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Bernie Sanders is Rising

Bernie Sanders is Rising

The Bernie Sanders campaign is showing impressive momentum as we head into the Iowa Democratic caucuses this week.

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Bernie has a slight lead over his primary rival, Joe Biden, in most Iowa polls. Nationwide, he has 23.5% support compared to Biden’s 27.2%. Elizabeth Warren is in third place with 15%, followed by Michael Bloomberg with 8% and Pete Buttigieg with 6.7%.

Relying mainly on small donations, Sanders was able to spend a whopping $50 million during the last quarter of 2019 (that’s at least $15 more than Biden and Warren) and finish the year with $18.2 million still in the bank. According to reports, Biden finished the year with $8.9 million.

Bernie’s ever-expanding bank account will give him an advantage as we move closer to Super Tuesday, the 14-state primary that requires candidates to spend millions of dollars on advertising.

“The Super Tuesday states are terribly expensive,” says Republican consultant Jeff Roe. “You need to be able to participate in major media markets to get your share of the votes – you can’t just rely on momentum alone…You need to have that war chest.”

This week, Bernie reserved $2.5 million in TV ads in California and Texas.

He also earned some free publicity by arguing with Hillary Clinton, who recently said this about him: “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done, he was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Later, Clinton said she would support any Democratic candidate in the hopes of defeating Trump.

Author’s Note: Bernie’s fairytale promises have deluded an astonishing number of voters. He is on a roll moving into the primaries and will probably earn a substantial number of delegates. Unfortunately, Bernie is a Socialist and therefore has no understanding of economics. The crowning achievement of his long Senate career is the naming of a post office.

Editor’s Note:  Bernie has more momentum in terms of fundraising and poll numbers than any of the other top candidates coming into the initial primaries.  Bloomberg is lower in the polls but is rising and has unlimited funds. Could it be that Biden, Warren, Buttigieg and the rest of the field are all toast? Could this end up a Bloomberg vs Bernie shoutout?  What a rush THAT would be!  Can we PLEASE throw in Hillary as a wildcard???

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  1. David Levine

    Democ-rat Party primary voters are interested in three things: 1) Destroying Israel, 2) Freebies for everything and 3) Overtaxing the wealthy (but wait until that policy can’t pay for everything).

    • Terry

      Bernie has brain washed a lot of the young people by promising them freebies and lies plus he’s a socialist communist he wants to give free college for everyone he’s not interested in balancing the budget!

  2. Boss

    This is what happens when our education system gets controlled by Liberals, they cut out history classes as not needed, now there are no lessons to be taught or learned about the failures of socialism. The Left and special interests groups along with the Democrats have all but destroyed this country, it’s going to take a lot of fixing. The Democrats may as well change their name to the Democratic Socialist Party, they’ve already taken control of the media, they are a scourge upon this nation. They need to be voted out of office everywhere they are found, otherwise our children and grandchildren will have to live through one of the darkest government political systems in history, run by the likes of, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and all the other hungry leaders grabbing power, under which millions have died.

    • Indiana Girl

      My parents, brother, and I escaped from East Germany, the Communist part of Germany. It was the worst time in my life!. The Trabant, a 2 cyl. car was produced, made out of plastic and card board, and waiting period was 15 years. Food was rationed, and apartments were built very cheaply with only the bare necessities. The Dictators in charge lived the good life.

      • Cameron

        The Republican Party really needs you as a spokesperson. Your story is vital to our survival.

  3. Mike

    Remember one thing with Bernie,,, if he get’s stressed, he get’s Crazy!!
    I remember several times on Meet the Press and Face the Nation, when the commentator kept cutting Bernie off in the middle of an answer with another question and he finally lost it and started Yelling and Telling people what they should do
    Add to the fact, that Bernie is still obsessed with Impeaching Trump, this could be his downfall.

  4. Derek Blurb

    Bernie knows that socialism is economically zero. The soviet Union went bankrupt after 70 some years. Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Byelorussia are broke too and refuse to admit it, causing millions to equally share misery, hunger, cold and hopelessness. Go Bernie and print dollars after you win. In the meantime, Bernie’s sudden wealth is changing him from a stalinist into an imperialist capitalist peeg.

  1. Frank I can’t understand what’s wrong with MAGA. You idiots on the left are satanic bastards out to destroy patriots.…

  2. Don’t tell me nout proof. I’m too Young to need proof. I don’t need no stinkin proof. We all know…