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Biden Handpicks Reporters as Directed by Handlers

Biden Handpicks Reporters as Directed by Handlers

The Biden clown show continued at the Democrats’ Theater on Wednesday as the senile president took to the podium to comment briefly on the midterms.

And yet again, he said aloud the quiet part – that he is directed what reporters to call on.

After calling the midterm election day a good one for Democrats, Biden looked at his instructions on a card and told the audience that he had been given a list of ten people that he was supposed to call on.

He also shared that he knew each one of them was supposed to call him only one question.

At one point while answering a question about foreign threats, Biden got into a tug of war with the word “apocalyptic” while his tongue and brain refused to work together. Ultimately he had to change the word to “extremist” to complete the sentence. Sky News showed the moment in their news report.

RNC also tweeted the video and asked “What just happened?”

Failing to speak common English language words and phrases has been an issue with Biden since his first day in office. Just recently Biden was caught on video unable to say “America” when speaking of the United States of America in a pretentious act of showing frustration.

Gabe Fleisher tweeted the video of Biden disappearing from the scene while reporters who were not allowed to ask him questions vainly attempted to have their questions heard. 

Biden’s failing cognitive ability is apparently a major concern of his handlers so he is given a card to remember what reporters will ask questions and how many each will ask. It also seems likely that reporters may have shared the questions if not dictated by Biden’s handlers on what to ask, making it a complete clown show. 

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  1. bibfy

    You are ano.

    He has a stutter, a speech impediment. You picking on the disabled is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Being given a list means reporters will be cycled fairly rather than having the loudest screamer in the scrum have an advantage; then you would bitch about that. You thrive on much ado about nothing. Go toss a burger at the wall and get over it.

    Find something relevant that is actually important —- like the color of Biden’s tie…….

    • Martin w Keller

      I wish I could accept your biased position. However, His errors are way too many. An impediment just does not fix
      his mistakes for which there are few reasons. I’m 81 and I don’t confuse the living from the dead or repeating the instruction included with the teleprompter . He has no grasp of names or even where he was last week. I have no idea what you mean by tossing a burger but your biased view gives you away. No one, no matter what party you prefer can reasonably ignore the mess this government is in.

    • Nancy Murphy

      Forget the speech impediment. Call it what it is….dementia. If you don’t know what it is, look it up.

  2. bibfy

    Websters definition of dementia: Nancy Murphy :>)

    You forget the speech impediment disability. You’re an asshole. Look it up.

    • Nathan

      Biden is retarded. Just like the ones that voted for him. All worthless commie assholes

  3. Brittani Kokaly

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  4. Bibfy

    You do realize that you just lost another election to Biden, don’t you. It’s not that voters like him, they just don’t like crazy. And you Trumplicunts, u b crazy. Especially Nathan and Nancy. Freakin bonkers bat shit nutzo.

  5. George

    Biden is so pathetic. ALL. of America “KNOWS” that the guy is a loser, propped up by Obama’ s “support team”.How much longer CAN “they” hide what’s “happening” in the W. H.? .I “think” that the glass ceiling is gonna IMPLODE on the Dems come January 2023. America is FINALLY gonna get to the TRUTH re:: FBI, CIA, State Dept,, IRS,, Biden’s lap-top, Hillary’s E-Mails,, Seth Richard “s death& the DNC ‘s involvement re: Trump’s “impeachment” . The SWAMP:is BIGGER than ALL of Ameirca could have imagined!! It’s embedded in ALL of the Washington “etablishment”! EVERY government entity. “They” want to keep their jobs. TUFF! TIME TO GET ID OF THEM!