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Biden Breaks His Campaign Pledge and Uses DOJ for His Political Aims!

Biden Breaks His Campaign Pledge and Uses DOJ for His Political Aims!

During his campaign President, Joe Biden said that he would never use his Justice Department for his own political agenda. It was a backhanded swipe at President Trump, who the left believed used his DOJ to attack his enemies. However, Biden has broken that pledge and is now obviously politicizing the Department of Justice. 

Case in point Biden is facing harsh criticism from legal experts and elected officials for violating his promise to keep the DOJ non-political after he directed the department to pursue politically charged lawsuits against Republican-led states. 

In recent weeks, Biden – supported by other Democrats and liberal groups – has green-lighted DOJ to file lawsuits against Georgia over its state election statute and Texas over its controversial anti-abortion law. These political directives by the president come after he promised on the campaign trail that he would keep politics out of the department and it would be “totally independent” of him.

Biden said multiple times in 2020 that he would “not direct [DOJ] who to prosecute, what to prosecute, how to prosecute.” 

Now, legal experts are saying that although Biden campaigned as a moderate, his decision to direct current Attorney General Merrick Garland to pursue multiple political lawsuits shows that he is weaponizing the department to pursue a left-wing agenda.

Speaking to Fox News, Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino said, “President Biden campaigned as a moderate, but since taking office, he and his Department of Justice have just carried water for the left-wing dark money groups who elected him – at the expense of the rule of law.”

Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal and former senior adviser to President Trump, said Biden has “horrendously and hopelessly politicized” DOJ, which is a violation of legal ethics.

“Joe Biden has horrendously and hopelessly politicized the DOJ by using them as an arm of the Democratic Party, filing frivolous litigation solely for political – not legal – reasons. This is a clear violation of legal ethics, and it warrants a full investigation into who directed these deeply offensive and utterly meritless lawsuits against the states which clearly have no legal basis whatsoever,” said Miller in a statement to the Press.

Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America, made similar accusations tweeting that Biden of lying on the campaign trail and claimed that his DOJ is actually “the most political and weaponized DOJ.” 

Elected officials in GOP-led states are also weighing in, saying that Biden’s political lawsuits, and other crises his administration is managing, are damaging to the country.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Fox News that it is “shameful” that Biden broke his campaign promise to keep DOJ non-political.

“It is shameful that Biden has broken countless campaign promises; however, I’m not surprised. He is a danger to our country and is responsible for crisis after crisis – the border, Afghanistan, the economy, and more to come. This won’t deter me from fighting for our freedoms and the law,” said Paxton.

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  1. Ben

    There is a HUGE difference between Biden’s “own personal agenda” and the agenda of the people Biden represents… the American people.
    Nice try though

    • Dan Tyree

      He’s not representing as many people now. Most of the fans at college football games chanted “Fuck Biden “ this past weekend. And he got boos at the 9/11 ceremony. Go figure. People are realizing that he’s a moron.

  2. frank stetson

    I am so glad you have all those phone calls, emails, meeting, where Biden demands the DOJ do his bidding and not just a bunch of right-wing talking heads who get paid based on how sensational their conjectures can be.

    Didn’t FOX tape Biden saying: ” I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and DOJ knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Republicans, they say tighty whities…”

    Oh, it’s the nail in the coffin. First nail is dead banger barn door dead as only the law clerk for Clarence Thomas (she writes one position every five years) turned dark money launderer into right-wing judicial advocacies. Shit, Katie bar the door. She has an opinion: Biden did it. Next, roll out Steve Miller, he’s a joker, he’s a smoker, he’s the midnight toker….he do want to hurt someone….. And then, from Texas…oh who the heck cares, he’s from Texas…

    Yup, turn off the oven, this cake is baked.

  3. Joseph S. Bruder

    Biden didn’t direct the AG to “go after” anyone. He asked them to see if there was illegal or unconstitutional activity. It’s the AG’s call to prosecute or not. And he did it publicly in a speech, rather than talking directly to the AG behind closed doors, as Trump usually did. HUGE difference.

  4. frank stetson

    Isn’t that a YUGE difference :>)

    Where is The Don, isn’t there a super spreader spew spectacular somewhere?

    Who’s goin to DC for all the fun this week-end? Got your headdresses and war paint out?
    Bunch of moron tourists, that’s what they are: tourons!

