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Biden Administration Gives Birth to The Ministry of Truth

Biden Administration Gives Birth to The Ministry of Truth

This is more important than the war in Ukraine. It is more important than Covid. It is more important than the border crisis or inflation. This is an existential threat to our personal freedoms under the Constitution of the United States.

The Biden Administration is forming the Disinformation Governance Board, a group that will determine what is true or not, and then attempt to enforce it on the American public.

There will be an “official truth” in America.

They are not trying to hide this, it is an overt act.  I’ve written about this before, this new development makes me afraid for America.

It will be run by Nina Jankowicz, a propagandist of the first order. She is a self-proclaimed expert in disinformation, seemingly with a lot of experience. She spread the disinformation of the Russian Collusion conspiracy, proven false by investigators, and denied the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, not accepted as real.  She is a Democratic Party operative, pure and simple.

This is about government control of our lives more sinister and more permanent than any act before.

For those of you who have read George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”, this is the equivalent of the “Ministry of Truth” the organization within that government that decides for the citizens what is true and what is not.  And of course, when it suits the government, the current truth is wiped out and a new truth put in its place.

Jankowicz’s appointment is proof of the danger of such an organization.  This simply means that the “truth” will be whatever the current administration wants it to be.

Are you getting this yet? Anyone elected only wants you to hear good things about them. They want to get elected again. If you only hear good things and only get their own spin and never get the down site or the opposing view, you will continue to elect the same people. They have the control, that is what they want.

That will be the end of free elections.  An American public whose access to information is censored, and by extension their thoughts controlled, are not free. This organization is part of the Department of Homeland Security.  They have ENFORCEMENT privileges.

If the Disinformation Governance Board thinks you are “spreading disinformation” which, by definition, is whatever the current administration doesn’t like, you will be silenced. And yes, eventually it will get to the point where you are arrested and jailed for telling an unpopular truth.

Do you ever wonder if the Russian people believe that Putin gets 95% of the votes in his elections? Do the Venezuelan people believe that Maduro gets 95% of the votes in his elections?

Do the American people believe that Trump was colluding with Russia? Do the American people believe that the 2020 elections were fair? Do the American people believe that  Hunter Biden’s laptop is a fake and a Russian provocation? Think about the spin liberals put on the BLM riots, and the move to defund police departments. Do you believe any of that?

See how easy it is to compare the magnitude of lies in totalitarian countries versus what we have experienced recently in America?

Any minute now, the Biden Administration will attempt to “mansplain” this as something that will not be such a colossal violation of American principles. They will start slowly. But it will quickly slide the slippery slope, especially with an incompetent administration which needs to continually cover up its failures.

But this is good news for Russia and China. Now they no longer need to put journalists on their payroll and fund propaganda outlets.  They only have to penetrate the Disinformation Governance Board, and by extension, they will control American thought.

Think I am being cynical? I worked for the CIA, I’ve seen the very simple things we have done to other countries, I’ve spent time in countries that have total control of information to the public.

We are in trouble.

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  1. Miles collins

    President dementia wants to block free speech and take away our right to question the communist party here in America. Namely the democrat party

    • Frank stetson

      To be replaced by President fruit fearful to fill the airwaves with another 3,500 lies.

      Why are democrats communists? I, for one, am a capitalist, a corporate denizen, and even invest big time in guns n bullets since Obama. Made a killing during the pandemic. Thanks to this move, may be time to get in again 😁.

      Seriously though, while this might be a grand idea, the name is about as stupid as you get and indeed Orwellian. She is very smart, great education, but seems a bit dippy and partisan. The Wilson Center is not leftist at all I think so seemed to work in a nonpartisan organization.

      Well, for every Bannon and Flynn……. Guess it serves you right.

      As to free speech; in my book disinformation is NOT free speech. But how you police is difficult. DeSantis is burning books and punishing Disney for saying things he does not like; not my idea of free speech, but probably is yours. Guess it all depends on how it is done, the transparency, and the process to disagree.

      I would live to see less lies.

      • Percy

        Frank do you sleep with your head up your ass? Biden is trying to shut down people expressing their opinions and thoughts. And Ron desantis isn’t burning books. He’s just trying to keep our kids from being coerced into becoming queers. If someone wants to do that, then go for it. But leave my kids alone. And please don’t insult our intelligence by passing as a conservative. It’s not working. Why can’t normal people take their kids on a great vacation without having to reprogram them on the way home? The fags in Florida can blow anyone that they want as long as they are legal age. No body is telling them not to. So go stand in line if you want to. Nobody cares

        • ben

          How is Disney touching your kids? How is it “turning” them gay? What shred of evidence do you have that Disney is doing anything to your kids in regards to sexual orientation?

