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Biden needs written instructions to sit down?

Biden needs written instructions to sit down?

There is no getting around it.  Biden is showing signs of cognitive decline.  

From the launch of his campaign, Biden has been protected from too much public exposure by staff.  The Pandemic provided a good excuse for his hunkering down in his residential bunker during the campaign – speaking to the nation from carefully crafted scripts and softball one-on-one interviews with friendly news media.

Since taking office, Biden continues to be limited in public exposure.  He rarely appears in any unscripted or uncontrolled situations.  That is because on those rare occasions when Biden is unleashed, his gaffe numbers tend to go up.  On several occasions, “The White House” had to correct the President’s public statements on serious matters.  You will recall how he said Putin could not remain in office and that he would put boots on the ground if China invaded Taiwan.

As the saying goes, Biden is starting to show his age.  If there was any doubt of Biden’s diminished ability to talk off-the-cuff, we had the perfect example recently.  It was a small thing, but very telling.

We have known for some time that Biden must deal with notes that he pulls from his inside coat pocket – occasionally fumbling despite the benefit of notes. But we rarely get to see exactly what is on those slips of paper – that is until Biden held one of them backward, with the instructions facing the cameras.

The image at the top of the commentary shows those instructions for “OFFSHORE WIND DROP-BY SEQUENCE OF EVENTS.”  The first instruction is to “… enter the room.”  You mean the President of the United States has to be prompted to enter the room and “say help to the participants?”

Then comes “YOU take YOUR chair.”  Does he really have to be reminded to sit down and take HIS chair?  Without that explicit instruction would Biden walk in and stand around staring into space – not knowing into which chair to park his butt?

According to the cheat sheet, the press enters, he gives remarks, and the press leaves.

The next instruction to Biden is “YOU then ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO a question.   Note: Liz is joining virtually.”  It seems they are worried that Biden may not notice she is not in the room.  The question is not on the instructions.  Do they really trust Biden – who must be instructed to enter a room — to come up with a question on his own?

Finally, Biden is instructed … “YOU thank participants.”  And … “YOU depart.”

I noticed that the instruction has “YOU” in all caps.  Is that so Biden knows for whom the instructions are written?

The late-night comedians must be having a field day with this.  Oh!  They do not poke fun at Biden.  And maybe that is a good thing, but there is something about this that is not funny.  It is not comforting to know that the President of the United States needs written instructions of the type you would give a ten-year-old participating in a school assembly.

Let’s all hope and pray that Biden can hold it together for another couple years – with a little help from his friends.

So, there ‘tis.

FOOTNOTE: This cartoon seems more apt than ever.

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  1. Perry

    He needs instructions to wipe his ass

  2. Bill

    Remember when Black Lies Matter flags didn’t fly at American embassies?
    Remember when you could walk downtown of a major city without fear of having to pump lead into a Communist (DemocRAT)?
    Remember when you could eat at a restaurant that had full service?
    Remember when gas prices were 2 dollars?
    Remember when you weren’t threatened because you were white or a Conservative?
    Remember when the Federal Government really cared about people and not Race Theory?
    Remember when the southern border was under full control?
    Remember when the murder of Police officers wasn’t tolerated?
    Remember when those that choose to destroy government property were arrested and charged?
    Remember when the Communist Party and its supporting base laughed at the suggestion that COVID came from a Chinese laboratory?
    Remember when children went to school to learn math, science and history and not Race Theory?
    Remember when babies were born a Boy or Girl?
    Remember when… well there was no inflation?
    Remember when there were no shortage of anything in this country?
    Remember when Americans were proud of their President?
    Remember when a political party didn’t openly elect Communists, Chinese spies, and Terrorists?
    Remember when America was respected by our enemies on the global stage?
    Remember when America respected its Military and didn’t put them in harms way resulting in their deaths?

    • Bruce

      As the theme song to the old All In The Family series said “those were the days “ We have more proof everyday what a shit party the democrats are

      • frank stetson

        WAH, bring back Trump’s Mayberry.

        It was all better with Don the Liar
        It was all better with Don the cheater
        It was all better with Don the criminal
        Bring back the witch hunt, bring back the witch !!!

