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Biden Admin Bans Russia Oil Imports

Biden Admin Bans Russia Oil Imports

Joe Biden has decided to ban gas and oil imports from Russia. He wants to “hold Putin accountable.” But it wasn’t exactly his choice, if he doesn’t, his own party will do it for him.

The price per barrel of oil has risen from about $60 per barrel last April to $130 per barrel, and prices at the pump have skyrocketed. You may notice that the price at the pump is currently about double what it was in the middle of the Trump Presidency when the price per barrel was generally $40-$50 per barrel. And it will get worse.

On one hand, it makes sense from a consistency standpoint to cut off gas and oil, indeed all trade with a power that has shown such naked aggression. On the other hand, this President has been largely incompetent during this whole process so the American people are feeling it. It didn’t need to be this way.

Never mind that a strong President would have prevented the war in the Ukraine to begin with. It was Biden’s weakness and timidity that gave Putin the confidence to invade without fear of intervention or interference with his plans.

But Biden’s policies have massively weakened the U.S. in energy production. New drilling licenses have been revoked, the Keystone pipeline canceled, and numerous other measures have sharply curtailed domestic oil production. If Biden had carried on the policies of Trump, if he were approving new drilling, if he had allowed the Keystone pipeline and maintained the other policies from the Trump era, America would be energy independent.

Will Biden reverse his policies? No. He is releasing oil from the national reserve, but this is such a tiny amount compared to the total amount of oil we consume. Actually amounts to about one day of our national consumption.

Nothing in Biden’s speech indicated that he will encourage new oil production. In fact, he took the opportunity to encourage “clean energy.” Over and over again.

Anyone with half a brain sees that the negotiation table is where Putin wants to be. Putin has revealed his strategy.

I believe Biden has already decided that he will give Putin everything he wants, and the sanctions will go away. Biden is anxious for this to go away, and within a couple of months, it will all be a memory. A couple of months is not too long to get back to normal so that Biden can keep his “green” hat on for the duration.

Putin will be appeased.

Biden will be relieved.

Until China attacks Taiwan.

Biden to announce ban on US imports of Russian oil: source

U.S. Is Planning to Ban Russian Oil Imports

Biden to announce Russian energy import ban

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  1. B4CE

    It was the 14 Republican Senators that traveled to Russia on July 4th that gave Putin the impression that he could invade without repercussions. When trump lost and couldn’t fulfill his promise to withdrawal America from NATO, Putin had to take matters into his own hands. The 14 gave him the cover to do so.

    As far as oil prices, 1) oil prices during trumps administration were sooooo low it cost more to store it than sell it. And that’s because no one could go anywhere because of his pandemic. 2) there are 9,000 unused oil permits that are not being used in America. All while oil companies enjoy record high profits they are using to buy back stocks to inflate their profit, all while we pay more at the pump.

    • keren

      So what you are saying is that the lower prices are the problem? NO, the covid lockdown where no one could go anywhere is the problem, No one drove anywhere, flew anywhere, and the truckers that were essential got to drive everywhere so we could stay afloat did it without being killed with high oil prices.
      As for the oil permits you are speaking about. The head of the oil consortium in the US responded. It is laughable that the US has ONLY a little over 400 permits, NOT 9000, and they are on land that has NOT CONFIRMED HAVING OIL. So basically you are saying that oil companies are not drilling because they don’t want to but they can??? Not true at all. It is expensive and it takes years to start a new oil well. The real reason is….. Biden is cowering to the progressive opinion that the Green Deal takes priority. So where are the alternative energy sources?
      They don’t exist in the US, and the rest of the world never stopped using oil and gas. Even Germany that has promoted the green deal is a joke because they are closing Nuclear plants as is France. They are NOT SAFE! Electric cars are laughable, because the only people buying them are RICH and those are the same people that fly first class, Flying isn’t green… My fathers step daughter has a tesla and the battery died after 3 years, to replace it is $15,000, and they don’t even give you a loaner!!!
      The only source of pushing this green BS are China and Biden, who are in bed together. China owns almost all the rights to the mines for lithium and cobalt, necessary to make the batteries for cars and solar panels that are made FROM CARBON!!! They want to create a monopoly of green energy, that is expensive to make and competition for gas and oil so they wouldn’t be beholden to OPEC and corrupt governments like Venezuela and Russia.
      But it’s not working and no one is changing their habits. Gas and oil are cheap, and the US should immediately open up the viable XL pipeline that does less harm to the environment than lithium and cobalt mines that use children!! Why Biden would shut down the pipeline without an alternative plan is moronic. Who quits a job without another one waiting in the wings???

