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Biden Administration Admits Fault on Inflation 

Biden Administration Admits Fault on Inflation 

Speaking with reporters on Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre inadvertently suggested that Biden’s American Rescue Plan contributed to inflation.

After claiming that gas prices have been trending downwards for months (not true), Jean-Pierre told her audience that Americans would start to see relief from inflation “early next year” and then went on a tangent about hearing aids.

That’s about the time Fox Business correspondent Edward Lawrence interrupted her to point out that inflation and gas prices have only increased since President Joe Biden took office 18 months ago.

Jean-Pierre’s rebuttal was that – 18 months ago – Democratic lawmakers approved the American Rescue Act on their own, without help from Republicans. 

Social media erupted with comments mocking the Press Secretary’s gaffe:

  • “Sounds like cause and effect,” quipped RNC executive Tommy Pigott. 
  • “She finally gets it!” added GOP Senator Tom Cotton.
  • “From the same lying hacks who brought you ‘inflation is transitory,'” wrote Donald Trump, Jr.

Seeming not to realize what her words implied, Jean-Pierre went on to celebrate the Rescue Plan for helping the American people by assisting schools and small businesses as they reopened following pandemic closures.

“[The Rescue Plan] was something that was so critical to meet the moment that the American people were going through, that helped put shots in arms. That matters. That was part of the President’s economy plan, right, that was part of his policy. That helped us gain these jobs back,” continued Jean-Pierre, again avoiding the topic of inflation. “We created more than 10 million jobs, that’s because of what the President was able to do.” 

Speaking of inflation, Biden recently claimed the US was ‘making progress’ despite the fact that inflation has been sitting at a 40-year high of 8.2% for months. 

“The president understands…that, um, inflation is an issue, high costs is an issue for the American people,” said Jean-Pierre awkwardly. “He’s been very clear about making that his number one economic priority…And he has done the work.”

When pressed by Fox News reporter Steve Doocy to explain why Biden’s alleged ‘hard work’ had failed to produce results, Jean-Pierre said the Administration “understands that there are challenges” and accused GOP lawmakers of hindering Democrats’ attempts to lower prices. 

According to the latest polls, however, voters have little faith in the Biden Administration’s ability to tackle inflation and are looking to Republicans for a solution as we head towards midterms. 

Though Biden has framed the Inflation Reduction Act (signed in August) as a way to lower the cost of prescription drugs and reduce the national deficit, economists warn the legislation will have little to no impact. At the very best, Americans will start to experience savings in 2024.


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  1. Rat Wrangler

    Let’s see now. In this article, Ms. Jean-Pierre said “the Administration ‘understands that there are challenges’ and accused GOP lawmakers of hindering Democrats’ attempts to lower prices.” Since the President is Democrat, the House has a Democrat majority, and the Senate has a Democrat majority if the Democrat Vice President breaks any tie, then just how is it that the GOP lawmakers, being in the minority, have hindered Democrat attempts?

  2. Frank stetson

    Yeah, Biden caused inflation in 18 months of office. Sure. And he spread it across the globe. Sure. And he did by only spending a fraction of Trump’s egregious spending the previous four years. A fraction.

    I am still looking where she admitted that….

    Project much?

    • Crackerjack

      Where did you get that info from pedofile biden has spent trillions to the National debt with no relief in sight now we have a diesel shortage you think is costly now wait till you run out of food because trucks will not be running this moron wants electric vehicles not going to happen in the trucking industry

  3. frank stetson

    year deficit debt inc. debt/gdp ratio

    2017 $665 $671 3.4%
    2018 $779 $1,271 3.8%
    2019 $984 $1,203 4.6%
    2020 $3,132 $4,226 15.0%
    2021 $2,772 $1,484 12.1%

    You can see Trump’s egregious spending being tapered down by Biden. Still have a long ways to go, IMO. 2022 estimates are better too. You can see the seeds of inflation first planted in 2020, Trump’s parting gift that Biden should have seen coming, should

    And yes, running low on diesel is a huge issue.

  4. Alice

    Fraud Joe and his incompetent administration can blow smoke all they want. When I have to pay ridiculous prices at the gas station, grocery store, restaurants, department stores, hardware stores, handymen, dog groomers, etc., don’t tell me these thieves are doing anything right. Quote all the stats you want; the real life experiences tell all.

  5. BHR

    Biden and the democrats have no clue on how to fix the problems, America has.
    The democrats solution, to almost any problem is raise taxes and spend more money.

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…