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Biden Mis-Remembers? Claims He Was Vice President During the Pandemic and Obama Told Him to ‘Fix It’

Biden Mis-Remembers? Claims He Was Vice President During the Pandemic and Obama Told Him to ‘Fix It’

In an unexpected and confusing statement, President Joe Biden recently suggested that he was vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic, a period that began more than three years after he left office. This misstep occurred during a campaign event with the NAACP, adding to a series of similar gaffes that have raised questions about the president’s recollection of events.

“When I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic and what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit! Help fix it,’” Biden stated, referring to his former running mate, President Barack Obama. However, Biden’s tenure as vice president ended in January 2017, while the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in late 2019 and significantly impacted the United States in early 2020.

This blunder adds to a growing list of Biden’s public speaking errors, which have been closely scrutinized by both supporters and critics. The president’s latest slip was made in Detroit, where he mentioned how a mayor there “spent more time with me than he ever thought he’s gonna have to!”

The event Biden seemed to be referencing might have been the 2008 financial crisis, during which the Obama administration, with Biden as vice president, took significant steps to rescue the auto industry. In 2011, Biden highlighted these efforts, claiming the administration had saved America’s auto industry from “the brink of extinction.”

Biden’s misstatement came on the heels of a lackluster commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta. During this speech, he faced a divided audience, with several students turning their backs on him in protest. The president addressed the ongoing conflict in Gaza, expressing his support for an immediate cease-fire while maintaining his stance in support of Israel, a position that has caused friction among some progressive groups.

“I support peaceful, nonviolent protest,” Biden told the graduates, prompting several to turn away from him. “Your voices should be heard. I promise you I hear them,” he insisted, as many students donned kaffiyehs, a traditional scarf symbolizing solidarity with Palestinians.

The president’s visit to Morehouse marked his first trip to a college campus since anti-Israel protests began appearing across the country. While demonstrations at Morehouse were relatively tame, Biden’s support among black Americans appears to be waning. Recent surveys by Pew Research Center and NBC News indicate a decline in approval ratings and electoral support from black voters compared to his performance in the 2020 election.

Biden’s claim that he was vice president during the pandemic underscores ongoing concerns about his communication and memory. As he continues his presidency, these gaffes serve as a reminder of the scrutiny public figures face and the importance of accurate and clear communication in leadership roles.

Editor’s Note: This is more than a gaffe, this is memory loss, hallucination, and indications that Biden’s mind is slipping into nonfunction. Will people realize this before the election? The Democrats seem to want to ignore everything. We could very well have an invalid President.

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  1. frank stetson

    The gaffe was recession versus what he said: the pandemic. Yes, that’s a bizarre gaff. They both gaffe, it’s just that the blogosphere hits Biden harder.

    In NJ, Turnip breathed life into his fictional hero: The late, great Hannibal Lecter. He’s a wonderful man,” making SNL’s weekend. He continues:
    “Congratulations, the late, great Hannibal Lecter. We have people that are being released into our country that we don’t want in our country,” I guess intending to “Lecter-ize” folks seeking asylum. Sweet treats all.

    Tramp then called Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Connors. He mixed up Taiwan with China,.

    But he began his bag of lies rally talking about a “very good” hot dog he had just eaten, before recounting conversations he’d had with famed singers Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti about food. Tromp said: “Frank Sinatra told me a long time ago, ‘never eat before you perform.’ I said, ‘I’m not performing, I’m a politician if you can believe it, I hate to be called a politician.” Trimp memory munched on: “But I just had the best hot dog, so I said, Frank ‘I’m sorry’. Now, Pavoratti was a good friend, he didn’t have that same, he ate all the time, he didn’t care.”

    Frank Sinatra died in 1998, stopped his on stage events in 95, and although voted for Reagan, was very much the liberal. Unlike Turnwap, Sinatra was a liberal his entire life. I would bet that he said this, but not to Trump.

    Tarnished has mistaken Pelosi with Halley, said Putin has so little respect for Obama based on the Ukraine war, then took credit for Obama’s Veteran’s Choice program started in 2014 when Trump was meeting Sinatra no doubt. And proving he’s some great world leader, he recently said: “You know, Argentina, great guy. He’s a big Trump guy. He loves Trump. I love him because he loves Trump. Anybody that loves me. I like them.”

