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Biden Admin “Encouraging” Gender Surgery for Kids? Child Abuse

Biden Admin “Encouraging” Gender Surgery for Kids? Child Abuse

Biden Admin “Encouraging” Gender Surgery for Kids? Child Abuse

The Biden Administration appears to be all in on sex change surgery and hormone treatments for children.  HHS released a document titled “Gender Affirming Care and Young People” yesterday. At the same time, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network  released a parallel document titled “Gender-Affirming Care Is Trauma-Informed Care.”

PBP has written about this topic many times.

It is child abuse.

The HHS document talks about “gender affirming surgeries”  including “Top” surgery – to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts, “Bottom” surgery – surgery on genitals or reproductive organs, and Facial feminization.  According to the document, none of these are reversible.

Think about it. The fact that it has the category “reversible or not” makes one realize that these people are not sure about the parents’ choices for the child and that there is no science behind this.

Again, it is child abuse.

The second document has the following excerpt:

“Providing gender-affirming care is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice. … There is no scientifically sound research showing negative impacts from providing gender-affirming care. The decision for the child welfare system to become involved in the lives of families, potentially to the extent of removing children from their families and homes, should be wielded with the utmost care, grounded in evidence, and always prioritizing the well-being of children and preservation of families.”

Never mind that this is a lie, there is a lot of evidence to show the harm of “gender-affirming care.” Governor Abbott of Texas has called gender-affirming treatments child abuse and, indeed has ordered Texas Child Protective Services to investigate any reported cases. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also issued a legal opinion, agreeing with the governor. 

Further, maybe I am reading this funny, but it seems to open the door for teachers and other outsiders to meddle in the lives of families. Like for example, if a teacher thinks your daughter is athletic and therefore may be gay, then you’d better do something about it or the state will get involved (even though she is only eight years old and has not reached puberty yet, and therefore is not aware of sex at all).

In my opinion, this is brutally harmful propaganda that is picked up by really “woke” parents who are breathtakingly stupid, willing to allow their child to be harmed just to virtue signal to the world their acceptance of homosexuality.

For a third time, this is child abuse.

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  1. Mark

    Biden is a sick bastard and so is his supporters

    • Joan Perkins

      Has everyone forgotten when one of those countries loved by Obama marched gays up to a roof & PUSHED THEM TO THEIR DEATHS??
      This administration is now catering to those very countries & probably he’ll allow them to take over. What a way to get rid of the unwanted.

      • Frank stetson

        Gays killed ISIS, is countries loved by Obama?

        Happened in syria, iraq under obama and trump. In Chechnya during trump by Putin’s commies.


  2. Ben

    In your mind, you is right.

    • Mark

      That’s what I be sayin

    • Theodore Sueck

      Only because, unlike you, he is right.

  3. bob

    It is child abuse by the parents !!!! Little Johnny shouldn’t be told if he wants to be Mary , that they can change him !! These radical liberals and socialist of the democratic party have gone completely off their rocker . Next thing these asswipe degenerate liberals will be forcing is to give little Johnny a doll to play with and give Mary a G.I.Joe set !!!

    • Theodore Sueck

      Unfortunately, they are already doing that.

      • lin

        and has been for years….especially in public schools where you need to express yourself in a woke way, because it’s cool! instead of being taught they are indoctrinated into the woke way of life!

  4. lin

    Every single one of the leftist issues are WRONG for America and Americans! How can you be so ridiculously insane to support these dopes!?

  5. Micala


    Yesterday Governor Ducey of Arizona passed legislation that forbids any surgical removal or transformation of a child 18 years and younger’s sexual organs to change their gender.

    He also passed legislation that prohibits any transgender male-to-female from participating in biological girls Sports! This is a landslide victory for all biological female Sports!! Transgender males to females STILL have testosterone flowing throughout their bodies as well as having a different more strong MALE muscle mass. They should not ever be allowed to compete in biology female sports!

    FYI: (1) All people who try to change their sexual gender STILL REGISTER THEIR BIOLOGICAL SEX DNA IN EVERY CELL OF THEIR BODY — you cannot change your DNA!

    (2) The suicidal rate for transgenders is the highest in the Nation!! Why? Because five years later most trannies realize that changing their sex did not fix their psychological issues; but now they are neither sex and more than likely sterile and unable to reproduce. They have nowhere to go and life is no longer livable — they choose suicide to END THE PAIN!

    (3). Children cannot make huge decisions about sex transformation before the age of 18. The LGTBQ group NEEDS TO BACK OFF FROM YOUNG CHILDREN NOW! That group along with very ignorant parents and peers are responsible for destroying so many young people’s lives! DO NOT FORCE ANY CHILD 18 YEARS OR YOUNGER INTO A TRANSGENDER LIFE! PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN PARENTS!! Do NOT listen to any LGTBQ PERSON ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!! They only want a plaything for their abnormal society!

    A huge THANK YOU to Gov Ducey For protecting our children!

    • lin

      COMMENTfinally, someone with common sense

    • Joe Gilbertson


  6. charles hollis

    Male and female He made them! Changing someone’s physical appearance doesn’t change their genetic and cellular makeup. You may change a male to look like a female, but that doesn’t change the person’s cellular composition. Just because some liberal Hollywood idiot thinks it’s OK and stylish doesn’t make it right morally, ethically, or biologically. That kind of thinking caused the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah, and with that modern thinking will have us following the same pathway to perdition. Biden, who was raised Catholic, is no longer a believer. He is a disgrace as a professed Catholic, a disgrace as President and a disgrace as a human being. Biden and others in his administration of similar mindset will be the cause of the downfall of America. Wake up America or fall into the dustbin of history like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  7. John J

    Biden is an Alzheimer’s ridden pervert who should have a brain transplant