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Berlin: Arabic-Speaking Mob Persecutes Homosexuals

Berlin: Arabic-Speaking Mob Persecutes Homosexuals

A shocking video released earlier this week shows a group of migrants shouting in Arabic as they attack gay men at the Kottbusser Tor train station in Berlin. 

The video is dark, but it appears that the perpetrators used belts against their victims. The German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported about the escalating violence and provided a few details about the attack described above: 

“In the past months it has become a daily occurance that people are being surrounded, during which wallets, cell phones, and hand bags are being stolen. If that won’t work, people are being beaten, sprayed with irritant gas, or knives are brandished. Several women are groped on their private parts or beaten in the face – as happened two weeks ago. Or the victims would be chased hundreds of meters – as happened three weeks ago as an angry mob chased and beat two gay men with belts and kicking them as the two me were screaming in panic.” 

With these occurrences and other demonstrations of violence, one can’t help but feel sympathy for the innocent Europeans that are at the mercy of their all-too-welcoming governments. The rapidly growing anti-Islam organization PEGIDA is fighting back and last Saturday staged numerous protests throughout Europe that were silenced by local police. 

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