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Biden Administration Playing Both Sides in Israel-Muslims Conflict

Biden Administration Playing Both Sides in Israel-Muslims Conflict

Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza is spinning out of control and moving toward a regional war over the narrative of a Jews-versus-Muslims question of existence for both sides. The Biden administration, as the leadership of Israel’s long-time ally state, is facing a loss of political support from American Muslims amidst the widespread anger directed at Israel. So the Democrats are doing what one would expect of them – running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

As the support in billions sent to Ukraine against Russia faded in the Republican-led House of Representatives, the military-industrial complex hit on a new mine for funds in military aid – Israel’s war on Hamas in the Gaza, one of two territories of the State of Palestine. Even before the Republicans picked the new speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, the Biden administration had drafted a $100 billion foreign aid package to present to the House. Majority of the requested funds in this draft are for Ukraine, and a much smaller part for Israel, but both essentially going out through the same hands.

In addition to military aid for Israel, Biden visited the Middle Eastern state and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show support for Israel. With Israeli bombing of buildings in Gaza causing thousands of casualties of civilians including children, much of it caught on camera and shared on social media around the clock, Muslims around the world started to react in protest.

Given that Muslims make a significant number of votes in certain blue states, the Biden administration could see it coming. Accordingly, Joe Biden already had announced humanitarian aid for civilian victims of Israeli military action in Gaza during his Israel visit. The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also parroted concern for Muslims against hate crimes targeting them in the United States.

In an alert to the Democrats, NBC News reported on October 25 that Muslim voters, especially those in Michigan where a few cities have now a majority Arab-Muslim population, are turning against them.

Now, though, Muslim leaders are warning that Democrats risk losing their support, too, if Biden and the party do not do more to combat Islamophobia and address the pain many are feeling about the war in Gaza.

With reports of Muslim voters mad at the Biden-Harris government ahead of the next presidential election, the Biden-Harris team continued appeasing the Muslim vote bank using the Islamophobia script that reminds Muslims that they are victims of hate and bigotry in America and that the Biden admin is there to protect them.

On Wednesday (November 1), VP Kamala Harris released a video to announce the launch of the “First National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia” aimed at protecting Muslims from hate, bigotry, and violence as well as ending the discrimination against Muslims.

While voting in the United Nations against a ceasefire, which is what most Muslims and all opponents of Israel’s ongoing attacks destroying Palestinian civilians in Gaza are demanding, the Biden administration is pretending to care about the Muslims in Gaza. On Monday (October 30), the New York Times reported that the Biden administration supports Israel but at the same time is “more critical” of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza resulting from the way Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is carrying out the devastating bombings.

The next day (October 31), the National Muslim Democratic Council called on Biden and asked for using his influence to broker an immediate ceasefire. Reuters reported that Muslims penned an open letter to mobilize “Muslim, Arab, and allied voters” to “withhold endorsement, support, or votes” for those candidates in the next election who support Israel’s operation against the Palestinian people.

For the Democrats, supporting Israel and appeasing Muslims at the same time has become a feat of political jugglery; though many American liberals, including Jews, are also protesting against Biden’s pro-Israel stance in the current crisis.   

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  1. frank stetson

    Or maybe he put politics, conspiracies, and just plain-ole-fashioned partisanship in the closet where they belong at a time of war. Maybe give the war a month or so before you start assigning blame to Biden for a war he did not start, a war he is not in, a war between the Hamas gang of thugs and the Israeli war machine.

    It’s weird how people can not understand the dual desires to have Israel gain a modicum of justice and retribution AND to have as few innocents and hostages killed as possible.

    Or maybe the author does not feel that there are any innocents in this and all Muslims are bad, bad, bad. Perhaps he IS a muslim…….

    • Tom

      I agree with you Frank! Maybe Obama converted Biden in one of those Muslim Orgies for Jihad Ops (MOJO) they had in the oval office! They were code named “MOJO Risings” and they were held at exactly 4:20. Hunter supplied the materials according to the report.

