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Biden Admin Vehemently Denies Using Federal Funds to Distribute Crack Pipes – They Lied.

Biden Admin Vehemently Denies Using Federal Funds to Distribute Crack Pipes – They Lied.

Reports from the Washington Free Beacon in February found that a federal grant for $30 million was to be used to distribute crack pipes as part of its plan to advance “racial equity.” Further research released yesterday confirm it.

This grant will be overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, which will provide “safe smoking kits” to various organizations (which they have declined to identify). The Free Beacon managed to find some of these organizations and get the kits they were offering.

This has been vehemently denied by the Biden Administration.

“They were never a part of the kit, it was inaccurate reporting,” Biden Admin spokesperson Jen Psaki said of the pipes. “A safe smoking kit may contain alcohol swabs, lip balm, other materials to promote hygiene and reduce the transmission of diseases.”

Psaki was lying.

It is not that she was mistaken. It was not that the contents of the kits could be mistaken for something else.  There were crack pipes in this kits. She lied.

See the picture below for yourself.

And why on God’s Green Earth would you want to enable crack smokers to smoke more crack?  Does the Biden Administration not consider crack to be a dangerous drug?

I don’t know, maybe a government crack pipe is safer and more hygienic than ones you can find on the street.  After all, you don’t want to get germs. But then again, crack pipes are generally heated so most of the germs would be killed anyway. Never mind the dangerous and addicting stuff that you are actually trying to inhale.

These kinds of programs are stupid to the extreme for a very simple reason. It is the most straightforward of economics.  Ronald Reagan said it:

“Whatever you subsidize you get more of.”

If you are subsidizing crack addicts, guess what? You are going to get more crack addicts. If you make it easier, then more people will do it. If you give any kind of acceptance to it, then more ignorant, innocent young people will have the opportunity and encouragement to travel that road.

Jen Psaki is paid to lie to the American people. The agenda of the “woke,” the ignorant liberal apologists for the drug culture, and the liberal politicians whose knowledge of drug abuse barely skims the surface is to make it alright for kids to smoke crack. 

I’m sorry, to me the word “conservative” means helping parents keep their children safe, and not making careless changes in laws designed to protect people or allowing society’s dangers to get out of hand. And certainly not causing dangerous drugs to become more available to the innocent and ignorant.

BTW, I do actually have a Libertarian streak in me. If we could guarantee that none of this would affect anyone under the age of, say, 25, then I would be in favor of legalizing everything – drugs, prostitution, gambling, pretty much anything you want – as long as you can pay your way and don’t become a burden on society.

But there is no possible way to legalize these without them becoming available to minors, who (by legal definition) are not sufficiently knowledgeable and mature to understand the life decisions they are making. Unfortunately, very nearly 100% of teens under age 18 have tried cigarettes and alcohol, and a majority have tried marijuana.  Many become addicts, making decisions that will rule their lives forever, not having understood the consequences of their actions.

And, oh by the way, if they are calling this a “racial issue,” are they assuming that a particular race suffers more than other races? Seems to me this assumption is the height of racism. Or perhaps they are doing this to spread the crack problem to other races?

I hope this becomes an election issue. I’d really love to hear liberals explain this.

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  1. Emil stone

    Why the fuck would anyone in government hand out illegal drug paraphernalia? Yes, I believe that it’s true. I think that democrats want our young people hooked to get their undying support. The message is march in lock step with democrats or we they will withhold the candy. I hope and pray that people will wake up soon and realize that one day that democrats only want to enslave as many of us as possible. But God help anyone ever trying to get my kids and grandkids on drugs.

  2. Ben

    Biden is a damned liar

  3. Hurricane Gunner

    Joe, are you worried about being sanctioned for all of the Russian propaganda you put out?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      What Russian propaganda are you referring to?

  4. Frank stetson

    A number of sources have fact checked this as false. They have even explained how the Free Beacon got it wrong and where some journalistic shortcuts were made.

    Still shows potential pitfalls of Biden’s “no harm” drug abuse strategy.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, did you not read the article, did you not see the picture?