    Already netted our first machette wielding, bayonet carrying Trumpopath with his swastika laden pick me up Oh boy, the fun we will have.

    • Mac ewing

      So read the writing on the wall and stfu asshole

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Well, the press showed up… support for the Jan 6 traitors, not so much.

  5. jo

    sleepy Joe should be in a nursing home with Nancy

  6. David

    Biden has been a lier all of his life. Did you really think that was ever going to change.????

  7. Frank Stets

    That’s right, California Republicans have spoken.

    • Dan Tyree

      Voter fraud. It works every time So queerafornia can keep on being a commie shithole. Maybe the big quake will come soon

  8. cr

    Like to know why the REPUBLICANS took away rights for women In Texas to not abortions after 6weeks,? taking away there rights, Why are some states taking way voting rights mostly BLACK & LATIONS? thought this country was America?? REMEMBER ON THING, IN 1940’S THE NAZIS TOOK OVER KILLING 6 MILLON. JEWISH PEOPLE & ROBBING THEIR HOMES. YOUR EX PRESIDENT DID A REAL GOOD JOB OF BRINGING HATED TO AMERICANS. HE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. He is a LIAR, I don’t know if he even know what the TRUTH IS?.

    • Dan Tyree

      You want him in jail? Go get him asshole As per abortion, Roe V Wade should be abolished. But it’s proof that commiecrats are worse than Hitler. The children feel great pain during the procedure. Yes. It’s been proven by medical experts

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Dannie Boy, Trump will get his stint in jail… these things take time. All of Trump’s underlings have been indicted and convicted, and all fingers point to the boss.

        A child is born, only a fetus can be aborted. What proof do you have that a fetus can feel great pain? Can you even point to some study or research? There is no organized brain activity before week 24-25, but 98% of abortions are performed before week 16.

        And Trump killed as many people in one year with his mishandling of COVID than were aborted over a 10 year period.

        • Dan Tyree

          And you’re a damned liar as usual. Medical experts have proven that unborn children can feel pain during their murders. And I suppose that you like the late term murders when the child is left unattended to die. There’s a special place in hell for people like you. I would never harm a baby killer but if I’m ever on a jury when someone is being tried for it, my vote would be NOT GUILTY!!! You commiecrats are a blight on the human race. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks. You like to spout off about the Bible. Women in the Bible that were pregnant was said to be with child. Not with fetus. Or embryo or whatever. I don’t intend to change your mind. Someone has to have a mind to be changed. As for Trump going to jail, it hasn’t happened yet. But you libturds are scared shitless of him. It’s beginning to look like killery cunton might be going to jail. The sussman guy might get a sweetheart deal to turn on the sleazy bitch. But he’ll probably be dead before it gets that far. So be a good boy and stop worrying. Trump might not even run again. So go smoke some crack and stfu. I really don’t care if you agree with me or not. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. And some of us are one. I know that I’m one.

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            OK Danny Boy… it’s your turn to put your money where your mouth is… Show an article or some sort of proof that a fetus can feel anything before there’s brain activity. Otherwise, you’re just shooting your mouth off and making stuff up as usual.

            You’ve already shown us what it means to have “no organized brain activity”… Lights are on but nobody’s home… In high school, I poked frogs pickled in formaldehyde, and they would jump – but I’d bet you a million bucks they didn’t feel pain.

            People also say a woman has a “bun in the oven”, but it’s obviously not a bun… and they say the stork brought the baby, but they’d be pretty busy since there aren’t a lot of them in North America… So, you’re basing your argument on one word in a 2000 year old book that has probably been through several translations? from dead languages?

            Clinton won’t go to jail – Republicans tried several times and EACH TIME they found NOTHING. On the other hand, Trump had the DOJ running interference for him, but there’s a new sheriff in town. He’ll end up in jail, and will not be running for President. And he’s losing support more and more every day – such a great turnout he had at his last rally – besides him not showing up either, they got about 100 supporters and about 3-4 times as many reporters.

            Only your last statement in your rant holds any truth…

  9. frank stetson

    Dan calling someone else a liar; guess he would be the expert in that. The man who defends his lies by saying “well, if YOU can’t disprove my lies, then they must be true.” He’s a brilliant one, that one. Says he has friends to back him up. Nope, no friends either. With his name calling, homophobia, obsession with guns and male body parts, he lives in the fifties surrounded by communists and nazi’s.