      CO2 has been demonized by the World economic forum, just as they controlled the Covid Narrative. Klaus Schwab, is the enemy, trying to create chaos in order to control for his vision of the NWO. Biden was bought off by China and Russia. Why else would his son broker a deal for China to buy the mines in Africa? The WEF and NWO continue to rape the continent of Africa, using the people as guinea pigs for their research and for their resources. God forbid Africa would band together and rise up against WEF and NWO!

      Up till now, Biden was playing both sides of this Ukranian and Russian war. Buying Russian oil to fund the war, while supporting with verbiage the Ukrainians,
      Under Obama the US sent blankets to the Ukrainians. Under Trump he sent weaponry. Then Biden cancelled that.
      He is fueling this entire war, and history will not look kindly onto what Biden has done.
      In case you are thinking that the Ukrainians are without fault, look at their history well documented in the documentary by Oliver Stone in 2016 called Ukraine under Fire where you can watch it on U-tube. I have family from there and Russia. Both countries were horrific to the Jews and minorities. The Ukrainians murdered 100’s of thousands of Jews for centuries. They sided with the Nazi’s in WWII.
      As as a final note. The US under Obama and FAUCI funded and built bioweapons labs, 11 of them mostly close to the Russian border. Russia blew up 8 already, but not without collecting the data to prove it. In conclusion, both sides of this conflict are corrupt, heinous human rights violators and all along the US has been fueling and funding and supporting them, all in the name of MONEY and POWER!

      • B4CE

        American oil and gas production is at a all time high in terms of output.

        And you want to blame the Green New Deal? The GND isn’t a law, it’s nothing but a pipe dream.

        Try again.

  2. Tommie


    • Henry

      Biden tried to call Saudi Arabia and other countries and they wouldn’t talk to him. Lol. Why would they talk to an idiot? Any thoughts ben and Frank?

      • Ben

        Yeah, you’re a dumb ass.

        • Henry

          . But you’re a whiny little bitch

          • Ben

            Look, you may up something about a call by and made decide of your ra with a response no one else heard but Biden. You don’t source it you just say it. Yeah, you’re a dumb shit.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            What he said was true, it was reported in MSM.

  3. Henry

    Hey Ben. The news reported it. Dickhead!!!

  4. Ben

    Wait, so now all of a sudden you believe the main stream media? Being a bit selective aren’t we. Dickless!!!

    Yes, because Biden has taken a harder stance than Captain Bonespur Trump did with the Saudi regimes, the Saudis turned down his call to join the coalition in the war against Russia. Instead, they want help with their war in Yemen. And they would also like the US to drop all the court cases regarding the Khashoggi murder. I guess, since you really want the US to talk to the Saudies, you would like that too. Or maybe you just hate Biden for any reason you can come up with. Conservatives used to stand for human rights, now you just bend a knee toTrump.

    If you think that’s a bad thing, well that’s the American you are. Going to need to money to revere your king, create idols of false prophets. Turnip: 2024. Buy your flag today. The big lie is true, donate today. Keep the dream alive, donate today.

    Forbes just elected Hillary for the woman’s lifetime achievement award. What do you think about that, Dickless Wombat Breadth

    • Joe Gilbertson

      What are you rambling about? The Khashoggi murder? With all of the people being wacked by all of the governments in the world you are worried about one journalist who pissed off The Saudi royal family? Are you expected the world to change because of this? Do you know how many journalists have been killed in Mexico by the narco government there?