    So yeah, they both gaffe a lot. Biden explains, Biden walks back. Trump glowers, sneers, and stink-eye’s when he gets caught. That’s what makes THE DEBATE such good entertainment. The gaffes can be better than the Superbowl ads.

    • Archie

      Quit trying to spin it. Biden is a retard.

    • Tom

      Frank, I respectfully must disagree with your use of the word “gaffe”. I do not think there was a gaffe. Biden was recalling the April 2009 declaration of a health emergency due to the H1N1 virus. 20,000 got sick, 1000 died. Obama hastily activated the Fed to provide funding and vaccines to thwart the virus’s spread. It was reported as a “pandemic” but probably should have been reported as a “potential pandemic”. This was not a Biden gaffe. This was a media blunder. And coincident at the time was the financial collapse great recession of 2009. So it seems to me that Biden got it right, and Daniel Oliver got it wrong in his article.

      Obama declared a public health emergency on April 26, 2009 _ before a single swine flu death in the U.S. was reported. Such a declaration allows the government to unlock money for antiviral drugs and other medical preparedness measures. By April 29, Obama had requested Congress approve a $1.5 billion emergency funding package to combat the pandemic, The Associated Press reported at the time. See **

      Either way, Oliver cannot be trusted to write the facts nor give responsible opinion. Its more MAGA bullshit that we Independents cringe at! This is just my opinion.

      • frank stetson

        I hear ya Tom, but was that the WH or you? Cuz the WH said different, that I saw…… Still a gaffe even if you are right, he should have explained clearly, especially given the reception. See my wordier comment.

  2. frank stetson

    Archie cannot dispute or pick out issues, beyond spin which is a false accusation not supported by any Archie facts, so I guess he agrees!

    Way excellent, Archo.

  3. DonRS

    Every day, in every way, Biden PROVES his incompetence, inability to tell the truth OR even know the truth. How could voters have been SO IGNORANT as to have elected this BOOB and how would polling show the 2024 to possibly be a close race between this IDIOT and Trump!

  4. Tom

    This article gets a “Stop The Spin” rating of STS-5 because it is a freaken lie!!! Daniel Oliver is a liar!!! This is another example of why I am an Independent / Unaffiliated voter!! The right can only be relied upon to spin and lie just like their orange haired leader. Lying is MAGA’s cocaine!!!

    Actually Biden was assigned the job of managing the H1N1 Swine Flu Health Emergency which Obama declared in April 2009. And Obama did send Biden to Detroit where the outbreak first appeared to determine what the Fed could do to stop it before it became a full blown pandemic, as well as to see what could be done for Detroit extreme suffering of the financial crisis..

    It seems like the writer of this article is “inferring” Biden was talking about the 2019 Covid pandemic. I questioned whether Biden actually said “Covid 19”. So I researched Biden’s comments at the event falsely reported upon in this article.

    I found Biden’s remarks! He never said “Covid 19″. He was talking about the declared health emergency that occurred in April 2009 during the Obama/Biden administration where up to 20,000 people got sick and some died due to the H1N1 virus spread. Here is Biden’s actual words from the NAACP event in Detroit”

    Biden said, “And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic [recession], and what happened was Barack said to me, “Go to Detroit and help fix it.” Well, poor mayor, he spent more time with me than he ever thought he was going to have to. (Laughter.) God love you.”

    See the whole Biden comment document at **

    Daniel Oliver cannot be relied upon for accurate truthful reporting. He took half of the facts and put his Horistian spin on it all! Shame on you Mr. Oliver!!! And this is the MAGA Kool Aide mix they keep drinking!

    • frank stetson

      Tom, I hear ya, but check out the WH version, I printed the Michigan State rendition of that. Was yours a WH correction, cuz seems odd that they would correct themselves correcting Biden……… no matter what, a gaffe, but who cares, especially in relation to the other guy’s gaffes.

      “The White House corrected several misstatements by President Joe Biden this week when it posted an official transcript of his Sunday campaign speech at an NAACP dinner in Detroit.

      The Affordable Care Act has saved families about $800 a year in premiums, not the $8,000 Biden cited in his speech, according to the transcript, which includes strikethroughs to preserve but correct faulty comments.

      Biden also claimed then-President Barack Obama sent him to Detroit to help the city during the “pandemic.” He actually meant the “recession,” which the Obama administration was battling in 2009 when Biden was vice president.

