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Biden moves to an I-know-better-than-you campaign strategy

Biden moves to an I-know-better-than-you campaign strategy

It has been obvious for months that Team Biden has been flummoxed by their inability to get ahead of President Trump in the polls.  President Biden is losing in most polls – from the head-to-head numbers against Trump … to the record high unfavorable rating … to who is leading on specific critical issues … to the specific battleground states … to the issue of age.

CNN numbers cruncher, Harry Enten, recently showed the most important analysis of all.  If the election were held today, would Biden or Trump win in the all-important Electoral College?   According to Enten, it was Trump.  This is true in polls that show Biden tying or even topping Trump in the head-to-head numbers.

Of course, the election is not being held today – and that is the hypothetical political flotsam to which Biden and Democrats are clinging.  They are proffering the standard “things will change” in the future.  And maybe they will.  But time is growing short.

These new results are not a sudden change in voter opinion.  The numbers have been trending in Trump’s favor for the past few months – despite the growing legal problems being faced by Trump (or is it because of them?).  Trump is also gaining in the face of much more hysterical attacks by Democrats and their media allies.  They seem to be doubling down in the belief that messaging has been their problem – not the issues.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in Biden’s hitherto unsuccessful efforts to convince the American people that they are better off today than they were four years ago – that they have been better served by Biden’s term in office than by Trump’s.

Despite the failure to convince the voters in the past, Team Biden is doubling down.  Their latest video ad attempts to answer the litmus test question — Are you better off today than four years ago?  They conclude that the answer is an astounding “yes.”  It is a directed verdict that flies in the face of manifest public opinion.  This is the tactic of tinhorn dictators who “tell” the people how good they have it even though the people know better. 

Biden fluctuates between “I feel your pain” and “you are not in pain” messaging, desperately hoping that one of those themes will catch hold.  So far, neither approach is winning over voters.

The “better off” question is directed TO the people and best answered BY the people.  No amount of jawboning by Biden will change the reality people see in their own lives.  The Biden strategy is audacious – but what else do they have?  Somehow, they hope that by repeating and repeating their campaign bullpoop, enough people will be deceived into believing the lie over the truth they see with their own eyes.  So, how well has that worked in the past?

Of course, media cronies like Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and their bobblehead panels of political flunkies can be depended upon to follow the Biden script.  Taking on his southern preacher persona, Scarborough was loud and emphatic in support of the Biden claims.  The loquacious MSNBC host looked into the camera and told viewers that they were most certainly better off today than they were four years ago.  If they do not know that, they are just stupid.  And … there was the usual universal agreement among the regular panel of bobblehead flunkies.

Biden has been peddling his basic campaign themes that the economy is great … Trump is a threat to the survival of the American Democracy … and “I am not too old” for months.  It is obvious that none of them are working, or Trump would be trailing Biden by double digits.

In addition, Biden mistakenly places his answer to the four-year question only on the economy, but voters are more sophisticated than he seems to appreciate.  Americans are not better off in a number of ways other than the economy. 

We do not feel as safe on the streets.  We worry more than ever that loved ones will succumb to Fentanyl addiction.  We do not feel as safe traveling overseas.  We see the social impact and economics of the unprecedented numbers illegally crossing the southern border.  Our enemies are more threatening to our national security than four years ago.  Our own governing institutions seem less like the protector of our inalienable constitutional rights than the oppressor of them.  Confidence in public education has been diminished by woke policies.  Most voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

And yes, the American people do not believe that that are better off financially under the Biden economy.  Virtually, every poll shows Trump trumping Biden on handling the economy.

Ironically, there is little more Biden and Democrats can say or do to demonize Trump.  They have pretty much shot off all the ammunition in their arsenal.  Perhaps that is why Biden is doubling down on retreaded issues. 

If a majority of voters decide they dislike Trump more than Biden, it will likely result from something Trump says or does – some new event or revelation.  Maybe one of those “October surprises.”

One thing is for sure.  Telling people what they feel and believe about their own lives is not proving to be a winning strategy for Team Biden.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.



    Not even gonna read this one since it’s so early and who cares about Horist’s inner political gut calls at this point.

    Suffice it to say, I have been saying that Team Biden is screwing this up. Where is James Carville when you need an insightful street fighter in the fight of the century: the kindly old man versus the combative lifetime crook.

    Yes, I can show you how WE are better off than 4 years ago, but cannot never prove that YOU are better off than four years ago, even if I have YOUR personal statistics.