        Only nine 1/6 court cases and ten other, mostly civil, cases

        Remember when there wasn’t a criminal investigation from the Fulton County, Ga., DA to examining whether Trump officials disrupted the 2020 election in the county.
        Remember when the NAACP didn’t file a Trump lawsuit for 2020 election interference violating of the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act. Ten Congresspersons have signed on too.
        Remember when Eric Swalwell didn’t sue Trump over the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.
        Remember when U.S. Capitol Police officers hadn’t filed three distinct Trump lawsuits for inciting the Jan. 6 rioting where over 100 officers were injured and four committed suicide afterward, one died from a stroke too.
        Remember when two DC officers didn’t file a lawsuit against Trump for physical and emotional damage compensation.
        Remember when New York officials weren’t probing the Trump’s property valuations
        Remember when New York weren’t probing Trump for tax fraud and financial crimes where charges are already filed against TrumpCo CFO Allen Weisselberg for his 15-year tax fraud scheme role.
        Remember when New York weren’t investigating whether Trump misled officials about the Trump National Golf Club Westchester property values.
        Remember when Federal investigators weren’t looking Trump’s mishandled classified document scheme where 15 boxes left the White House for Mara Loser.
        Remember when Mary Trump wasn’t suing Uncle Don for defrauding her from the family inheritance
        Remember when Trump wasn’t suing Mary AND The New York Times in reporting on his taxes.
        Remember when Mary and Ivanka could come to Trump’s house for Thanksgiving? Jerrod too?
        Remember when E. Jean Carroll’s didn’t have a rape assault suit against Trump; this one may be before you were born :> )
        Remember when Trump like personal attorney Michael Cohen before the lawsuit against Trump, the U.S. government and other officials for tell-all retaliation.
        Remember when six protesters didn’t sue Trump for security guards assaulting them outside Trump Tower. Might again be before your time :>)

        Ah, those were the days. When all of our problems were caused by one man, one movement; think it was a bowel movement……But keep that laser-like focus on Biden because he IS the point for 2022 midterms. Larry says Roe v. Wade is a nothing burger, don’t look behind that curtain, look at Biden’s list…..

        And after we codify abortion rights nationally, we’re coming for the guns. Thank you Republican SCOTUS, we couldn’t do it without you. Keep it up and you’ll face AOC in 2024 Presidential. You are making Democratic Socialists more powerful every day. Keep it up.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Remember when Democrats had a sense of dignity and focused on issues instead of tearing down individuals and literally inventing reasons to investigate them?

          It’s been a while.

          • Larry kuhn

            It’s all about fear and smear. The democrats can’t win on issues but try to drive their opponents out by weaponized congress and courts. Only a low life would support the Marxist bastards

          • Ben

            Joe, isn’t that a little pot-kettle-black thing hypocritical spin you got going on there?

            Who’s the guy who used the freakin Presidency to tear down more people, places, and things than any other President in US history? The guy who made Nixon look like an alter boy. Gee, you must have missed all those valiant volunteer election workers with lives destroyed, daily threats, living in fear from gunnies and others, all because Donald J. Trump, as President, called them out and said “stand back, stand ready, you got to fight!!!” Just everyday, little people that the entire weight of the Presidency was unleashed upon their lives. Hard to imagine a bigger bully with a better edge than the President. No party can match that.

            Here’s thousands of tweets:

            Trump is in many a lawsuit, investigation, sure. But did you know he launched over 2,000 lawsuits himself? Since hardly any bear fruit, or guilty people, one might say someone was making something up. Maybe the guy who lied over 30,000 documented lies during his four years of hell.

            I think you are a cognitive cesspool, age not being your issue.

          • Ben

            I’m sorry Kuhn: you can weaponize the courts? That’s a supreme idea asshole.

      • beven nation

        For Bruce, sung to “those were the days,” with Larry as Archie and Joe doing his Dingbat falsetto.

        Boy, the way Donald Trump played
        rants that incited a Capitol parade
        old white guys though they had it made
        Those were the days
        Didn’t need no welfare state
        Stimulus and tax cuts piled debt weight
        gee our Detroit POS ran great
        Those were the daze
        And you knew who you were then
        girls were girls and racists were men
        Mister we should put those gays and trans in psych wards again
        People seemed to be content
        with hate rallies underneath a tent
        white supremacists were allowed hate-crime vents
        Those were the days
        Take a little Sunday spin
        go to watch the Proud Boys win
        Have yourself a dandy day
        that cost you under a fin
        Hair was long and skirts were short
        Trump really could spit and snort
        I don’t know just what went wrong
        those were the days

        • Larry kuhn

          Ben your idiot so called president is already weaponizing government agencies against us. But we know that he’s not in charge of anything. But thanks be to God that people are becoming “woke”. And eventually your shit party will bury itself. And Biden will look up and ask who farted

        • Sam

          I love your idea. We didn’t have ghetto scum bothering people and fags trying to groom our kids.

    • larry Horist

      Bill … You do not have to be very old to remember most of those things. I think that is why there appears to be a Republican resurgence across the nation today because the GOP seems to be representing those values. America is seeing the dangerous nonsense of identity politics, political correctness, gender fluidity and wokeness.

      • Ac

        Larry, obviously you remember who won the 2020 election. So. you can pass The Who is President cognitive question. Time, day, date and year are real simple questions a small child could answer. Proving cognitive prowess at any age says nothing of one’s intellect nor ability required in distinguishing truth in facts from politically motivated propaganda.
        The facts are that far to many fail the President question out of willful ignorance of true facts. Truth deniers tend to be cognitive impaired. Opinions are only believably cogent when based on established true facts.
        Cheap below the belt shots taken at anyone’s cognition is low blow and considered poor form by common decency standards. The same cheap shots aimed at the American President is off the charts low dealing. It is evidence of the perpetrator’s poor loosing hand.
        Boasting of one’s somewhat above average cognition level and a similar physical abilities rating at any age has the appearance of self Aggrandizement and over compensation. If one’s life record does not suffice as a worthy foundation for opinion formation, then even a physician’s cognition test passed with flying colors changes nothing.
        Larry, if your opinions have worth, then defense of the facts is simple. When opinions are a deep dive into a gutter, then no holds barred down and dirty fighting ensues.
        It’s expected, disrespect engenders more disrespect.
        The present day media culture is at war with common sense decent humanity assessing situations of consequence as the direct result after some particular happening report.
        Personal attacks directed pointedly at a President for some small particularity shows clearly how low you are willing to go in attempting disparaging commentary..
        This piece fails the scholar’s test in Comp 101. Standards at. PBP have slipped further than the DOW Stock average.