      Among the other mistakes: Biden misquoted GOP rival Donald Trump as saying there would be “bloodshed” if he loses the November election rematch. Trump actually used the word “bloodbath” and has said his claim was about the potential impact for the auto industry. ”

      Hey Tom, how’s the money…..(just cuz Horist loves us talking money…….) I thought I would hit an all time high this quarter, can see now I will need some bluebirds. I keep giving too much away…… And spending too much. This year I’m going solar. That’s right, I have become a solar gardener and have just hoisted my first solar shade sail. Had to engineering myself given global warming and more extreme storms. So I built a pulley system supported by heavy springs to not only take a good amount of wind —- but be able to drop in 2 minutes or less. House still gets warm but frying pan effect of sun on wall is gone. Looks cool too. Works so well that today I pick up my footlocker storage to be able to quickly drop it in place. Solar gardening though turns out to be harder than I thought. The wind keeps turning them so I have to constantly tend that. Plus drop outs, leaf loss, and still have to weed though that’s less since I can freely roundup without killing anything good. They keep the deer away nicely too. Go figure, work better than spots. But the solar flowers seem to have a 2 -4 year lifespan, the 2 yar part due to the leaves falling off. Even hit them with a heavy wet snow blowing and they took it well. Now I am spotlighting some 70 foot pines and they look like giant nighttime waterfalls. Hey, I grew up close to Niagara, I know what lights on falls look like :>)

      The solar garden now only provides, free from God, ambient, bug free, lighting at night. It makes us chuckle every time we look. Plus keeping the pink flamingo’s happy. I think solar lights are Gods gift to man with a message —- don’t fuck with Mother Nature, team with her instead.

      • Tom

        Hi Frank! Yes. My version is the WH version and it appears to have some strikes through certain words, thus it must be a corrected version. My point was both H1N1 and the financial collapse were concurrent, and nowhere did Biden say Covid-19. Covid-19 was purely an Oliver insertion to skew the readers thinking that Biden is time-confused and therefore demented.

        I was listening to a lecture by three psychologists this weekend online. They analyzed 20 years of Biden and Trump speeches looking for markers that depict typical aging markers and dementia markers – they tend to be very different. In their summary the said that Trump is not suffering from aging but the math diagram they showed said Trump is a slight increase on age related markers observed, but had a much more severe slope on dementia related markers observed. Biden was the opposite. He is displaying age related markers but not displaying nearly as many dementia related markers as Trump. They also showed examples of the markers like when Trump slurs his words, ends words incorrectly, or goes way off topic like he did with his recent Gettysburg campaign speech.

        Sorry I do not know anything about solar gardening. I gather you are implementing solar panels to gather energy to power your garden, right? Show me an article.

  5. frank stetson

    DonRS: As noted above, Trump makes as more or more gaffes than Biden now. The difference is he neither corrects nor walks back.

    Plus, Trump is liable as a sexual abuser of the digital rape variety and more, Biden is only accused of these sort of things from 100 years ago. Trump also is liable multiple times for defamation, Biden is not. Trump’s company is convicted on numerous felonies; he is liable for many a fraudulent business record, defrauding his University students for millions, and even stealing from his own charity foundation. He has a life-long member of the communist party living in his cabana just feet away from his unsecured top secret document “stash” and he married this communist party member’s daughter.

    Now he’s up for falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment to a porn star, his type of doll, plus another one to a Playboy model. Plus a third one to a doorman, go figure. He did so to conceal this information from the voters just before the 2016 popular vote loss to Hillary and just after the Access Hollywood “grab em by the pussy” tapes almost derailed his campaign.

    He has never been popular and can only succeed when cheating whether in business, politics, or even his own family. Values you can be proud of in your President, the best amongst us.

    Smell the coffee, read the tea leaves. He’s a cad. You’ve been had. But at last, at least, you know.

  6. Darren

    Every day people are Shot and Killed by Criminals who should be behind bars.
    Every day the world becomes a bit closer to the brink of War.
    Every day our Country gets over run by Foreigners with no desire to do legal work.
    Every day people fight to keep a roof over their head.

  7. Jim wampler

    Hey Frank. Would you like to smell his hand?

    • Frank stetson

      NoJim, I would not put my nose where your lips have been.

      Way to stay on topic, you can’t muster even a simple thought on point.

      Always the third grader.

      • Tom

        Good one Frank!


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