    Myself — yeah — all the numbers are better. Plus, thanks to inflation, my moves starting at the end of Trump towards fixed income and away from equities now assures around a 5% return for the forseeable future. My freedoms seem intact, no FBI/ATF/NSA at the door, still bullshitting as I see fit, going to Church, voting, all good. In all honesty, I am cutting back a bit but still spending much more than over four years ago. And not one deadly encounter with a border crosser, just a lot of nice immigrants helping out around the house.

    But that’s me, not you, and I know the recovery is missing many folks. Does not matter wherther real or what Trump told you, it you feel bad, telling you that you are wrong is just not the way to go and certainly not the politifcal way to go. And yes, Mr. Horist, my fuck-you-money is getting louder than ever. Heh, heh.

    I have an aside, a Horist question. If Tom and I agreeing with each other on some topics, but not all, means we have a bromance, does that mean you have no one agreeing with you for zero bromance potential? OR are you more bromaneful than Tom and I ever could be? Inquiring minds want to know but could care less.

    Back to the toe pick at hand. Hopefully Biden will get some new blood (on his team, but mabye a transfusion too), find his voice, and wake up those who are either sitting on the sidelines or actively voicing their intent to look elsewhwere. I don’t; think he’s losing folks to Trump, he’s just losing them to other places, a couple to RFK, a lot to Halley, can’t remember what other folks are out there.

    But as it stands: Team Biden is blowing it as Horist notes. I would just guess you can skip the rest of his rant.

    • Richard

      Frank you’re too damned stupid to understand what a joke Biden is.


        Do you have any facts to support your allegation that I am “too damned stupid”

        Otherwise, right back at you, based on your own conclusion alone.

        But one thing is sure: Richard is just a Dick to many. I might just be Frank in saying that, but as sure as the Sun sets, a setting-sun does not lie.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … I would never say you are “too damned stupid” — but maybe just enough. And you love to play the name game when delivering your insults … maybe you should keep in mind that a frank is a wiener. 😉

        • Richard

          Hell yeah I have proof. The dumb shit you post sums it up.

          • FRANK STETSON

            OK, then you are stupid.

            The numbers say so. Forbes, a right-leaning financial page annouces: “The American Economy And People Are Much Better Off Than 4 Years Ago.” You can look up the stories yourself since you are liying to yourself as well.

            The police are not at my door, you are full of shit on that one too.

            I think the rest is opinion, you can say it’s a lie, but it’s an opinion so you are wrong again.

            Come back when you take your head out of your ass and have some actual evidence instead of hot air and bullshit.


    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson …. I read the first sentence and saw no reason to go further. A lot of your responses suggest that you do not read the commentary.

    • Rick

      It’s not team biden, it is Team Satan. biden is just the face of it.

  2. Tom

    This article rates a Stop The Spin score of STS-4: Here’s why and how this Independent/Unaffiliated voter sees it:

    1) Not sure when Larry actually wrote this blob of BS but in a 5 of 6 battle ground states, including my own state, the news 3/27/2024 Biden has closed the gap on Trump. See **

    2) The article fails to mention the fact that both Trump and Biden are responsible for the inflation situation. Trump dumped over $2000 per taxpayer into the economy followed by Biden’s extended rent forgiveness, student loan forgiveness, extended unemployment money, etc. They both own it, I say Trump owns at least 40%, Biden the remaining 60%. And then there is corporate greed which is real and is contributing to the inflation problem. Trump says nothing about it, Biden is trying to fight it. But this article seems to make Biden out to be the only cause which is not true.

    3) What the article does not mention is that in the future, if Trump is elected, and if you fit into any categories like: over 65 years old, on Social Security, on Medicaid, if you are on ObamaCare Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange, if you are a student who is on your parent’s medical insurance and you are over the age of 20, if you have a special needs child, if you are a diabetic needing expensive insulin, you will be doing much worse under an unrestricted Trump administration. But the good thing is that you will be able to keep your guns and now Trump is going to allow abortions for up to 20 weeks – Yet anti-abortion Larry is still for Trump. I guess even Larry has a price! I guess those unborns aren’t so precious to Larry after all, it was just Larry BS.

    4) Truth is that Trump was not that smart at handling the economy. Heck, he still does not understand tariffs and how they affect American consumers when we place tariffs on foreign goods – which was why we lost the trade war with China (I guess Larry forgot that or his brain cannot get past Afghanistan). But Trump did have some good people in his circle when it came to economics. But I am not convinced that they would have handled the situation Yellen had to handle any better than Yellen who did not recognize the situation of inflation with employment increases – something that has never happened before.