      The problem in this war is that you have a professional army that follows international rules of engagement against a band of religiously unified terrorists that hide among civilians because they would not last a NJ minute on an open battlefield. Why is nobody screaming about them hiding among civilians??? Why is nobody screaming about them using people as human shields??

      And the beat goes on…… drums keep pounding rhythm to my brain!! Ladadadda dee, ladadadda die!!!

      • Jim lucas

        Retard joe should stay out of the Israel war. He’s too damned stupid to be involved. Just like his supporters. We have terrorists in our country attacking Jews and is really close to putting us into a civil war. But all the idiots in the Biden administration can do is call out people who have Christian beliefs. I think that the Gaza Hamas crowd has taken over the White House. So take a look around. Liberalism and stolen elections come with a cost.

        • frank stetson

          Jim: Joe should stay engaged in that we fund this war and we should have a say in the use of our money. Maybe Trumpers like you would hand a free check, but not our style.

          Do you have ANY sources for Jews being attacked in American by foreign terrorists?

          I have all sorts of white supremacist groups doing all sorts of shit, but they are American, they are white. Just like you. Which terrorists are you speaking off, that’s a biggee

          • Jim lucas

            Listen up dickhead. First of all, I support desantis, Tim Scott and Niki Haley. Not sure yet which one is my final choice. And I didn’t say that people harassing Jews were foreign. We have American born and bred leftist terrorists. And the interesting part is that there’s not been recent shit being done by white supremist groups. So what are you talking about? And hell yes I’m white and I don’t apologize for it. And if you stood in front of me and called me a white supremist I would kick your ass. Assuming that you’re white, why are you ashamed of that? My family didn’t talk racial slurs in my home and I didn’t allow it from my kids. So fully understand that the democrats are more racist since you idiots like placing people in groups and having identity politics. I’ve actually heard people of color say that they can run their own lives and don’t need the government to exist. So why don’t you people just mind your own business?

  2. Michael

    The wording of this article by Mr. Dempsey leads me to believe that he is playing the same Jewish-Muslim game that Biden is playing. The “devastating” bombings occurred after Israel gave the civilians time to leave Gaza City. Secondly, there is no such thing as the state of Palestine.

  3. frank stetson

    So, you express yourself on an anonymous web site and desire that people read it, but mind their own business?

    Surely, you need a better understanding of the internet.

    And fyi —- calling me a dickhead will never get you what you want unless it’s to vapidly vent thy spleen.

    Kicking my ass? Not bloody likely. My virtual self can take your virtual self in virtual mud wrestling any day of the week, any time, the internet is open 24/7 in case you didn’t know that either.

    You say terrorists, I guessed foreign, you say no, so the question still stands: got proof of US terrorists attacking Jews? And proof they are leftists? The question stands, can you deliver more than hot air?

    • Jim lucas

      Just research the news you ignorant fool. It’s being reported by the media about Jewish students being threatened and assaulted. But you have to check out other sources instead of PMSNBC or listen to others and not just joe Scarborough and his blond bimbo. And most of your comrades in your commie party are hell bent against Israel. You people are a disgrace to the human race. And that’s funny. Chuck Schumer is Jewish and several others in his party. So you people hate each other. Where’s the outrage? The answer is none from you people. But I guess everyone is afraid of the squad bitches. So I guess the democrats KKK past is alive and well

      • frank stetson

        I am sorry but which terrorists at Cornell are you referencing and who got assaulted?

        I am showing one crazy, depressed guy, who is God knows what party…… those are threats, not assaults.

        Did you become the ignorant fool who’s even too lazy to look up his own feckless facts?

        It’s the internet: just google any of your lunatic statements to see what comes up. So far: CRICKETS.

