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Ben Carson Drops his Presidential Bid

Ben Carson Drops his Presidential Bid

According to Washington Times reports, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson “sees no political path forward” thus calling an end to his campaign.  He will not be attending tonight’s debate.

Dr. Carson did poorly in recent Super Tuesday primaries, coming in last place or next to last in each states.  His delegate count is low as well. Money was not a factor, however, Dr. Carson’s fundraising machine has been outdistancing other candidates in direct contributions.

Dr. Carson has not yet officially suspend his campaign, but said he will be “shifting his operation in a new direction.” He hinted that he would be laying out that direction in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference underway this weekend.

This is not a surprising turn of events, Dr. Carson had not done well in recent debates and his numbers had fallen off from his peak in the fall. 




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