          Disney spoke out against “don’t say gay.” That’s free speech. And they only did it after being pushed by their own workers, Floridan citizens expressing ideas via free speech. DeSantis responded by trying to financially punish them by taking tax incentives, and self-governing incentives away, a move that actually backfired and will financially pummel local residents while profiting Disney. He then burned the math books so students would not be able to follow the math :>) Bottom line is : Disney expressed that it was not in favor of a law, DeSanctimonious punished, but there is zero proof that Disney does, or did, any of the heinous acts you allege. Unless free speech is one of them.

          What happens IF your kid comes out? What are you going to do then? Do you really think keeping them away from Disney will change any of that? Their “gayness,” or your abnormality? Maybe if Disney filmed a seen of gay bashing in a positive light you would rush to their doors to teach your kids?

          So, hide your kids, don’t let them EVER see gay people, before woke, gallup found that about 4% of Americans self-identified as queer. Now it’s over 7% proving one of two things at least:

          – Disney has groomed an extra 3% of gayness creating the gay surge…..
          – Gays did not self-identify because of YOU and there are twice as many as can be imagined —- they are everywhere, one out of ten people you meet……

          I ask you, which is better, to be open and know, or fearful, hidden, and you’ll never know, you’ll never see them coming… afraid of what you ask for is what I say.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            If you know anything about the gay culture, they are always trying to “convert” people, I don’t blame them, it is natural in course of social interaction (and I’ve met some lesbians that I would like to have “fixed”). The fact is that some are born gay and others become gay because of their environment. I can’t prove that there is a “gay gene” but I’m pretty sure there is something physiological in some people. But I can point to numerous examples of people who were turned gay by environmental factors and then after an exceedingly unhappy period of time found out they made a mistake.

            So yes, there is a danger. And why would you want to expose your kids to anything having to do with adult sex before they reach puberty? If you do, then you are the pervert.

            And by the way, nobody ever said that there wasn’t a price to be paid for speaking out.

            And also by the way, Disney just fired the asshole who made the policy to speak out against Florida.

          • Ben

            “…they are always trying to convert people.” has got to be one of the sadder, most misinformed viewpoints without any substantiation whatsoever.

            And Disney is not gay…..

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Dude, if you don’t know about this, then you must have had no contact with the gay community, at all, ever.

          • Ben

            Maybe you just attract a particular type of gay person. Might it be your “vibe?”

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Maybe if you would get out of your mother’s basement and go meet some people you would understand life a little better.

          • Kayne

            So American people are turning queer. Great!!! Go join them

          • ben

            Come on Joe, of course I have gay friends, some very close. I just don’t judge folks in this way and I rarely say “they are all like this” for any group of people since generalizing, stereotyping and usually untrue and just rationales for discrimination. Protested with gays, went to seasonal parties at their houses. When my wife was diagnosed with a potentially life-ending disease for which there was no help, I spent the entire evening with a gay business friend who had just been diagnosed with his life-ending disease. He inspired me, got me right thinking, and even at 3 am, did not convert…. Business associates, my first manager, one out of ten people, right Joe. The first owner of the consulting firm I started with was also gay, and a pervert —- but then again, Jeffery Epstein was hetero and a pervert, and a converter. There are good people and perverts everywhere and of all sexual orientations. And so on and so on.

            But Joe, you can not prove that all gay people try to convert. You just can’t prove it.

            ” they are always trying to “convert” people, I don’t blame them, it is natural in course of social interaction” is about one of the stupidest things I have seen said, and on this website, that’s something…… “THEY” “ALWAYS” “CONVERT” Really, 100% of all gays are attempting to convert all that moves…… Now, if you have never been approached, should you feel bad? You say you got nature and nurture going on, nature OK by you, it’s genetic, but nurture — oh no, some have turned back, proof positive that, as you say, a mistake has been made. Sort of like trying Vodka and then quitting —- it was a mistake? Or you tried it, you didn’t like it, so you changed it. Big deal.