    5) If Trump is doing so well, why is Biden out-funding him? Why does Trump have to rely on funding from a sneaker line, and now endorses a particular version of bible that when you order it you are paying for the Trump name through his LLC that is partnered with the bible company? If Trump is doing so good, then why is the RNC having to direct most of its funding to Trumps legal bills? If Trump is truly the business whiz Larry think, and if Trump is as rich as he convinces Larry that he is, then why can’t he come up with $450 M to cover his penalties for rape and having an uncontrollable mouth? Other self proclaimed uber rich people seem to have a billion in pocket change – but not Trump! It seems to me that the little GOP dictator is having lots of money problems. And with all of these money problems, and now Trump partnering with some non-allied foreign countries for golf courses, the myth that Trump is not for sale has crash landed. Trump will be for sale, and will include his own enrichment in his foreign and domestic policies!

    6) By the way, the Chinese and Russians, North Koreans would much rather Trump be elected because: 1) He is for sale (as evidenced by his recent policy flip to accommodate his biggest donor who just happens to own part of Tik Tok. Trump now favors Tik Tok and abortion – big flips! 2) Trump is a narcissist that can be easily handled by simply blowing smoke up his ass about how great he is. But lets face it, when you bury your ex-wife on a golf course fairway in the rough and do not bother to trim the overgrowth around her grave, you are not very great in my book. See ** Yeah, she is buried on his golf course in Bedminster, NJ. And he is not taking care of the plot!! He will think that way about you too!!!

    7) The remainder of this article was just more Larry rant.

    Truth is every voter is going to have to soul search and decide what is more important to them.

    If authoritarianism and economy are your thing, and you do not mind losing your, your neighbor’s or friend’s or relative’s health insurance and you don’t mind grandma taking a hit to her social security (which you will then supplement her out of love), and you don’t mind slimming down the VA care for veterans like me, and you do not mind destroying NATO and long time alliances that have served the USA well, then it will be Trump (if he is not a convict by then).

    If helping others, making sure that Americans have health insurance, setting up a fair student loan systems, growing the middle class are your thing, and you do not mind a little more inflation and somewhat higher gas prices for a while, if you want to see the middle class get larger and wealth gaps get smaller, if you think the uber rich should pay more taxes than you, if you do not want your grandkids paying for Trump corporate and rich people 2017 tax breaks, if you like NATO and support our traditional alliances, then you will like Biden (hopefully his brain lasts that long).

    Larry had one good point which Frank Stetson illuminated very well, and that is that Biden needs to refrain from telling people how they should think and feel. And like Frank, I feel Biden needs some fresh blood in his campaign.

    As far as this Independent / Unaffiliated voter goes, my numbers are good, 401K doing well, gas and food are up but I am affording it till it comes down, I have not seen any immigrants causing trouble, I feel safe, I have not noticed any freedoms being lost, I still have my guns and free speech, looking to buy a car this year, all-in-all, life is good!!! I hope your life is good too!!!

    Larry, please answer Frank’s bromance question. You and I still have a part-time bromance! LOL

    • larry Horist

      Tom … you personal independent/unaffiliated voter opinion is a crock of disinformation. Since no one but Frank — and possible Mark f — reads your screeds, I generally do not respond in detail to your misinformed rebuttals and silly and irrelevant rating system. Why would I? But here is a quick response so you can appreciate how wrong you are — not that it will make a difference since you OPINIOINS are tied to outrageous arrogance.

      1. Yes, it was written before the current round of polling numbers — which overall have not changed significantly. If you analyze these head-to-head numbers against state electoral votes, Trump still wins.

      2. You read my stuff religiously. So you are misinforming Frank by not noting that I have repeatedly said that Trump’s final stimulus bill was inflationary. That does not mean that Biden’s policies not ramp up inflation to critical proportions.

      3. Nothing but old biased speculation and spin on your part. zzzzzzzzzzzz

      4. By all measures, Trump had a better economy before Covid hit, and it was better at the end of his term than it is today for the average American. That is why the majority of folks back home say they are NOT better off today than four years ago.

      5. If funding is the only important factor, why is Trump doing so well? Very amateurish analysis on your part.

      6. Again, you arrogantly express you biased opinion as fact — and then engage in utter nonsense of a grave. That is below bush league.