      The picture, Frank. Maybe you have never smoked crack (I haven’t either) but I know what a crack pipe looks like.

    • Mc

      It’s been proven to be true. Next the demented old bastard will be supplying the product

  5. John Hewett

    hackey psaki is just tuning up her lying capabilities so she’ll be able to fit right in at msnbc (more suspect news because it’s crap.)

    • Dean

      For the people who support Biden. What are you smoking??

      • Frank

        Dried dog shit

  6. frank stetson

    OMGoodness Joe: I appreciate your push back on the facts with facts, so different from the usual name calling gutter tripe you feature so well on your free speech land fill. But, mark my words, think about it twice next time before you say I am wrong on the facts. Do yourself a favor: double check. Do yourself a favor so you don’t come off as Trumpublican-stupid conspiracy-clusterfucker next time.

    The Federal Government has not issued one freaking kit yet, according to your source and every other story out there. Period.

    If you noted the pictures, there is a lot of difference tween kits. That should be a clue that they might not all come from the same place, same contract, etc. Not positive, but a clue. Yes, these are kits, yes, they probably came from those cities, but NO, I am pretty sure they are not funded by the FED, and they are certainly NOT funded by this program. It’s freaking pending —– your story even said so.

    My point: “Still shows potential pitfalls of Biden’s “do no harm” drug abuse strategy.” That is the value of your story, and the value of a free press —- MSM or otherwise. Too bad you didn’t highlight your victory. Instead you doubled-down on fake news, distributing it and defending it like a Russian whore at a free love festival. It MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED until your source ran the story, albeit with all the fractured facts included, aired. Then the real press, the MSM, went at it to not only discover where your “journalists” tried for a factual bridge-too-far, but also a weakness in the program definition that MIGHT HAVE led to your reality actually becoming real. Meanwhile, the Senators who went off the reservation should be fired for incompetence though. They should be better than to inflame the public based on fake news.

    What do we know today: these kits have been known to have pipes in the past as offered by other organizations, clean pipes considered heathier than unclean by some. The “law” for the upcoming program is grey in that area on acceptability or not. Thus, it could have happened. It didn’t. And now it won’t. But still needs to be specified in program parameters if we decide to just say no, which thanks to your article, we have now. But there were no kits issued, no pipes will be included in any Federal kits, and I am sure if you investigate your pictures, you will find the journalist took similar shortcuts with sourcing them as they did with the facts in the story. They should review their editing process, they made a mistake. Close only counts as a victory in horseshows and Trump elections. That’s the bottom line.

    From “The executive editor of the Free Beacon later acknowledged that the HHS spokesperson never said that pipes would be included in the kits, but the paper made that assumption based on “what smoking kits are.””

    And your favorite CNN:

    Even Fox says: “FOX News published in an article Tuesday that the HHS grants would supply ‘underserved communities’ with syringes and crack pipes. However, nowhere in the grant document does it specify the distribution of those devices, or does it indicate that supplies are directed toward minority communities.

    He said the grant money will not be funding crack pipes, but it could have.”’

    Joe, the bottom line is trust me, if you think I am wrong on the facts, double check and save yourself from looking pretty stupid. It’s everywhere on the web. Always happens 24-48 hours after the Trumpublican free press firebase lodges a new salvo of mischaracterizations, misstatements, and insufficient sourcing. This one was low hanging fruit for conservative conspiracy hysterics as well as uncovering the truth. Hey, I just found a picture of Joe kissing donkey dick —- it’s a picture, it must be true :>)

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, you ramble on and say you have “proof” but you are getting that information from people who have already lied about this. The articles I referenced are clear enough.

      You keep referring to “fact checkers” and you seem to believe they are doing something for public benefit. You are wrong.

      • Frank stetson

        I referred to FOX, fact checker, cnn, and the freaking editor for your source….

        The government has not released any kits. How could you have pictures.

        You are an idiot on this.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          And I don’t believe you. The government was not “releasing” kits, they were paying for them.

