is already in the white house.

    • Frank stetson

      And why would jpop and charles say that?

      I mean do you have actual examples or do you just like spewing stuff you can’t back up ?

      Biden can back his statement up as he has with Trumps own words harkening back to Adolph and company.