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Biden launches methane at climate conclave

Biden launches methane at climate conclave

Anticipating the response of the humorless left-wing media addicts, I shall concede that this commentary is not dealing with any issue of political or policy importance.  It is just one of those situations that evokes a hearty laugh.

I am referring to the reports in the London Daily Mail that President Biden let loose with a loud and long “beaner” – as my grandfather called them.  It apparently happened while Biden was engaged in conversation with Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, at the climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland.  By all accounts, the Duchess was not wearing a mask at the time.  (No, this was not from some British sitcom – but it could have been).

According to the Mail, her ladyship has been losing no time in telling the tale of the telltale fart to the amusement of any and all who would listen.  I will venture out on the limb of assumption to suggest that it evoked a round of hearty laughter upon every telling.

Passing gas, as the euphemism goes, is a standard laugh line for standup comics and sitcoms.  It has even been used to get a laugh in television commercials.  It is considered very amusing as a bar stunt – if you recall the “pull my finger” gag (no pun intended).

What made this bit of presidential flatulence even more humorous is that it occurred at an international conference dealing with the allegedly dangerous outcomes from the release of greenhouse gasses – specifically methane.  In fact, Special Envoy John Kerry – in his address to the climate folks – expressed the unique danger of methane gas in heating up the planet.  

Just so you know, methane gas is what we mammals tend to expel.  That is why there is occasional efforts to minimize cow farting.  And environmentalists have called upon the Greeks to eat less lamb.  Apparently, those wool-producers are prodigious gas factories.

We can all sympathize with Biden.  Is there anyone among us who has not had an unplanned escape from the rear exit of the elementary canal?  Of course, the humor level notches up a bit when the event happens among British royalty – who may have the most stringent social protocols in the world.  Flatulating in public is “just not done.”

Biden’s embarrassing breech of diplomatic etiquette is not unique, however.  Check out the Internet for the time President George H.W. Bush vomited in the lap of Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa during a 1992 State Dinner in Tokyo.

In terms of laugh provocation, Biden’s faux pas was a gas. (Sorry for that, but I could not resist).

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Dan Tyree

    Was it methane that retard joe dropped on the royal family recently?

  2. Ben

    Larry, you are right! This is hilarious! Almost as funny as the time trump had TP stuck on his shoe as he walked up the stairs of Airforce 1… or the time trump couldn’t figure out how to close the umbrella, so he just threw it on the ground. Of course the major difference is there was UNEDITED video evidence of those events, not just rumor.
    I really do enjoy the rights “humor”. A real knee slapper. Keep up the good work!

    • larry Horist

      Ben, Based on your snarky sarcasm, I fear that you are among the left wing that lacks a sense of humor. Embarrassment are always laugh provoking … others of course. Yeah… I can see the giggle in Trump walking around with a toilet paper trailing from his shoe. But to be honest, I think the irony that the beaner was at a climate conference blaming methane gas for global warming and during a conversations with royalty raises the laugh value. That is sitcom funny. And I know that because one of my closest friends is a Hollywood sitcom writer. He grew up in NYC and is a very progressive Jewish Democrat. He though the piece was — his word — hilarious. He has also often mentioned how comedy is harder to write and perform because of the lack of a sense of humor among the left. It is that suffocating political correctness thing.

      • Ben

        Ha! I see why you thought it was funny! You and my 11 year old !

        It’s not as funny as the entire world laughing at trump over the last 4 years!

        I’m excited for trump and JFK JR to run in 2024

        • Reed greene

          Just check out what they say about joe and ho

  3. frank stetson

    Ah, bathroom humor, always the highest form of the art.

    Gee, Larry, Dan scooped you on this one. Old news.

    • larry Horist

      Frank, Actually, my comedy scriptwriter friend says it is “cheap humor.” If you want a guaranteed laugh, show embarrassment or use vulgar language. The humor in my commentary was a-political. The response can be political. Put Trump in that picture and I think Ben would have be laughing his butt off. Most reaction I got from left and right was that it was a very funny commentary. But is your primary filter is political, all things get seen in that light.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        When the butt of your jokes is a political figure, then your humor is political. It deserved no more than a ‘whoops” and move on. If the Queen had farted instead of Biden, it wouldn’t have been mentioned.

        I hadn’t heard the Trump toilet paper thing, and I don’t care. Now, Trump having trouble figuring out how to use an umbrella, that’s not funny, that’s an indication of rich priviledge, stupidity, and/or lapse in mental functions. It got the coverage it deserved. A stutterer making a mistake with a word or a fact and then correcting himself is not a big deal, but a person who consistently defends white supremecists is newsworthy.

        Your writing is not “cheap humor”, it’s cheap shots. Or I could call it “sheep shots”, since it’s just red meat for your Republican readership.

  4. Frank stetson

    Wait, Larry knows some blacks and a jew? It’s a Saturnalia miracle! 😉

    Yes, farts be the mainstream of mainstream tv which shoots for about an eighth grade intelligence to garner best ratings in the ole USofA. Not exactly a high bar Larry.

    While I have never found farts funny, I do laugh at any joke that includes the word “dick.” It’s a personal failing that I am not proud of.

    As in, “hey Larry, you’re a real dick about this….at least that what’s everyone is saying”. Ha, ha, man, that Bill Murray Ghostbusters gag never gets old. Eh, Dean Wormer?

    • Harold blankenship

      So you like to talk about dicks? Very telling.

    • larry Horist

      Frank. I am disappointed. Such a cheap shot opening.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        And yet, you took the cheap shot at Biden anyway. Are you disappointed in yourself too? You must be, since you opened with the disclaimer that the “humorless left wing” wouldn’t find it funny and that it really had no place in a political column anyway.

        Oh, and by the way, it’s “alimentary canal” not “elementary canal”… as in your elementary school humor…

  5. frank stetson

    Yupper, the verdict is in, Larry is more sensitive than I. I even put the frickin smiley face on that one……

  6. Feank stetson

    And see. Harold certainly seems to appreciate dick humor. For some reason, he says he finds it telling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Sam kent

      So you must be queer. There’s plenty wrong with it

  7. frank stetson

    Really? Do you have a list? Do you keep it laminated?