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Biden Attacks Protected Classes

Biden Attacks Protected Classes

For those who have followed politics closely – or have worked with former Vice President Joe Biden – his calling a young college student, Madison Moore (a member of the protected classes),  a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” should come as no surprise.  He is crude and pugnacious – a street-level tough guy.  A bit of a bully.

When he was a Senator from Delaware, his slashing personality did not go beyond his home state. Just as people outside of Arizona did not see the late Senator John McCain’s unstable personality and anger management issues.  As Vice President, Biden was not in the foreground where all the heated action and confrontation takes place. Although there was that time he referred to Obamacare as a “big f***ing deal” before the President addressed the nation.

New Hampshire was not the first time that Biden lost his cool and showed his street-thug personality. 

He had previously called another voter a liar at a Biden campaign event.  In that case, it was a “white male.” 

I mention the gender, etc. because that is what prevented it from becoming a bigger news story. White males are not among the protected classes in the Democrats’ and medias’ political correctness world.

Like a barroom braggart, Biden once challenged President Trump to a bit of fisticuffs in the parking lot to show his machismo.  Although the offer was rhetorical, it gives you an insight into Biden’s pugnacious personality.

This time, Biden’s wrath was directed to a young female college student, also not among the Democrats’ protected classes.  Even at that, the media gave it only passing reference. They often made a joke of it or excused Biden’s behavior as a joke.  Despite the fact that Moore said that she felt totally humiliated by being called a liar on national television by the former Vice President of the United States, much of the press reported that there were no “hard feelings” and that the audience laughed.  Even Moore giggled, they said – as if they never heard of a nervous laugh.

The young lady got into the altercation with Biden when she inquired about his electability after that poor showing in Iowa. That is a question that many are fairly asking.  So, the question, itself, was not particularly out of line or offensive – except, obviously, to Biden.

The knee-jerk response was interesting in and of itself. 

First of all, calling a woman dog-faced is a classic sexist pejorative.  It stems from referring to less attractive women as “dogs” and tangentially “bitches.”  In these days of political correctness and the #MeToo movement that is a huge no-no.

One can only imagine if President Trump had called a young voter – or even worse, Nancy Pelosi — a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”  That might have gotten her to opening yet another impeachment inquiry.

The reference to “pony soldier” comes from the pejorative used by Indians to describe the U.S. Calvary. Biden loves the phrase. In 2018, he attributed it to a line in a John Wayne movie.  Well not exactly. In the 1952 movie, the Indian chief said, “The pony soldier speaks with a tongue of the snake that rattles.”  Not exactly Shakespeare, but you can understand Biden’s paraphrasing – even if he did have to reach into past centuries as his reference point.

No matter how underplayed, spun or even ignored by the political supplicants in the media, it is certainly not going to win votes for Biden from the younger voters and women in general.  And we can probably start a betting pool to predict when Biden will start attacking protected classes or start bullying voters for asking questions he does not like.  Should not be long.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Peter

    Actually he was a Senator from Delaware but other than that Horist is right on. “Danang Dick” Blumenthal is the idiot stolen valor clod from Connecticut.

    • Larry Horist

      Thanks for the correction.

  2. David Barron

    As the pressure for his withdrawal from the campaign, which he seems to thrive on even though he is a complete failure as a person and politician, we will see more and more of his idiotic personality start to come out. His days as a viable candidate passed many moons ago. His personality is based on years of public service where he did nothing but suck off the public dole and accomplish what ever he was paid the highest for. If he were smart, which he is to arrogant to admit, he is a liability to the Democratic Party and pulling it down with all the Bermisia Investigations going on in the Ukraine. To me I wonder how an official investigation is NOT underway right now over these allegations. Is it not the job of the POTUS to find American Corruption abroad and get to the bottom of it. How many US Tax payers dollars now sit in the Biden Family Wealth Package?

  3. Nathan Bedford Forest

    Wake up America. Biden, like the Obamas and the Clintons and Pelosi are all protected by the ruling cabal. Even the great Donald T has to follow orders. There will be no in investigations and it will be business as usual.
    Freedom is an illusion. You have to have the cash to be really free. You get that cash by selling your soul which gains you entrance to that special club. Satan wasn’t joking when he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. That’s the way it has always been.



  5. David Barron

    This all goes back to the suspicion that Joe Biden is in the very first steps of Dementia. where they revert back to earlier times in their lives when such behavior was acceptable. By now that should all be gone, history, and never done again by a senior statesman. Name calling, challenges of fighting, lying, confusion, the disconnect between reality and the past all point to the age in which senior people need to step it down and be more or less watched over as their mental capabilities have been called into question. To expect any improvement over the next 5 years at his age is out of the question. He would not be running the show, his handlers would be and we don’t elect handlers. Joe Biden may have been a good Senator and VP, but now in my opinion, which is worth less than hole full water, his family should step in and say, its time to quit and retire. To do less is would be a disaster for Joe Biden and the Country.