      7. Your final point is just another baseless and immature insult channeling the Statler in you. Or are You Waldorf. I think Statler. That is who I envision almost every time you write. LOL That makes Frank your, private balcony buddy, Waldorf.

      I got a real laugh at your conceding I had a good point that Frank “Illuminated very well” — a variation of your iconic phrase “Frank, I agree with you.” And then you compare yourself to Frank. And you wonder why I call it a “bromance.” And what is it with you guys that keeps you bragging about you financial condition and investments? It rather vulgar.

      And do not get your hope up. I do not intended to give your nonsense more attention. I leave it between you and Frank to stroke each other. I am not sure what a half bromance is, but you are wrong to assume even that.



    Horist always downplays the female vote. Women have the vote now Horist. He just ignores it in this article.

    Alabama has spoken. Man, that was a shocker.

    Biden, in the polls that Horist loves, leads 65/35 with women. That’s a game changer. And it’s only gonna get louder.

    Trump is already signalling the election is rigged; his army is preparing for war, election workers are threatened all the time now, it’s gonna be one hot summer folks. Could be 69 all over again except this time, it’s the white guys who are all pissed off.

    I gotta say Tom, as an ex-hippie from Maryland, who marched against Nixon, took shots from cops in front of the White House for playing frisbee on Pennsylvania Avenue stopping traffic while Horist was inside working for Tricky Dick, I never thought I would be on the side of America’s laws and institutions, and the other guys would be screaming free the patriot criminals, kill the deep state, corrupt courts, cops, and more…… Life is a funny duck. At least I had Vietnam to protest, I am really not sure why these guys are so knicker-knotted all the time.

    • Tom

      Yes Frank, I am not sure what polls Larry is looking at. Maybe he is pole dancing while he watches FOX and Friends? :>)

      Yes, Alabama should have awakened the GOP, but I doubt it. As much as Larry says Biden has an “I know better than you…” attitude, the real truth is that the GOP has the same attitude towards women and abortion, towards gun control, and how the USA ought to be! They want to ram some heavy duty conservative moral superiority shit down all of our windpipes! Fact is, Trump’s life is such a mess, I do not want him ramming shit down my throat. And life can get pretty messy for some folks, and intolerance and building more jails is not the way to solve the problem.

      Check out that Yahoo article I referenced. It shows Trump’s ex-wife Ivana’s grave. Pretty shitty looking if you ask me! He basically dumped her in a woods! My feeling is that if Trump can’t even respect a partner’s final resting place, how much less will he respect me and you and all of these Trump minions?? I don’t think the two Dicks that responded to this article, the Darren, Darrel, Joe Gilbertson, and the rest of the bunch realize that Trump does not give a shit about anything or anyone other than himself. And that’s not a good person to have as the lead dog for my Independent/Unaffiliated sled!!! Trump only cares because he is trying to avoid serious jail time for a multitude of crimes.

      And now these goofball GOPs want to call the 1/6 jailbirds “hostages” and “patriots” yet they had every advantage of the legal system and most plead guilty on their own!!! They seem to forget that people died and 146 cops were injured, some now have PTSD as a result of the incident which I do call an insurrection. In my day in the military, no true patriot attacked our commander in chief. We defended him.

      Yeah you are correct Frank. When I went to high school, every morning at breakfast, on WEEU we heard the latest list of our hometown guys that got killed in Vietnam. I used to get tense hoping that I would not hear about any of my friends on that list. But there were some. It used to take me days to get over it. I have no clue what the young folks and 1/6 people have their knickers so in a wad these days. They have it much better than I/we ever did. Funny you should mention Vietnam. I was in an old box of important records the other day and found my old draft card!! I had to take a pause and just look at it and think of my KIA friends. :>( The sadness still lingers with me till today. And I get angry every time I think of Trump dissing Gold Star families, calling my deceased friends losers, and the fact that Trump got four deferments!

      Anyone that calls those 1/6 assholes patriots does not have a clue about how a patriot acts! They are thugs, pure and simple. And some are supremacists. And it was my capital they were attacking and my flag they were attacking that day as some of them carried the defeated Confederate flag.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … You’re fibbing. There were no shots in front of the White House in those days. Pennsylvania Avenue was closed during war protests. You could not get anywhere near1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The perimeter was established on the far side of Lafayette Park. So … how much of your personal biography is bs? I suspect a LOT of it. You may even have a George Santos problem … eh?


