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Biden fumbles on Summit of the Americas

Biden fumbles on Summit of the Americas

Unlike with NATO – where President Biden took credit for uniting the alliance when it was Russian President Putin how did the uniting – he could not even claim to have been a unifying force in terms of the Ninth Summit of the Americas.  It is the United States’ turn to host the conclave.

Almost immediately, controversy developed over who would be invited – and who would not.  And over who would accept Biden’s invitation – and who would not.

While the White House was very late in giving any specifics regarding who would be attending – and who would not – it was learned that Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were not on the invitation list.  However, the list of the uninvited is less significant than the list of those declining Biden’s invitation.  

Arguably the most notable no-show is leftist Mexican President Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.  He threatened to boycott the meeting because Biden refused to invite Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel, Venezuela strongman Nicolas Maduro, and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega. 

In addition to Obrador, the leaders of the Northern Triangle nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have also declined.  That pulls the rug out from any meaningful discussions about the number one issue – the US/Mexican border crisis.  The Northern Triangle nations that contribute hundreds of thousands of migrants to the northbound caravans arriving at the U.S. border will not be in Los Angeles for the Biden-hosted meeting.

Most of the reporting has referred to Biden being snubbed, or that he does not have the respect of many of the South American leaders.  That seems obvious.  He seems to get their praise only when he dangles money.  Oh … speaking of money…

It is more than ironic that Vice President Harris has announced that the American taxpayers will be sending approximately $2 billion dollars to Northern Triangle nations to improve their economies under the theory that the millions of migrants will stay at home.  If ever the was a policy doomed to fail, the Biden/Harris policy of bribing Central American nations to stop the migration is at the top of the list.

Despite the absence of many of the key players in the migration crisis, it is reported that Biden will deliver a major policy statement on immigration.  You can bet that it will not include any means to effectively stop the migration, secure the border or to return to legal immigration policies.  You can also bet that whatever Biden proposes, it will cost the American taxpayers a lot of money.

In terms of the Summit of the Americas, Biden can plagiarize (he is good at that) President Lincoln in saying, “the world will little note nor long remember what we say here.”  Only in Biden’s case, he will be correct.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. James

    Voter fraud caused total embarrassment for America

    • Ben

      Really? Because I find the total embarrassment for America is The Big Lie that you can not prove with over 60 failed court cases, almost a half dozen States doing recounts, often conducted by Trumplicant shills, you have cost us millions in contaminated voting machines, court costs, etc. and all you got is The Big Lie, lawyers who lost their licenses, lawyers forced into ethics training and other condemnations for frivolous actions, legal or otherwise.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        The same arguments you’ve been using for the last couple of years, even though you have been presented multiple times with evidence of voter fraud.

        That is pretty close to the definition of insanity.

        • James

          Ben is really a believer in the big lie. The lie that says that Biden won. What a dumbass!!

        • Ben

          And yet I am only responding to those who believe The Big Lie as told to them by The Big Liar. People like you.

          So, yes, I am insane for continuing to show you The Big Lie, asking for proof otherwise, and getting absolutely no satisfaction from you whatsoever. You can’t prove it, you keep repeating it, and yet you continue to spew poppycock about Trump, and you, being defrauded by a multi-state fraud effort that successfully did what you can not prove.

          And then you say I’ve been doing to you for a couple of years…… wow, I just got here in 2022…. A little paranoid says I? Someone standing behind you? Feeling a little guilty over having the wool pooled, the sign of the sheeple? Useful idiot too, are you still donating? Something is keeping this turn afloat in your political pool.

          Asking James below, he’s your huckleberry. Like you, he believes The Big Lie too.

      • larry Horist

        Ben…. you are a johnny-one-note propagandist. No matter what I write, you start haranguing on the 2020 election. The irony is that I have never claimed that Trump one the election. I think debating that point is meaningless. Meaning you contributions to the discussion is meaningless. The outcome of the 2020 election is already locked in the hearts and minds of the public. I think you and Trump need to let go of the past. I know that is not easy since Democrats are reliving the past every day since they know they have no chance of winning on any real issue. In case, you had not noticed … most Americans are turning off the the entire subject.

        • Ben

          Who’s on first? I did not start the voter fraud tangent on your threaf, but don’t feel like you that I need to let it pass as truth. Most of your party still believes Trump won. They stormed the Capitol because of it less than two years ago. Your guy has not conceded yet.

          I was just responding to one of your fans.

          Clean up your own house, you own it.

    • Susan

      Biden is a great embarrassment to America , he needs to resign and take his whole administration with him , I was a Democrat until the Obama administration that was the beginning of the end , and yes I will vote for Trump if he runs again ,I didn’t the last time but for the love of God Biden is just such a uneducated ass we can’t live like this , and it seems like Trump is the only one who has balls enough to get things done , and by the way didn’t vote for Biden either , I’m so sick of gas and food and rent and just everything is going up to the point where we can’t live and all he does is walk around smiling and like he’s not ALL there in his head and talks crap , it’s so plain to see the writing on the wall he just needs to go and RESIGN ALREADY , I don’t care what anyone else says I will vote for Trump , and Nancy Pelosi needs to go to just wipe out the whole administration they are not doing us the people any good

  2. frank stetson

    In terms of success, it’s pretty hard to compare Biden to Trump on this since Trump skipped out on this Summit for his entire reign complaining about meeting with shithole countries. But looking only at Biden and the summit: 20 leaders signed an agreement for a road map for the region’s migration, that’s something, but not really much.

    Yes, Mexico and three other countries did not go, did not sign on, because the US did not extend invites to Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua —- good. It is their right and a warning to Biden about thorough planning and setting expectations, instead of last second surprises — that was Trump, should not be Biden. But about time we put a foot down for autocrats instead of trying to promote shithole autocrats like Russia, North Korea, and Turkey. It’s nice to have a line even if it hurts sometimes.

    I think one attendee summed it up: “We definitely would have wished for a different Summit of the Americas. The silence of those who were absent is calling to us.” Biden should have handled better, earlier.

    Larry is right, this was a nothing burger, and that’s a loss for Biden. Should have sent Kamala but she’s probably a lightning rod for the region at this point.

    But Larry, “NATO – where President Biden took credit for uniting the alliance when it was Russian President Putin how did the uniting” is a bit low. I know it’s an election year, you’re destined to win, but why are you already thrashing about your loss, having to turn Biden’s success with NATO into Putin’s victory is a stretch. Unless you let me claim Obama for what-you-call Trump’s successes with the economy :>)

    I have not seen your “snubbing” press. I agree it was tepid results at best and hope that Biden laid some groundwork via the style he likes best — face-to-face relationships. However, again, it’s an election year and not sure planning for the future serves that unless there are immediate results —- or pr to that effect — then it’s a negative in an election year. But you sold after the close, you did not need to toss that grenade on a dead horse.