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Biden Admin Backs Off Plan to Ban Gas Stoves

Biden Admin Backs Off Plan to Ban Gas Stoves

The Biden administration’s mission to make people’s lives difficult saw a new turn the past week as it reportedly mulled a ban on gas stoves. However, owing to instant backlash, they sound like they are backing off their controversial plan.

Early in the week, news broke that the Biden administration was considering a nationwide ban on gas stoves in wake of some recent studies that warned of respiratory and health problems caused by emissions from gas stoves. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. was cited in the New York Post as:

“This is a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

The comment came on top of a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission by two Democrat lawmakers – Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) – in December, wherein they requested the agency to take action against the appliances. Trumka also announced that his agency would be taking open public comments on gas stove hazards later this year.

Reeking of government tyranny, Trumka’s comments sparked a fierce and instant backlash coming from conservatives, both lawmakers and voters. Republican congressman Gary James Palmer slammed Trumka as an unelected bureaucrat who shouldn’t have the power to make such decisions.

One consumer asked on Twitter whether Republicans will ever stop these “communists” who now want to ban gas stoves.

Tucker Carlson, star anchor of Fox News, ridiculed the Biden administration’s suggestion to ban gas stoves by using consumer safety as an excuse.

Conservative commentator Dave Rubin showed a clip of a CNN broadcast where one of the anchors appeared to be getting instructions via her earphone, stopping her from mentioning the left’s climate change agenda as the real motive behind the gas stove ban.

Gas stove manufacturers also slammed the Biden administration for thinking of taking away their livelihood and a cheaper means of cooking and heating for millions of Americans.

Following the strong backlash in conservative media and on social media across the country, the Bidden administration quickly backtracked on its plan as Trumka offered an explanation. He was cited in the media saying: 

“To be clear, CPSC isn’t coming for anyone’s gas stoves. Regulations apply to new products.”

However, his statement leaves the option of banning any new gas stoves while allowing existing ones. 

Prior to suggesting a nationwide ban on gas stoves, the Biden administration announced its efforts to phase out the use of natural gas in federal buildings.

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  1. Monty

    I hate the word ban. Wouldn’t comply

  2. LJ

    Just when I think the Biden Admin can’t do anything more stupid they decided to ban gas stoves. Good grief. Million of children were raised in homes with gas and they are doing just fine. Now…..if they do ban gas stoves…just what do you think the strain will be on the power grid if everything is electric, like cars etc. Why is that the Biden Admin works so hard to destroy America and our rights.

  3. Bubbelove

    This does clear up the question of why AOC is a dimwit. She was exposed to gas cooking all her life!

    • Rick

      She is a dimwit because of liberalism. You cannot be a liberal unless you are a dimwit. See, it’s easy.

  4. Darren

    The Gas is NATURAL Gas!
    We do not produce it, it is derived from under the ground and will find a way into the
    atmosphere eventually. It is far a better thing to use and burn it than allowing
    it into the atmosphere unburned.
    This is a perfect example of Stupid people having Stupid kids, then coming
    up with even more stupid ideas.
    And it seems they are all Democrats.

  1. Frank I can’t understand what’s wrong with MAGA. You idiots on the left are satanic bastards out to destroy patriots.…

  2. Don’t tell me nout proof. I’m too Young to need proof. I don’t need no stinkin proof. We all know…