    Still waiting for Dan to show us how Kamala is a heels-up tramp sleeping her way to the top. It’s been awhile and all we hear from Dan is crickets.

    We know who is telling lies Dan, we all know.

    • Dan Tyree

      She had an affair with willie brown and others to push her career. Seems like prostitution to me

  10. frank stetson

    and others….. really….all “affairs.” Many others, just like Willie. Affairs. All to push her career. My, what big eyes you have, you dirty boy. But after weeks, look, that was not that hard, was it? You didn’t even need to source it, I can accept your lackluster approach to toeing the line, standing up for what you say.

    Of course your allegation of Kamala going heels-up to get ahead in her business seems totally bogus based on your own “evidence.”

    Here’s the fact check:

    Yes, she dated WIllie Brown, oh no, Mr. Bill…..
    He was married, but estranged from his wife for more than a decade. It’s a decade, dude, not exactly an “affair.”
    He was Speaker of California’s State Assembly, she was working in the County’s District Attorney’s office. Hmmm, no way to the top here.
    The “affair” as you call it was in plain view of the public, publicly reported on.
    They dated in the 90’s; they broke up in 1995, pretty publicly.
    He served as San Fran mayor from 1996 to 2004.
    She was ELECTED to San Fran District Attorney in 2003 with Willie’s public support
    Feinstein and many others who did not sleep with her supported her also

    So, where’s the smoking gun? Besides supporting her a decade after they dated, how did her sleeping with him put her ahead of the pack? She dated him publicly, he supported her publicly, only dirty little boys like you have an issue with two people dating and supporting each other after the break up. I mean you have no issue with Ivanka. None with Jared. Based on your criteria, they must be the circle-jerk to the top. I mean they got the highest governmental appointments in the land without one scintilla of experience or even education for the job. If that’s your qualification, then Donald J. Trump whored his way to the top stopping in Epstein’s pedophile junction resort a few times.

    You know, I have to thank you for the opportunity, because it never gets old to say: when Trump said: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York Magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

    Thanks for the memories, better luck next time and keep that mind in the gutter, don’t step up on the curb with me :>) I think you be serving some pretty weak tea on this one.

    Good try, commend the effort, but pretty weak.

    • Harold blankenship

      That slut would suck 13 for a dozen. Dan is right. She’s a damned ho You want to talk about lies? Your fucking party is all about lying. No truth ever comes from you people

  11. Joseph S. Bruder

    Hi Harold,

    Welcome to PBP! Here are the rules… there are none. The writers all bash Biden, Danny Boy says really weird stuff, mostly about shit and gay sex, and 3-4 of us try to correct their misinformation. Looks like you’re taking Danny Boy’s side… He usually ends up sounding like an idiot. You’re off to a great start!

    • Harold blankenship

      I have been reading the posts and Dan Tyree is not always wrong. You people should try to correct the big mistake sitting in the White House. We are stuck with the cognitive failed president for a little over three years and other than Trump bashing nobody on this site ever explains why that the Biden agenda is good for America. A lot of talk about abortion is going on but I would be surprised if RVW ever got overturned. And Americans aren’t going to give up their guns, especially as long as our city’s streets are war zones. And don’t say less guns because the people in Mexico aren’t allowed to be armed but somehow they forgot to inform the drug cartels. A lot of talk about George Bush. That was then, this is now. Poor old simple minded Biden is being picked apart by the media, even the liberal media, because they realize that he’s an idiot. I get a good laugh at Dan calling him retard joe. Yes, I also believe that he is too touchy feely with women and is a creep. Yes, I believe that Kamala Harris fucked her way up the ladder. But I don’t waste time worrying about it. She’s free to fuck whomever she pleases. But the main issues are the border crisis that Biden and Harris choose to ignore. Gays were mentioned. If you or anyone else is gay, just do your thing and don’t bother other people with it. As for dan’s shit jokes, most comedians use references to shit in their routines. It’s something that most people find humor in. Just like fart jokes. Like a few years ago I was on open comedy mike on a cruise ship and I had the audience rolling in the floor. Like telling people that I couldn’t wear speedos because my butthole leaks. So let’s laugh at each other’s stupid jokes and agree to disagree. You liberals on this site should try cracking a funny now and then. Maybe you wouldn’t come across as the enemy