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Bernie Sanders Suffers Heart Attack, Undergoes Surgery

Bernie Sanders Suffers Heart Attack, Undergoes Surgery

Democrat Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders suffered chest pain and  has undergone heart surgery to install two stents.  Sanders has canceled his upcoming campaign events until further notice.

According to campaign advisor jeff Weavers, Sanders “experienced some chest discomfort”  and tests showed a “blockage in one artery.”  He is said to be conversing and in good spirits following the surgery.

Bernie Sanders is 78 years old, the oldest candidate in the race and the oldest to have ever made a first time run for President.

According to media reports, Sander’s campaign appears to have canceled a $1.3 million media buy in Iowa.

Author’s Analysis: While the media is carefully avoiding the word “heart attack” this is a serious blow to the Sanders campaign.  I don’t doubt that Sanders wants to keep charging ahead but the fact is that his health is now an area of concern, and even the hardcore Bernie supporters will take pause.

To me, the canceled media buy is an overt sign that the campaign may be rethinking Sander’s candidacy. I’m sure the campaign does not want to telegraph anything since Sanders may very well choose to continue, but it shows the doubts.

So far, the Punching Bag Post has predicted that Biden has been done by the Ukraine scandal, and Kamala Harris is sinking fast. We are now predicting Sanders will be out of the race shortly.

This is positive news for Elizabeth Warren since she will certainly inherit Sanders’ followers when he drops out.

Will Warren be the nominee? Or will Yang (currently the only steadily rising candidate) catch her? Or perhaps Steyer will jump in a be a contender?

Stay tuned folks, this ride could get a lot bumpier!

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  1. James Sears

    He is done. Just enjoy your millions Bernie and get a back brace too! Leader qualities of the free world, I don’t think so! Nursing home, yes! Hell he is as frail as can be.
    Trump 2020

    • John k Stauffer

      God speed, Bernie,__to Hell!

    • Phil in TX

      Yes, Bernie is done. In addition to the stents placed in the offending vessel(s), he will now be prescribed blood thinners to prevent clots from forming on said stents. This just increases the reasoning for him to bow out and fade (quickly) away.
      Phil in TX

  2. Kay Lynn Epps

    I am sorry Mr. Sanders is in poor health. I think this is Gods way of saying. You need to retire. America does not need his Communist policies and destroy our freedom and democracy. I will pray for your speedy recovery. God Bless You.

  3. Fire21

    Feauxcahontus would get the votes of those Bernie supporters who would now think that a woman ought to be President. And she’d gather a lot of his other supporters of whatever gender (LGBTQXYZ). She could make a determined run at it.

    • catherine

      I like your XYZ! GOOD ONE!

      • A/A (Actually Aware)

        But we are not allowed to have X or Y chromosomes. (sigh)

  4. Ron

    POOR OLD UGLY FACE LIBTURD and DERANGED and DEPLORABLE FOSSIL ! I’m glad to hear that this happened to OLD DEPLORABLE. NOW maybe something will happen to the rest of the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS.

    • C. LeSaint

      All communist demoncrats must drop dead for the good of America!!

  5. William 04 23


  6. Gordy

    TRUMP 2020

  7. Gary

    I’m sorry to hear this news. I’ve never liked him or his silly views, but I would never wish harm to him, or anyone. He is in my prayers.

  8. Roger

    Not a supporter of his deranged ideas or views but I do pray for him, that he will come to know Christ before it is eternally too late.
    Not exactly sure what this means on the political landscape but I wouldn’t be shocked to see his supporters quickly pick up Warren…far left wackadoodles seem to support one another.

  9. Jack

    God is great!!!!
    Bernie better start believing

  10. GB

    Le renard passe, passe – a chacun son tour….! so easy to solve problems when backed by millions of $…..!

  11. Rochelle Stein

    Stay strong Bernie! I’m glad you sought medical assistance in a timely manner! I believe in you, so I’m still with you, as are so many others.–Rochelle Stein

  12. Bernice Lupo

    His policies are so detrimental to this country..although I do not wish ill health on anyone..this may be a blessing in disguise.

  13. john

    bernie is toooooo old to be running!!!!78 he is done ….

  14. Bob

    BERNIE does indeed believe in God: He’s a Jew, a religion that started Christianity. I find it interesting that so very many of Trump’s supporters.still do NOT have a grip on the differences among socialism, communism, and democracy. And got that matter, the FACT that not all democrats are not Christian. Same for communists and.socialists. one does NOT believe in ANY deity to be a candidate for any public office, or to hold any public office, in this country. To suggest – or to believe this is a prerequisite – actually shows one’s absolute ignorance about the Constitution, much like Trump.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      If I remember my history correctly, Christianity started in spite of Judaism, not because of it… (But we are friends now)

    • Kelly

      He is and will always be a self entitled, self hating communist jew…

    • Mary

      Typical liberal loser. Get over it. Trump will stomp any demorat that runs against him. YOu idiot.

  15. Roy

    God is still with the good American people, maybe old Bernie will wake up to his stupid beliefs, and pass on before he completely destroys our country in the very remote possibility he is elected by the ignorant Dems.

  16. The Paladin

    Well looks like that owl screeching old socialist gun grabbing hag Warren will get the old socialist farts voters…their all a bunch of freebie grabbing Libtarded butt-hurt crybabies. Bottom line no pitty for comrade Sanders or his ilk.

  17. kelly

    Bernie the RED will be provided the best healthcare all the while he has been campaigning for years to strip the populous of. I’ll bet you all of a Weekend at Bernie’s money that he is not going to have to suffer throught the Medicare for all healthcare that he was attempting to shove down everyone else’s throats. #AllLibsAreHypocrites

  18. John k Stauffer

    It is not every day that one gets good news, but this qualifies as great news!

  19. Virginia Wible

    Since I just experienced the exact same thing, and my age is the same as well, I am sorry for what he’s dealing with! However I couldn’t disagree more with his socialist policies! If this means he’s out of the race, I’m celebrating!!

  20. D

    You people are all SICK!!

  21. Robert Cottrell

    Stents are to keep the arteries open and once you get one stent it plugs up in another so probably many stents to come. Suggest he retires but can’t believe we had that many commies in the good ole USA to even have one vote. However everyone wants free, free, free anymore and probably can’t even read just have their hand out. Suggest they read some history on communism before they vote. Go Trump

  22. MedicRN

    Not so much Bernie…..He’s exhausted his life expectancy. WHO would be his VP?? Yuk.