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Ben Carson Complains about Media Scrutiny

Ben Carson Complains about Media Scrutiny

As half-truths in his autobiography are exposed, the media continues to dig into Ben Carson’s past. His response: I am being targeted by the “secular progressive movement.” 

“I have always said that I expect to be vetted,” said Carson on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press. “But being vetted and what is going on with me ‘you said this 30 years ago, you said this 20 years ago, this didn’t exist.’ I have not seen that with anyone else. If you can show me where that’s happened with someone else, I will take the statement back.” 

According to Carson, none of the other candidates are dealing with this level of scrutiny. “Not like this. No, not like that,” he says. “I have never seen this before and many people, other people who are politically experienced, tell me they’ve never seen it before either.” 

Has he been paying attention to how much information personal information the public is getting from Hillary’s emails, I wonder?

Carson believes the scrutiny is simply a reaction to a perceived threat. “I’m a threat to the progressives, the secular progressive movement in this country. I’m a very big threat because they can look at the polling data and they can see that I’m the candidate who’s most likely to beat Hillary Clinton. They see that.” 

Editor’s note: As long as Dr. Carson keeps his poise, then the old adage applies “Any publicity is good publicity.”


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