      • Ben

        I am happy when any human tragedy gets attention and perhaps justice. And if you think justice for Kasogi is just about one murder, you apparently don’t know much about the Saudies, very strange for a ex-cia, not CIA, member. Because I am pretty sure this is not the only murder saudis have ever done from a governmental level. Because I am sympathetic to one Saudi murder, you think that means I’m not sympathetic to all the other crimes you mentioned? Of course not. That’s just stupid thinking, or are of one who wants to divert the conversation with something else.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Dude, I know way more about the Saudis than you do, I’ve actually been in the country. It is a Muslim country, and yes, they kill people. For political reasons, for religious reasons, for personal reasons. If you are a foreigner in their country and have a car accident with a Saudi, it is your fault because you came to their country. They will throw you in jail for eating pork, there are cases where they have abandoned whole buildings because someone ate pork there. They are different from us. There will be no justice here, and we will never know the whole story. You only know about it because journalists here are privileged assholes who believe they have the right to go into a third world country and accuse people of crap. True or not doesn’t matter, if they are stupid then they will suffer the consequences. That is all that happened with this guy. Get over it.

          • Ben

            So, beyond you knowing more about Saudi Arabia than I do, was there a point here? Did I ever said you were ignorant in Saudi Arabia or any other country? I mean you do believe in the big lie, that’s totally accurate, but on these issues I don’t think I’ve ever said that. You certainly didn’t provide any new information.

            I still say humans rights violations are important whether it be a single person, a group of people, or just some dumb fucks that Joe likes. And the fact that you took a hard line here the last guy doesn’t bother me at all. Matter fact, I am glad they didn’t accept the call. I guess one problem with greater independence from foreign oil, is that for an oil producers can basically give us the old f-u. However, they will ultimately come to the table if for the only reason that their entire military equipment is ours, and I’m sure keeping it up to date and maintained requires US intervention as well.

            Now if you think that’s wrong, ramble on. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, Just telling me you know more about one country than I do, I don’t really see the point of what you just garbled out.

            At this point, I’m not really sure what you’re even disagreeing with. But I have no problem saying you’re a better expert of me on Saudi Arabia.


        Exactly !

        • Dustin Smith

          Lmao!!! Pretty sure it was the guy before who gave Poo tang the green light to do whatever he wants in Europe.

    • SAMMY Knows Americans

      Why would you now suddenly NOT believe your mainstream media???
      Look, you better get ready to go into hiding pretty soon because even the democrat media is starting, albeit ever so reluctantly, to turn on dementia joe.
      Between you and me…. I’m anxious and excited about KA-mala taking over. I want the world to see what a progressive woke America looks like first hand!!!!!!

      • Ben

        Where the fuck did you come up with that conclusion that I don’t believe in the MSM anymore? That’s just weird.

    • Henry

      What do I think about Forbes? Absolutely nothing. I know that they are a liberal rag magazine. It’s really funny. That bitch is as stupid as Biden. What was the article about? How well her and obozo handled the Benghazi crisis? Or the 30000 destroyed emails that were under investigation? And before you start your “can’t prove “ shit she wouldn’t have done that if she had nothing to hide. And she fell on her commie ass with the Russia collusion lies. Since you back a crooked bitch like her I doubt your honesty and integrity. You, just like the rest of the democrats and the scum of the earth

      • Ben

        I am an American just like you. Only as scummy as you are.

        Hillary sat under oath for hours explaining Benghazi and other things under interrogation by your side. There were over a dozen Benghazi investigations, mostly by your side, and all exonerated Hillary.

        Trump has been impeached twice, he has been convicted of fraud, and he has many legal cases yet to come. Many of his people have been indicted, convicted, or are in jail. Not many of Hillary’s are.

        Do I think Hillary did something wrong and protecting the embassy; perhaps. Illegal, of course not. The real question that you are too stupid to ask is how did Obama pull the wool over your eyes regarding the famous video. Amazingly he was able to defer and deflect everything until after the election that he should not won. You guys talk about cheating, well this one may have been honest but it sure was a cheat and a good one. You never saw it coming and you’ve never seen it since. Idiots. Did Hillary support that, absolutely. Did you ever catch her on it, nope. Not even the loved ones of the dead meeting her at the airport in Virginia who swore she lied to their faces would ever be able to prove it, and chances are she didn’t. However, she can out weasel word Obama, her husband, and probably anyone else on the planet and so it may have looked like she was lying, I am betting she was not. Nonetheless, she didn’t do it, you can’t prove it, you can’t catch her, and unlike sissy boy Captain Bonespur Trump, she stood on the firing line and took the interrogation questions under oath . Your ballsless wonder will never do that. He can’t. He’s not strong enough. Not like Hillary.