        Horist: do you KNOW I am fibbing or are you GUESSING? During Nixon, I protested in Lafayette many times, in front of the White House on PA many times, and in the street, once— for a short time. I did not attend any large protests there.

        Ah, another chance to talk the issues with the famous Mr. Horist.

        Maybe not. Mr. Horist, once again seems to be a bit knicker-knotted this go round. Somewhat obsessed, speaking in third person — his hated approach for others, and bothering Tom his lamentable Stetson laments aimed to shame him. Blames name calling on me when it’s just return fire, as promised, but he’s old, he forgets and lets the real perpetrators off the hook because they agree with Horist.

        Just as he apparently forgets his time in DC when he worked for Nixon the crook. Didn’t learn much, he’s voting for Trump, for the third time. He likes Trump, it’s a bromance. For me Horist, probably the Spring of 74, around Cherry Blossom time or later Spring, not a formal protest, I went down myself to stand with the standard folks handing about. I had an Afghan pup festooned with Impeach Nixon side-panels, no formal protest, PA was not blocked and would not be so except for large gatherings until the right-wing attack in Oklahoma City in 95. The “shot” was from a baton to the chest, thought I cracked a rib; could of phrased better, but did you really think I was actually shot, more than once? What a weird little fellow you are when you are fixated and obsessing. And yes, we played frisbee on PA Ave in front of the White House. I remember distinctly because my thought bubble was: “cool, I will always remember this one!” Now, I might have had the dog one time, the frisbee incident another, but the shot was on frisbee day. It was the cop’s way of saying “no more today.” It was OK, it was as friendly a shot as one could get. I found DC cops to be that way for the most part. Very professional.

        Avoiding the rest of your snark, as to the facts you raised, the facts of mine you questioned, relating to your discussion points re my posts, let me discuss each one you raised as follows……….

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson …Another raging contribution from “Waldorf.” LOL You are one thin skinned fellow — especially for a guy who repeatedly calls people liars and other names. LOL And I was at the White House during the Nixon administration — during the demonstrations and other times. I did not believe you took multible “shots” from the DC police while playing frisbee on busy Pennsylvania Avenue. And I was right. And you now call it a single “friendly” shot — that you now redefine as a hit with a baton. A friendly shot that broke your rib??? LOL Come on. man. You are floundering. You got caught inventing or exaggerating, and now your are changing your story. And I love how you gratuitously bring in your bromantic buddy Tom for support. And in conclusion, you are promising some future loooong rambling meaningless — and probably inaccurate — rebuttal to something wrote. I can hardly wait to ignore it.

          • Tom

            Larry, talk about thin skinned! You are always complaining about and whining on my rating system! How thin skinned is that buddy!! But no matter how I rate your articles, we still have a bromance buddy!!

          • FRANK STETSON

            And TY Horist for now we know how many angles fit on top of his pin…..head.

            Let’s talk the issues of the day as in what is a shot, can a friendly shot break a rib, and other meaningless trivia that a pugnacious prick filling his role as junk yard dog wants to go ever deeper into…

            I admit “taking a shot, or taking shots” is as arcane as “toe the line,” another idiom that flusters the great Irish knower and lover Horist gets his knickers all knotted up about.

            Yes, I used plural for effect, and it was a singular blow. Yes, it was “friendly,” he did not swing, he placed firmly into my chest to stop me from stepping off the curb. And yes, it felt like he cracked my rib, not broke as Horist escalated my comment, again, for his spin of the unimportant.

            If you don’t think I can give you a “friendly” shot with a baton to your rib cage and make you think I cracked your rib, heh, heh, you know what comes next……

            Meanwhile, you have discussed nothign on the issues. Again. As usual as you deflect away.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson …. I love the devolution of your bs claim. You write that in front of the White House you “took shots’ from police. Then it was a baton that you hot hit with. Then it was only one ‘friendly” blow. Now it was merely putting the baton gently against your chest to have you move on. Maybe he just yelled at you from 50 feet away. Or maybe he was just a traffic cop helping you cross the street. LMAO Your initial story was TOTAL bs. You put a lot of bragging personal history on PBP. I wonder who much of it is fabricated ? All those great stories about your Hippies days. Was it all (to use the term) malarky for public consumption. Oh … I forget. You don’t have a public to consume your bs. LOL And I love how you get into the most nasty childish insults while claiming that you abhor the use of them. If you are looking for you goat, Frank, I have it. LOL