          • Frank stetson

            Your own story says the grant recipients will be decided on May 15. The grant recipients would be the ones providing the kits.

            It would seem impossible to have pictures from a half dozen cities for kits that recipients have not received the grants for yet.

            There’s a picture of a crack pipe in your story, was that for one of the kits? Of course not.

            There were no kits distributed based on these funds until at least May 15. It’s your story, did you not read it?

            Did you not read any of the stories I sent you?

            Is your need to believe stronger than your need for the truth? Where else have you made these incorrect leaps of faith into fantasy?

            Will you continue to see Free Beacon as a bastion of truth?

            You are an idiot Joe. The truth is pointed out to you three times here and yet you still say, they are not telling the truth, my lie is the truth. I have a picture.

            Your own story disagrees with you. Fact checkers have told you the truth. CNN told you the truth, with facts that are pretty undeniable independent of who’s telling you. Hey, you’ll always have The Big Lie and now 50,000 mules. All we have is Trumplicant abortion bans in 26 states including a dozen banning abortion for rape babies and incest babies. Let’s see who gets amped up for the midterms based on truth, justice, and The American way. Thanks, the young folk were thinking about not voting. .

          • Joe Gilbertson

            They were kits from the organizations about to be funded. Try to keep up.

          • frank stetson

            Insanity is doubling down on your own stupidity while adding snarky for fun.

            I said “I referred to FOX, fact checker, cnn, and the freaking editor for your source…. The government has not released any kits. How could you have pictures. You are an idiot on this.”

            you retorted: “They were kits from the organizations about to be funded. Try to keep up.”

            OK, remember, this all started when you assumed: “a federal grant for $30 million was to be used to distribute crack pipes as part of its plan,” a false claim by the Free Beacon under the incendiary headline: “Biden Admin To Fund Crack Pipe Distribution To Advance ‘Racial Equity.” At some point you will blame Free Beacon to get you off the “stupid liar” track and blame someone else for your lack of reading and research skills, but you have had plenty of time and recommendations to figure it out. Maybe you will after the EDITOR of the Free Beacon said: “The executive editor of the Free Beacon later acknowledged that the HHS spokesperson never said that pipes would be included in the kits, but the paper made that assumption based on “what smoking kits are.” And the sheeples swallowed that swill whole.

            Let’s be clear:
            1. Pipes have been included in safe smoking kits.
            2. The Biden Administration program is not crystal clear in that regard, you and your story just missed that, but nice you uncovered it. Therefore, it clear pipes were not specified to be in the packages. Nor we pipes NOT specified to be in the packages. The program is not clear in regard to pipes.
            3. The Biden Administration had not awarded the contracts, therefore NO KITS were sent out as part of the program, YET. They will never include pipes.
            4. The kits you show may or may not be program samples. For sure some are not, those companies are not bidding. We don’t know which ones, if any, are, but IF they are, the final product will not include pipes.

            Two days ago, the NY Post said: “The Washington Free Beacon found that five sites in Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Richmond, Va. included the hard drug pipes in so-called “safe smoking kits” – though it remains unclear if any have applied for or will receive funds from the administration’s $30 million Harm Reduction Program Grant that will be doled out later this month.”

            That’s your picture, Ace, as described by YOUR source: it remains unclear if any kits in the picture are applying for or winning the funds award. While your conclusion remains unclear, it is clear you are an idiot when you say: “they were kits from the organizations about to be funded,” which your source says is not true; it is not clear to your source.

            I mean this is the fourth time we have done this, I think…..proving that you just can’t fix stupid.

            I hope you will give it a try. Otherwise, you don’t believe FOX, factcheckers, CNN, the government, OR your own source…… FOX and your own source. Really??

  7. Frank stetson

    Hell. Fox told you the truth. You are way off the beam here. Again.


    I wonder how many crack pipes went to the GOP drug fueled orgies Cawthorn was talking about?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Probably none, those guys order their crack pipes from Mayor Marion Barry’s company.