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Biden Admin Cancels Seven Oil Leases in Alaska

Biden Admin Cancels Seven Oil Leases in Alaska

While the Americans living paycheck to paycheck struggle to cope with the high prices at the gas stations, the Biden administration continues to impede American oil drilling. Cancelling seven oil and gas leases that were issued by the Trump administration for drilling oil in Alaska is the recent such effort by this government.

On September 6, Biden’s Department of the Interior (DOI) canceled the seven oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of Alaska that were issued by the outgoing Trump administration in early January 2021 to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA). The Oregonian wrote that the decision likely comes as a counter-measure to the Biden administration’s approval of the Willow oil project in Alaska earlier this year, which disappointed environmental groups opposed to oil exploration in the region.

Left-leaning environmental groups welcomed the cancellation of the leases as a victory for the Arctic Refuge. The non-profit Earthjustice, which centers on environmental law, wrote: “This decisive action undoes an egregious attack on this cherished place and will help to vindicate the rights of Indigenous people and protect vital habitat.”

On the other hand, the cancellation of oil leases by the Biden administration left many unhappy. AIDEA, which lost the leases, called the decision a display of “arbitrary disregard for federal law, based on campaign trail rhetoric” in its statement to Fox News. AIDEA Executive Director Randy Ruaro stated that they would go to the court against the illegal cancellation of their leases.

Conservatives wondered whether the Biden admin realizes what this measure means for the already high gas prices and whether the government cares. Dan Sullivan, Republican Senator from Alaska, was cited by The Week (September 7) calling Biden’s measure of oil lease cancellation a war against his state:

“This war on Alaska is devastating for not only Alaska but also the energy security of the nation.”

Fox Business asked whether people should be bracing for buying gas as high as $10 since this blocking of domestic oil extraction comes at a time when major oil exporters in the world are cutting production.

Even among Democrats, Biden’s move against oil drilling in Alaska sparked concern. On Thursday (September 14), a group of House Democrats, mainly from Texas, sent a letter to the White House and the DOI to demand immediate action toward “uninterrupted offshore oil and gas lease sales.”

At the time of this writing, the national average gas price is at $3.86 (regular) according to AAA Gas Prices. The average gas price in the state of California is $5.52, the highest in the country, while that in Mississippi is the lowest at $3.30.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Our asshole In chief All the more a plan to drive people to government support. And people will vote for this shit

  2. David

    Who’s Biden with Democrats Socialism party’s ? This man fully Pro-Communist packing tons of criminality history fraudulently on Presidential campaign 2020 hijacker’s suited for illegitimacy under Obama’s administration until now ! hating America treating him and his family death lying unfairly as Wilco pretended be a dementia phony Presidency durn to betray revenge to United States for Communist China jerked out our economy from oils drilling independently continuously mess maddening to Americans life’s we need to get him out convicted him as laws of duties lock him up fast !

  3. frank stetson

    Dempsey once again has failed to research his topic instead getting his info from FOX and X, now blended as FOXX.

  4. Mike f

    Do any of you realize how many years it takes to bring an oil lease to production? Obviously not. This would not have provided any oil to the world supply for many years. But Urnst decided to appeal to the idiots that read windbag post and write this article. The US is already producing more oil than ever, decisions have been made in prior administrations that this was not an area where we should drill, but of course, trump doesn’t give a shit about anything that might happen after the world is finally rid of him and allowed big oil to bid on this tract. Fortunately Biden is able to undo this transgression with zero harm done to current oil production…

  5. Wes

    Biden administration doesn’t care too much about anything. Illegal immigration is at an all time high. Fentanyl and other drugs are up. Read the report by the border agents. Everything is Trump, Trump, Trump. Get off the bandwagon. Fifteen thousand pounds of fentanyl in 2022. Child and sex trafficking. It happened before. It’s worse. Anyone that says differently is blind. Do not destroy the economy on a theory. Cutting fossil fuels. Normal people need to get to work, etc. Electric vehicles are inefficient and expensive. And, China and others are increasing fossil fuels. Biden sends our reserve fuel to China and Europe. The evidence shows him and his son colluded with China and Ukraine, in emails and phone calls. Bank account records. White House and others, say no. Facts say yes. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and others would rather talk about Trump day in day out. Fact. Ignore anything negative said about Biden. Reason. They are Democrat, not Democracy lovers. Must be paid in some way. Soros and Big Tech donations. There are other issues. Will discuss sometime. Watch “The First,” or “NEWSMX.”

    • Wes

      Other threats are the stupid globalists. Climate crazies. Getting rid of fossil fuels is stupid. Electric grid is already weak. Strengthen it. EV’s are overpriced, inefficient, and use child slave labor to make ev batteries, and our electric grid needs fixing before adding more stress. Universities and colleges are overpriced, weak on education, should teach common sense, respect, integrity, personal courage, duty, loyalty, honor, leadership skills. Phase out bureaucrats and politicians and others that are anti-American and pro-socialist, Marxist, Communist, and pro crime, against Police, and use race as a weapon. Stop spending our money on other countries. Put Americans needs first.

  6. Guest

    “The First” and NEWSMAX are the best.

  7. frank stetson

    Mike F. Dempsey is a poor journalist who, like Wes, is spoon fed anti-scientific ideas from newsmax and “the first.” If he had investigated outside his little box he would have found more story that his, and Wes’s stupid drill-baby-drill mantra allows.

    Biden is not ending oil, under his administration he is growing oil to Trumpian levels. According to the EIA which Dempsey and Wes still cannot spell, US oil production will set a record this year. With all due respect, fy Wes. He opened the Willow Project which is expected to come on line in 2027 producing 600 million barrels of North Alaskan oil. He approved it. The seven leases expired had not been acted upon and there was no actions underway.

    Wes is so far off base as to be as laughable as his use of the English language. Forth graders do better. What a rant. But drilling on Federal Lands under Biden is at 3million barrels a day; Trump only did 2.75 million.

    Fact is Biden is being a dick politician on this one contradicting his campaign pledges as gas prices went though the roof and stupid people like Dempsey and Wes got to him with their lies, that they believe. First he opened up Willow Creek to shut Wes up, then he shut down 7 non-operating leases to shut his own voters up.

    And if we go back in time, you will find that Trump’s energy independence was based on COVID bringing demand to a new low. Only an idiot would believe Trump’s lies over the facts that the EIA have put on the table, in writing, with supporting evidence, something that Wes never has.

    Also, even while “energy independent,” we still imported oil, we still exported oil. It’s the net that counts. Under Biden, oil exports exceeded Trump’s in Biden’s first year. Oil exports have been also growing since 2005, a trend Trump claimed was all him, they flatlined in 2019 not increase until Biden in 2021. Under Biden, we export at record levels.

    Bottom line: US energy dependence has been falling since 2005, Trump just jumped on that bandwagon and claimed credit. He did increase production, but the US-oil-independence was due to COVID and the demand drop, COVID, which is also on Trump’s watch for Biden to clean up. Of course, as the COVID pandemic wound down, demand went up as did imports. Biden is playing politics against his campaign commitment first opening up ANWR and then stopping other leases. That’s called politics, which is OK in my book, but he should be transparent about what he is doing. We are producing more oil than ever; there’s 600 million barrels coming on line from the ANWR soon, there is no GUARANTEE these leases would ever be used even. But the bottom line is we are drill-baby-drilling and frankly, at this point, the faster we run out, the faster we clean up the air. EV’s are the future, get over it. The only debate is the timing.