  3. frank Stetson

    “There is no getting around it. Biden is showing signs of cognitive decline.”

    OMG, he has a list……no getting around it……he has a list…..

    I have cognitive dissonance.

    Old men who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson …. we are not talking about “old men who live in glass houses.” We are talking about one old man living in the White House.

      • frank Stetson

        Well, you “we” live in a glass house, old man, but if you want to make cognitive tests part of the role of being President, codify it. And where were you five years ago with this lament. You sure had a thousand similar reasons there too. I mean your guy couldn’t even read a memo, must less a report. If Hannity didn’t explain it, he didn’t remember it. Otherwise, I say Biden should do this when Trump hands over this taxes that must still be under audit.

        This was a nothing burger, just a list to make things easier for a guy who is trotted out in all sorts of locations, across the globe, and desires to follow local customs. Christ, I would have the same lists before any public appearance at age 45. I even had on my list, to walk the stage the day before if I could. When I prepped shows for VP’s and above, I would always create a list for the speaker. And yes, they were pretty silly looking in retrospect. Hell, did we offer to lock Trump up in the looney bin when he did the sword dance outside the Murabba Palace in Saudi Arabia on his first visit outside the US? No, we laughed, we poked fun, and we moved on. We didn’t suggest he was cognitively unbalanced. Well, we did, but not because of this :>)

        But, no problem, bring on the test, just codify it so ALL Presidents need to take, before election too. Along with the tax records.

        Better yet — let’s just age cap the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government.

        • larry Horist

          Franck Stetson … You previously stated that you were suffering some age related mental decline. I am sorry to now hear it stated when you were 45. I mean … would you really have needed an instruction to enter a room and take your seat for a meeting. You should not demean yourself in attempting to defend Biden. Yes … Biden has been in innumerable meetings. He must surely know to say hello and good by to the guests. I have been in thousands of meetings and never needed written instructions to cover the pro forma — just sometimes the details of complicated issues. But then I am not suffering any signs of cognitive decline as determined by my doctors. Sometimes I forget to bring the grocery list .. but on the other hand I still get it all by memory. Well, almost all. The knees however … that is another thing. But they are not bad enough to stop tennis and bowling almost every day. I am not bragging because I know my condition is more good fortune than anything I have done. Just the way it is. I wonder why all we oldsters get cognitive test as part of routine exams — I have had to remember three word … say what day and date it is …. and draw a clock to a certain time many times. And yes, I pass that simple test. But the President of the United States does not even get that? Or we do not hear about it. He is avoiding the age related tests — and one should wonder why? Although I think we already know why.

          • frank stetson

            Sorry I didn’t respond faster. I was cleaning some burger I dropped against the wall since I could not find a valet. Let me grab the wheel of this discussion and head it in a different direction with some capital points.

            Very funny you indicating that now I have cognitive issues. I think I said cognitive dissonance, something everyone has at times. But yeah, I use lists, and yeah, there’s some pretty silly looking things on them, and yeah, I have used them for years.

            But you have all these accusations, all this proof, but what you show is:

            – a list that you could have typed up yourself
            – no one picture of Biden using, looking at, or even holding said list
            – paper does not refuse ink. The fact that it is written in now way proves it is needed.

            You do not source the list. That’s odd. Or is it? You do not show Biden actually using or needing the list. That’s odd. Or is it? But you have no problem deducing that Biden has never taken the cognitive test that you have. Are you sure? 100%? You say he is avoiding them. How do you know? You spend most of your article repeating the exact words of the list you have shown above. A whole story to repeat a list you show. Perhaps you need another test yourself?

            You come from a party of liars. Your President is on record for lying more than any other President in history. It’s on the record. And he continues today. One of our biggest issues, nationwide, is The Big Lie. It is literally killing people. Your Scotus picks lied under oath about Roe. Your Congresspeople lie about their actions on 1.6, even when caught on tape. And now, you say your own Party is lying left and right, under oath, to the 1.6 Select Committee investigating the Trump Capitol Insurrection and the American people.

            Why should we even believe your evidence which you could have made up when you show no evidence of it even being needed or used? None. You say Biden is avoiding age-related tests. Really, which ones and when?

            +1 for AC who really nailed it.

  4. john

    biden was a ( P O S ) with obama ,and mow is a mindless ( P O S ) !!!

  5. art

    Remember when they called President Trump dangerous ? Now we don’t know who is screwing things .Democrats should never be in charge of anything

    • Ben

      No need to remember. We still call President Trump dangerous.