  4. Darren

    Well as Democrat’s or even independents go, You Frank and Tom as you are so eager to throw Tom into the water with you
    must be doing very good under Biden?
    I am glad you two have a great income under such a horrible time in out country’s history.
    Everything Larry pointed to is correct, and anyone betting the down side of this country on an economical turn of
    events from Trump either bet on the Long shot or bet things would turn ugly for most Americans?
    Kuddos on you success or rather kudos that our country is a Joke!
    You are in the minority at this moment in time when you count the opinion of voters Period.
    Biden is the likes of the Gambler who keeps doubling down his bet till he finally wins one or rather the ball
    lands on RED.
    You two must have kept the bet on Black.
    In this case every month in the last 2 years Biden’s morons keep removing REDs from the wheel.
    And now wonder why he can not hit one.
    I am glad you two are better off than you were four years ago.

    • Tom

      Darren, if you took the time to read my comment, #1 you will see that not everything that Larry says is correct. And many other things are skewed and debatable. That is why I rated it STS-4.

      Darren, Frank and I have lived through more horrible times that this. It is not bad at all right now. Yes, inflation is not fun, but in 1980 my mortgage rate was 13 5/8% !!! Before that we had Vietnam. After that we had serious unemployment and gas prices through the roof and gas lines miles long. There was no such thing at 401Ks, taxes were much higher and the mood of the whole country was very sour. So stop your complaining! Spend your energy thinking of how you can use your unique skills to succeed instead of wasting it on senseless emotions cause by Larry and his type that only present doom every day unless you buy into their way of thinking.

      I have never gambled or taken drugs, unless you want to call the stock market (which you can figure will usually return 5-8%) a gamble. I served my country, came home from the Asian theater, and went to work in the day and did all three degrees that I possess at night while other guys were drinking, playing softball, going on expensive vacations they could not afford, and just plain blowing their money. I got transferred to work down south, had to finish my degree by teaching myself Electrical Physics and Engineering and fly home once a month to spend a weekend taking tests. And I did it, and graduated with honors.

      The problem is not the times, the country, nor Biden. The problem is that most of our society does not know how to survive tough times. They have been coddled and spoiled. They live way beyond their means. They are in debt due to their desires. When I woke up in my junior year of high school, I was looking at being sent half way around the world to get shot and killed fighting for something I did not believe in. I went to funerals of my friends that were no more than two years older than me. Try waking up that way every day for a year or two knowing you are staring down the barrel of a gun when you graduate. The problem today is people, particularly young people, do not know how to turn lemons into lemonade. And guys like Larry write things with spin to make you feel that its all going to hell when it isn’t. That is why I created the STS rating!

      Thank you for your glad tidings! I wish you well. Look at the federal registry and see what businesses the government is targeting for growth and get yourself a job in one of them. And yes, give up alot, go to school at night if you have to, study hard, and one day you will be in the same shoes as we are. Best wishes to you!

      • larry Horist

        Tom … what a a bunch maudlin melancholia. Statler pontificating at its best. And spiked with your usual gratuitous jabs and moi. I got a laugh that you tied your travel through the ages to Frank. He says there is no bromance, so maybe it is one sided? And you sprinkle in your usual bs. Or is it a memory problem? You write, “And guys like Larry write things with spin to make you feel that its all going to hell when it isn’t.” Have you forgotten they I have written that “America ain’t racist” and I have repeatedly pointed out that past eras — Civil War, labor riots of the early 1900s, the Great Depression, the Days of Rage in the 1960s — as worse times. And when I write about the issue of being better off than four years ago, I am merely objectively reporting the opinion of most Americans. If you face the truth, I think you started your silly and meaningless STS rating to make your personal pompous opinions seem more credible — as if there is something objective and authoritative about. Ratings are never based on fact, just your one old man’s opinion. Instead of fooling the world, you are only fooling yourself.


    Darren, I know why you are doing so bad. You skipped a lot a school and did not go to college, right? That passage is not even in English…..

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … Now I know why you write such long screeds. Your short ones are so incredibly shallow and meaningless. Just grumpy old Waldorf ranting from the balcony. LOL

    • Darren

      I have my degrees Frank, and yes that was from Collage & the School of hard Knocks.


    It’s college Darren, not Collage…. Trump University does not count. We all go to the school of hard knocks.

    Larry, Waldorf? YOU, accusing me of being grumpy? That’s rich. Let me respond the facts of the issue you raised……..wait for it……wait for……..wait….. nope, you got nothing. Again.


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