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Biden Administration Clueless on Iran

Biden Administration Clueless on Iran

Apparently, the Biden Administration is just now starting to worry about Iran’s nuclear program. 

“Every option is on the table, but here’s what’s important: Iran…is moving forward aggressively with its [nuclear] program,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday. “The time it would take for it to produce enough fissile material for one nuclear weapon is getting shorter and shorter…The other thing that’s getting shorter is the runway we have, where, if we do get back into compliance with the agreement…we actually recapture all of the benefits of the agreement. Iran is learning enough, doing enough, so that’s starting to be a problem.” 

Blinken issued a similar warning in June, claiming Tehran was “a few months” from nuclear breakout. 

As I’m sure my readers are well aware, Iran’s nuclear program did not restart out of nowhere. The regime never halted its program and continued unlawful R&D despite signing the JCPOA in 2015. Tehran has been stockpiling uranium for years and in 2018 claimed to possess 950 tons of the of stuff. The Biden Administration began indirect talks with Tehran in April 2021 to determine the future of the poorly-negotiated JCPOA, but discussions stalled in June when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was elected.

The Biden Administration expects to resume talks in late November, though it is unlikely negotiations will produce results. As we saw last time, the regime is likely to continue its nuclear program in secret even if it does sign a deal. The JCPOA’s other signatories favor a return to the deal, though any success will depend on their willingness to threaten Tehran with sanctions if it refuses to comply. 

In the meantime, US officials should prepare for the reality of a nuclear-armed Iran. 

“Such a development also would reshape the balance of power in the Middle East and immediately make Iran the region’s most influential player,” notes Washington Times contributor Ben Wolfgang. 

Against that possibility, Secretary Blinken confirmed the US and its allies are considering all options – including military action – if negotiations are unsuccessful and Iran continues on its current path. 

Republican lawmakers hope any future agreement with Tehran will address the regime’s support of terrorism and for militias that are targeting US forces in Iraq and Syria in addition to its nuclear designs. 

“Our greatest hope must always be for a peaceful, cooperative, and harmonious coexistence with Iran and all the sovereign nations of the region and the world,” said former Vice President Mike Pence, who criticized the Biden Administration’s failure to condemn the rocket bombardment against Israel earlier this year by Hamas (a terror group financed by Tehran). 

Considering the Biden Administration’s “embrace with the JCPOA, their hesitation to condemn rockets being fired at our cherished ally Israel, the heartbreaking and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, our adversaries may be sensing weakness in the current American administration…They may be emboldened to test our resolve. And, in fact, they’ve already begun to do so with reports of an Iranian drone attack on a US base in Syria.”

The Biden Administration responded to the drone attack (which was launched by the IRGC) by imposing economic sanctions on a handful of entities and individuals linked to the attack and promised to respond to any future attacks. Tehran condemned the action and warned that any sanctions would make nuclear talks more difficult. 


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  1. Dan Tyree

    What are we to expect from a moron?

    • Frank stetson

      You’re giving us an excellent example 😉

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      As the resident moron here, why don’t you enlighten us? We’ve already seen what Trump did to create the situation. Note that Biden started his negotiations with Iran (according to the article) in April 2021, just a couple of months after he was elected. The deal was signed in 2015, Trump ripped it up immediately after taking office, and two years into Trump’s term they claimed to have 950 tons of material. Alice is right – it didn’t start from nowhere – Iran was allowed a certain amount for energy purposes until Trump freed them of any limits.

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    Just another foreign policy mess that Trump created. It will take time to fix…

    Trump ripped up the Iran agreement the first month he was in office. He had 4 years to do something, and let Iran build up their nuclear materials the whole goddamned time. Now it’s up to Biden to renegotiate a treaty while Iran is in a stronger position. He’s been in office less than a year, but he’s working on it.

    Where was your concern and outrage about iraq when Trump ripped up the international agreement that kept Iran from refining nuclear material? Instead of giving up the US leverage, he could have used it to increase inspections and force Iran back to the table. But typical Trump, he got the photo op for doing “something”, cashed his check, and left it to fester for someone else to clean up later. He knew the bill wouldn’t come due during his watch.

    • Dan Tyree

      Just wait and see what your village idiot has caused. You dumbasses are like programmed stetford wives. You’re too stupid to think for yourselves. I was once a democrat and when they started turning into commiecrats nobody had to talk me into anything. I watched them leave me, like Reagan, and waved bye bye. The old fool that you two think has a golden asshole will end up causing so many problems in the Middle East that America will be in much more danger. But y’all hate our country so it doesn’t matter to you.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Most of the South was Democrat, but when they started to turn away from racism and misogyny, all the racists and women-haters jumped for Reagan’s “Southern Strategy”. Yes, the Democrats moved into the 21st century, and Republicans are trying to go back to “the good old days” before the Civil War.

        We didn’t leave you behind as much as you just didn’t move forward.

        • Dennis blake

          Racism is a myth designed to destroy people and shame them into bowing down to Marxist dictatorship Yes, a few people are kkk , skinheads ect. But if what you say is true, prove it or stfu. The democrats have done much to destroy black families

    • Mason foose

      Joseph is pissed off. Good

  3. Frank stetson

    Poor Dan, always gotta name call to feel better. So sad. Call us when your have something beyond dithering to say.

    • Dan Tyree

      So sorry that you’re too stupid to understand