            But let’s go to your “human nature” attitude and what that might mean. Does that mean it’s also natural in your own personal course of human interaction and you are a groomer for the hetero cause trying to hump anything that’s on two legs without a cock? And since most of you who believe this also believe gays are pedo’s, that you are looking for the little ones too? Of course not. It does not work that way anywhere and you most certainly can not prove it that 100% of the gay community is always on the prowl, looking to convert…. Ridiculous.

            “And why would you want to expose your kids to anything having to do with adult sex before they reach puberty? If you do, then you are the pervert.” Of course I had discussions with my kids about sex before they reached puberty. Doesn’t everyone? Puberty is a number of years too late to begin those discussions. I wouldn’t call you a pervert for this, but you seem extremely misguided and misinformed.

            Meanwhile, what is Disney doing, beyond disagreeing with DeSanctimonious’ law by using free speech, to groom, convert, whatever your precious hetero children that you are afraid might be “turned” while you are not looking. What, showing gay folks in their shows?

            In 1976, the Bob Newhart Show’s “Some Of My Best Friends Are…” became the first TV show with a openly and outed gay character, a new member of Dr. Hartley’s group therapy. He was played by Howard Hessman. I am telling you Joe, get over it, gays are everywhere, your kids will see them before they can read. You can’t stop it, you can’t hide from it, you might as well buck up and face the music and just begin these conversations with your kids before puberty. Whether you go to Disney or not.

            If you are afraid of gay conversion, I suggest you be afraid of hetero immersion, cuz you’re kids are going to be up to their naughty bits in it well before puberty.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Frank, actually about 85% of what you said makes sense. I’m proud of you.

        You are starting to see the light. Its not about democrats or republicans, its about free speech and assholes who interfere with it.

      • Micala

        You OBVIOUSLY ARE NOT A PARENT NOR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A PARENT! Good parents protect their children from nasty encounters with ABNORMAL people — like the Looney Left on All levels!! If you were indeed a parent you would be enraged at this idiot administrations actions on all levels, AND you would be applauding DeSantis for being a strong moral man (not many of those left in our Nation — definitely not any in the democrat party!

        As for that OVER-EDUCATED RUSSIAN TWIT JANKOWEICZ, many times getting over-educated is an “out” instead of dealing with REALITY, the over-educated stick their heads in books to escape! And why is she here when she has all that Russian History info? Why isn’t she in Russia? She is a better fit there than here where she hardly knows what is real and what is Russian fantasy!

        FREE SPEECH WHICH NO ONE CAN IGNORE IN OUR “BILL OF RIGHTS” IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!! If enough people file suits against Ms. Twit/Administration, they could be so tied up in Court they won’t have time to harass any other American Citizen!!

        How did America allow an idiot in our White House WHO WAS NEVER ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE BUT INSTALLED — TO REMAIN AND DESTROY OUR NATION?? Have we become a Nation of unintelligent egomaniacs? Where has our Christian foundations gone and our Humanity because when we “allow” people like Biden to slice and five our World reputation, and allow Harris to completely ignore our HUMONGOUS BORDER ISSUES, the U.S. is headed straight to a third world classification — and no American has the balls to stand up and say. “NO”!

        What a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME UNDER THE HANDS OF DEMOCRATS — the biggest idiots and fantasy lovers in the world! I would love to gather them ALL up and fly them to some remote island where they could fantasize they had the world in hand, but actually the Island has them in its depths!

  2. Bubba Love

    Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of the Democrat’s suppression of truth.

  3. Brian Stansbury

    if this asshole thinks he is the ministry of truth mabye he should start speaking the truth to the american people about how much of a huge failure he is to the u. s. stolen election !!!

  4. john

    what a bunch of shit ministry of trurh ,from the biggest lier on the planet, he might as well go out and hang himself !gor all the untrues hes pushed on the people of this country!!! will he put them dammed lieing democraps in prison too?

  5. frank stetson

    Joe, Let me clarify:

    First, it’s really not free speech we’re talking about when we talk about the Constitution, it’s freedom of speech. Just an FYI as to the right. I contend that Disinformation is not “free speech” and that disinformation does not need to be allowed, matter of fact, should be called out and disallowed.

    Our Right of Freedom of Speech is defined in our Constitution as: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Oxford defines Disinformation as: “false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.”

