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Ben Carson Spills Trump's VP List

Ben Carson Spills Trump's VP List

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump told the press recently that he had narrowed his VP list down to about 6 names – one of which is less “government-related” than the others. This week, former Republican candidate and Trump spokesman Ben Carson released five names. 

Four of the five are recently defeated opponents, but the fifth may come as somewhat of a surprise:

• Ohio Governor John Kasich

• Senator Ted Cruz

• Senator Marco Rubio

• New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

• Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin 

Many of us (myself included) had assumed that Ben Carson himself would appear on the list, but it seems the softspoken doctor doesn’t want the position. “This is something that is extremely undesirable to me,” he told CNN. “I believe that citizen statesmen can work from outside the government in a capacity where they can contribute to the well-being of the country.”

Furthermore, Carson claims that he did not release a list of names in any way whatsoever. “Basically, what I was saying is I’m not going to tell you, so any name you throw out, yeah, I’m going to say, ‘Sure, we’ll consider that person.’ It doesn’t mean they’re on the short list or a serious consideration.”

Ben Carson, who dropped out early on after failing to attract enough support, is working with Corey Lewandowski and others to help Trump narrow down his list of potential running mates. Other names we think might be on that list include Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. 

Trump is expected to announce his final choice this summer at the Republican National convention in Cleveland. 

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