        You cannot support what you said:

  4. frank stetson

    And for Lucas, our internet-challenged mind storm of a man, I actually looked and can find few attacks, beyond words, post the Hamas conflict start. Lots of chatter though and while flighty-whitey wears sheets at nighty may think it’s all leftists, here’s what Republican voters, the white supremacists, say:

    After the attack, Goyim Defense League (GDL) leader Jon Minadeo was giddy playing a vid of violent kidnappings, assaults and murders Hamas terrorists in Israel. He laughed, danced, and cheered, “Wow, this is awesome. This is awesome man! I’m so stoked!” The he said: “Come on guys, it’s time to dance! Get those Jews!” At one point when terrorists curb stomped an IDF man, he quipped: “Oh nice. Oh wow. Yeah, this is what you get, you terroristic Jew piece of shit.” He concluded: “You guys, one day in the near future, when Americans wake up, this is what’s going to be happening. I think we’ve got a better scenario to be honest. Let’s do this! Let’s do this! I am so pumped up! This is what I love! I love the Jews getting hit!” “Now is the time to strike,” sure sounds like more than mere words.

    The leader of neo-Nazi Blood Tribe wrote on 10/8: “Thoroughly enjoying the show in Israel over the past days.”
    On 10/8, neo-Nazi’s Natsoc Florida posted a “Fuck Israel” t-shirt adding “The Israeli people deserve zero sympathy. Fuck Israel. They deserve everything that is happening to them right now. I sincerely hope that Hezbollah and the Taliban are able to make it to the fight.”

    Concord City CA Councilmember Edi Birsan told NBC that callers have been spouting anti-LGBTQ, white supremacist and anti-Semitic hate. They had to go remote for meetings.

    On 10/8 again, white supremacist Matthew Parrott, co-founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, posted “Party’s Over: Free Palestine” blaming Jews for the war. “Breaking out of a concentration camp to attack your guards is the very opposite of ‘unprovoked,’ I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. It’s one struggle.”

    Yes, leftists are protesting Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Leftists are protesting Hamas as well. Rightists are doing more that words, they are inciting violence, they are holding Israeli funding as hostage to budget cuts. We cannot monetarily side with Israel unless we cut funding somewhere else according to Republicans. I said it before, when the next Katrina wipes Shreveport off the map, good luck with finding FEMA money, unless we can kill the tax cuts. I guess that’s how we play the “disaster recovery” game now. Hostage taking. Tit for tat.

    In closing to summarize in simple words for my internet-challenged, keeper of unsubstantiated bogus claims; our tighty whitey righty owner of the “dickhead” brand, IMO, as a leftist, Hamas must be horribly diminished if not erased from the Earth. Give Israel a free hand, but OK to suggest they do as much as possible to protect innocents. Hopefully the smallest amount of civilians will be affected although at this point, they just better not be there. After, we need a Palestinian recovery plan that includes an end to apartheid, either as true Israeli citizens or two state solution. We should not be fooled again that this is going away until freedom rings in gaza and the west bank.

  5. Buckeye Bill

    Isn’t it great that Ms Buckwheat and The clueless Vice President agree that Islamaphobia is the problem! Where can we see that problem? Antisemitism is everywhere, and yet the biased Biden group has an imaginary problem as their primary focus!

  6. Jim lucas

    Words? Ok. Suppose that the word started with N. ? What then? Yes!!! Jews are targeted and assaulted and threatened. That’s ok. But hands off blacks. Keep them alive and well. The democrats might get slavery back again. And yes, I still say that you wouldn’t stand and look me in the eye and call me a white supremace. I damned sure would kick your ass. And make you like it

    • Frank stetson

      Wow, Lucas, protector of Jews and blacks alike.

      Why would I call you a white supremacist? Deluded? Delusional? Read again. Real slow. I said white, was I wrong?

      Let’s sum;
      BUSTED on the terrorist attacks
      BUSTED on being called a supremacist
      and BUSTED for being able to kick my ass.

      Because my ass is coming nowhere near your ass no natter how often you beg for it. I don’t swing that way no matter how nice you ask.

      Sure am glad those righties ain’t violent….fucker wants me to meet with him, call him a Supremacist and then he will beat my ass. Guy sure gets his rocks off in weird ways.

      Again, it’s an anonymous website. How do you plan on making a face to face possible? Really got to unknot those knickers, you’re gonna bust a gut too. So emotional. So defensive. So violent.

  7. Jim lucas

    I wasn’t planning on hunting you down. That’s not very doable. I said it you stood before me. Being branded a racist is as bad as being called racist names. And yes, I call out racism. Why not? It’s the right thing to do.