        And no, like Larry is with Trump, Hillary was not my first choice, I always find her a bit of a lightning rod and that is not conducive to getting things done across both sides of the aisle. Whether fair or not, true or not, doesn’t matter. She still is a lightning rod whatever the reason.

        Donald J Trump ran to Florida taking many classified documents with him to shred. He will never testify. He is too scaredy-cat.

        • Clifford mckinney

          No, the fact is that the fucking bitch lied under oath. As for Trump, he is a victim of witch hunts because he wouldn’t kiss ass and put Americans first. But you communist pig fuckers just don’t get it. So go suck your mama’s titty and stfu. You people are a stink in the nostrils of patriots

        • Dustin Smith


        • Harold blankenship

          Protecting the embassy? LMAO!!!!!! She stayed home trying out her strap on for the next visit to Epstein’s island while the fucking Muslim bastards slaughtered Americans. So stick to what you know. Which isn’t much. I know that you think that she will be president someday. Probably not but I no longer have faith in the intelligence of the American people. So yes, it could happen. But that rotten bitch will never govern me and many others. I’m not afraid of the Clinton suicide squad

          • Ben

            Four Americans died in Benghazi, a tragedy, no doubt.

            Except in your mind and a bunch of right wing rags, Hillary was not guilty of any crimes.

            I have no feelings about whether I would vote for Hillary or not, it’s a moot point. She will not run again.

            Your via language include behavior shows what a horses ass you are. But at least learn to read so you don’t have to keep accusing me of things I’ve never said, thinking things I never think, or whatever else crapola you like like to put on the table.

            But I do like to say “let’s go Hillary,” because it pisses you off to no end. Like I said, she’s a lightning rod and sometimes lightning rods serve a good purpose.

  5. Jimi

    Woke is another name for racism
    ES pos

    • Buckwheat

      Black power

    • Ben

      OK, let’s say you’re right and she lied. Then once again, you dockless wonders are not able to prove it. Worse yet, your Superman Mr. Donald J Trump, has smaller balls than Hillary. He won’t even stand to be questioned. You courageously defend a man who just can’t take the heat. He’s just not a strong is Hillary.

      So you can cry, you can whine, you can bay at the moon and call me any names you want, but your guy is a pussy, Hillary toed the line, took the heat, answered the questions, and you could not prove dick.

      Over 12 times you tried, I will give you points for persistence. Or is ii insanity ? Hard to tell. In your case, not so hard.

      • ClifforDmckinney

        Ben you’re glad that Hillary skated on the allegations. You don’t give a fuck that she could indeed be guilty. If I had been accused of half the shit she was accused of and was probably guilty, I would be in a federal penitentiary forever. But I believe with my entire being that the bitch is guilty as hell. The problem is that the investigation was hammered by people afraid of committing suicide. That bitch must be depressing to be around her

    • Clifford mckinney

      Let’s go Hillary doesn’t bother me. Really.

  6. B4CE


    This blog is mostly concerned with partisan bickering, and gas prices.
    Why are Republicans so against temporarily eliminating federal tax on gasoline?

  7. .frank stetson

    All I can say is I drive a hybrid it gets me about 50 miles to the gallon. It gets me there, but it is not very fast and is not very nimble. It’s kind of like playing a video game. I sort of smile when we have these inflations for gas, looked at my wife and say, wanna take a ride? I guess prices are low, I’m not so happy to drive… Oh well, probably have to wait a year or two for electric.

    I also have a fixed oil price for my house so not gonna bother me there either and summer is coming.

    Inflation is bad, it’s hard to live with, however, being Ukrainian is even harder to live with right now. If I have to pay a little extra for gas to do anything we can do to help them in this effort, I’ll go five bucks no problem.

    • Douglas

      So you heat with oil? What brand of furnace? I like thermopride. Unless you live in the north where winters are balls cold you could have a hybrid system with a heat pump for milder weather and the furnace kick on when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. It would lower your oil price by almost half. I know. I’ve spent several years in the HVAC industry