    Webster says Free Speech is defined as: “the right to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on content and subject only to reasonable limitations (as the power of the government to avoid a clear and present danger) especially as guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution”

    I see no reason to allow Disinformation, much less a Disinformation campaign, foreign or domestic, to pervade our airwaves. However, the devil is in the details. A secret campaign to root out disinformation is a bad thing. An open, transparent, process with a standard process to redress, does not seem so bad.

    Better yet, put penalties in place for egregious disinformation campaigns to discourage such activities in the first place. It’s a dangerous area, huge slippery slope, and would require much oversight by the public and the courts. Too often as of late we have seen supposed apolitical institutions seemingly turn political and even weaponize things as silly as a vaccine. (any problems yet or just good news except for those who took the bait and opted out). I contend the CDC turned very political under Trump and has NOT changed, except sides, under Biden. The best recent example was the CDC dumbing down the cautions instantly making American all green, all go, with a slash of the statistical guidelines, while Fauci opts out of the press corp dinner, a Presidential setting, due to covid concerns, unmasking, and an indoor group session that is following the new CDC guidelines. Well, it’s an election year and can’t win if covid raging….. Terrible.

    So I don’t mind cancelling disinformation but I would hate to see our politics guide that process and there is high risk in doing the right thing here the wrong way.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Typical democrat argument. “need not be allowed” – you have put yourself into “god mode” and said collectively that it “someone” should stop disinformation. The problem is that if I believe in God and you don’t then what I am saying is disinformation. If I say that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real and that he is scum and you think it was a Russian provocation then I’m guilty of disinformation and should go to jail. If you think Trump colluded with Russia and I write that it isn’t true, I must be a criminal disinformer and should be banned.

      Back to my original point. Disinformation will ALWAYS be defined by the administration in power. NOBODY with half a brain on either side wants the government to have that power.

      There is a solution, it is linked to the article, and here it is again.

      • Frank stetson

        You are hold of it. I said nothing other kind.

        I have no problem with creating a private business version to attack this disinformation. Weather private or public, as I said above, the key is open and transparent, oversight including the courts, etc. That would hold true for private as well as public. Your process seems as good as any. Matter of fact, maybe we can apply it to the weather guys. 🙂

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I am what of it?

          A good point, but I’m not sure America is ready to see how badly the weather people are doing.

          • Perry

            I’ll say what I damned well please. Fuck Biden

          • frank stetson

            full, sorry.

  6. Ben

    Frank did you ever wake up with a condom hanging out of your ass? If so, did you tell anyone? No? Let’s go camping.

    • John bell

      I’m proud to be straight and white

    • Ben

      No, please tell us what it was like?

      Hell with Disney, the real pervs are here talking about gay sex and trying to convert people with their camping invitations. Does Joe ban these pervs? Here’s your chance big guy, you gots a live one on the hook.

      • Harold Blankenship

        You’re the guy who’s trying to get with Frank

        • Harold

          Could there be three bens?

  7. Micala

    What do you expect from an Incompetent old toad who can’t finish a sentence without getting lost in his thoughts and mumbling?? Does Joe Biddy boy Biden make you PROUD? Because he is the BIGGEST EMBARASSMENT TO AMERICA AND THE WORLD ARENA PLUS THE

    JANKOWEICZ knows zero, nada, nothing about our First Amendment and Free Speech! She better be wearing tall boots because she is going to be “stepping in it” every time she opens that mouth of hers! So just give her another book to read and she’ll shut up and walk away!

    I wish I could tell Americans there is one good red blooded INTELLIGENT American IN THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION, but there is not!! It’s nothing but a bunch of monkeys swinging from room to room making messes on the floors and slinging sh-t at everyone!


    • Ben

      Wow, gonna make us feel your wrath….it’s just like 1/6 all over again!

      Karma is a bitch. May your karma be returned, ten fold bitch.

      • Jon

        Your mama

        • Ben

          Your momma too.

  8. Alan1018

    Since the 202 “election” you may as well start spelling it Amerika comrade.

  9. Ben

    I’m not your comrade, you fascist. ,

    • Ken

      Define fascist You commie dick head

      • Ben

        Sure. Walk to nearest mirror. Look. That’s a fascist.

        • Ken

          Not an answer. What’s a fascist? Ok. You assholes like to throw shit and see what sticks.

    • Douglas

      Make America white again

      • Ben

        Cry me a river.

        Big man finds liberal on anonymous website and calls him names. Ooooh the horror of it all. Feel better now tiger?