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Biden Immediately Starts to Fundraise Off of Trump Verdict

Biden Immediately Starts to Fundraise Off of Trump Verdict

The Biden-Harris campaign immediately began fundraising off the guilty verdict for former President Trump, telling supporters that the legal setback for the presumptive GOP nominee is not enough to keep him out of the White House.

In a text message sent to supporters on Thursday soon after the verdict was in, “Biden HQ” said that “despite a jury finding Donald Trump guilty today, there is still only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box.”

“Convicted felon or not, Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. But there is one other certainty — as you read this, Donald Trump’s supporters are fired up and likely setting fundraising records for his campaign,” the campaign said.

The message went on, “That’s money he will use to try to get back into the White House to carry out his threats of revenge and retribution against his political opponents. So while the MAGA Right comes to the aid of Trump, Joe Biden — and those who care about democracy — need you.”

This just proves that despite Biden’s apparent victory in getting Trump an unprecedented conviction in a Biden-friendly city, in a bluer-than-blue state, by an obviously biased jury – the current President still fears Donald Trump.

Biden was apparently right, however, about Trump fundraising off of the verdict. Soon after the verdict came down, the former President’s campaign website was updated with a defiant message from Trump, saying he is a “political prisoner.”

“I was just convicted in a RIGGED political Witch Hunt trial,” he continued. “I DID NOTHING WRONG! They’ve raided my home, arrested me, took my mugshot, AND NOW THEY’VE JUST CONVICTED ME!”

“Crooked Joe Biden needs to get the message – right here, right now – that his chances of a 2nd term END TODAY,” the former President added.

Trump called on his supporters through the updated website to donate to his campaign with “massive” and “immediate” pushback.

Karoline Leavitt a representative for the Trump campaign added that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was still able to generate “billions of dollars” in media coverage throughout the high-profile trial, as well as host rallies and campaign stops, and “increased his lead over crooked Joe Biden in the polls.”

Leavitt also said that now that Trump is no longer tied to the courtroom and can return full time to the campaign trail that Biden, had “better buckle up.”

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  1. Tom

    Actually Trump beat Biden to it! LOL

    • Jim wampler

      Trump will get out of this convention and the other trials. The law enforcement is being weaponized to steal the election. The democrats don’t care if he gets a jail sentence. But it’s been said before. Don’t steal anymore elections. Not a good idea. So you libturds had better take notice. And don’t start with nonsense about proof. It was proven and covered up by bribes and threats.

  2. frank stetson

    Thought BS might have turned the corner towards professional journalism, but nooooo. A Trumplicant sycophant who states: “This just proves that despite Biden’s apparent victory in getting Trump an unprecedented conviction in a Biden-friendly city, in a bluer-than-blue state, by an obviously biased jury – the current President still fears Donald Trump.” Why is Trump being found guilty a Biden victory? What does Biden even have to do with it? It’s State law, state’s rights. If Trump got hit by God’s lightning, is Biden victorious? And what does a Biden-friendly city have to do with State law. Trumplicants keep saying this will not affect Trump vote and will just make him richer on your donations. PBP is attempting to do just that for him being a free speech advocate and Donald Trump devotee.

    Trumplicants love law when they win and claim it poisoned when they lose. Their media actively supports Trump with stories, donation advertising, and ”catch and kill” schemes. If you can’t see where this guy will go to great lengths, as a politician, to win at politics or business or taxes, then you missed Trump University, Trump Foundation, EJ Carroll, Trump Company Felony Convictions, “lock her up,” over 65 failed court cases, a half dozen failed recounts, the electoral college scam, the GA election rigging indictment and, of course, the 1.6.2012 Republican insurrection of the Capitol by Trumplicants right after Trump’s rally asking them to stop the steal. Sorry, BS, you own The Big Lie. Always will. The guy has been outrunning and outgunning the law for decades. He wants to pardon all 1.6.2021 criminals and criminalize abortion. In and out of court, suing and being sued more than any other billionaire on the planet, your God screams he’s law and order when he spends a lot of time in court, losing. And you want to blame the other guys?

    This is a state crime for a state law; Biden’s only victory here is for the rule of law as a nation that is guided by the rule of law. Anything less is not democracy. You yourself say that the court case will not affect Trump’s election chances and will only enhance his pocketbook.
    How can it be a Biden win IF Trump’s chances are not affected?

    He’s rich, he will appeal, it will take Trump time to get to court. Meantime, he will claim innocence, persecution not prosecution, and the US legal system, the best in the world, is totally broken, magically in blue states only, and only Trump can fix it. Just like he fixed ObamaCare, built a wall, the greatest economy, and other lies. And you will continue to believe this felon.

    • Totally Fed up

      What is 1.6.2012 ? lol

      IF you meant 1-6-2021 then you obviously missed the info they found that Cheney and other hid regarding it. It was proven that Trump requested a large number of National Guards be there. But the so called Mayor cancelled it. There was plenty more evidence that was hidden , I’ll Let you Look for it !

      You keep saying Trump is Rich. You are correct on that. Him and his family worked to get that money. Unlike OS’Biden who got a lot of his money from China ! and possibly other countries !

      This case has OS’Biden written all over it. Did you see OS’Bidens speech when he walked away. The News media asked IF he had anything to do with the case. Anyone with 1/2 a brain could tell by the Shit-eating grin on his face !! He didn’t have to answer, That Look told it all !

      BTW Michigan found an office used by the Dems for the 2020 election. There were fake ballots , gift cards, Guns with silencers, burner phones and a lot more. An Investigation was done and the LE that did it turned it over to the DOJ and what did they do ? Bury it ! Look it up it’s on-line !! Look it UP !

      Do you like your Tax money going to buy Votes for the Dems. Between the College students and The Illegal Immigrants , that’s where your Tax Dollars are being spent ! I want mine to pay for Infrastructure , Repairs on things our Country actually Needs !

      Now I have more important things to do than give you info that you have over-looked !

      MAGA 2024

      • frank stetson

        T-FU, good one, thanks for the clarification. not my worst typo. Trump would be richer if he just invested his inheritance in t-bills, the lowest return you can get.

        The National Guard bullshit is debunked, over and over. Ask yourself —– even if that happened, and it didn’t, does that make Trump watching the assault, munching burgers, for over three hours Presidential form the man in charge of the nation’s defense. Finally, someone else, like Pence, made the call, not Trump who seemingly would let it burn. Why didn’t Trump call in the troops as the Capitol fell to Republican insurrectionists? What was he waiting for?

        Biden has not a lot of money for people with those careers. And none from China. So far the Republican House investigation has got nothing of value to indict, much less convict.

        Trump, on the other hand, is guilty all over the place with three more indictments to go. He delays because he knows where he is going. Some of the judges are Republican, appointed by Trump or both. So why does he postpone?

        Can’t find your Michigan voter fraud. Why not take it to court? Trump is convicted of rigging the 2016 though and probably would not have won if he hadn’t.

        No, I don’t like buying votes and both parties do it. The Supreme Court, not this one, endorsed it. It all sucks from both sides.


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