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Beau Biden’s Death is Joe’s Excuse for Calls With Hunter Business Partners.  Really?

Beau Biden’s Death is Joe’s Excuse for Calls With Hunter Business Partners.  Really?

I suppose if a person has spent more than 50 of their 80 years on earth as a politician – essentially an entire adult lifetime – you might understand why they look at everything in their life through a political lens.  President Biden has been a Washington establishmentarian since he was 30 years old – and before that he was a local political officeholder.  The man seems incapable of thinking outside the political box.

We saw that with Biden’s dealing with their seventh grandchild – Hunter’s love child.  Now we see it with Biden using his deceased son as a strained explanation for those calls with Hunter Biden’s business associates.  

According to the latest spin from the White House, some of those calls were made at a time when Joe and Hunter were dealing with the death of Beau Biden from a brain cancer.  They were merely keeping in touch and comforting each other during that tragic period.  Any father or brother can sympathize with their loss.  But to use that tragedy for political spin is shameless.

The White House defense argument was used by Congressman Daniel Goldman during recent media appearances.  You may remember him as the lead House prosecutor in the first Trump impeachment hearing.  In terms of the Hunter Biden cases, he has put on the hat of the defense attorney.   In his defense brief, Goldman made two arguments that are offenses to logic and intelligence – and probably to the experience of millions of Americans who have dealt with the deaths of loved ones.

The first was the claims that all those calls from Hunter while he was engaged with business partners and associates were just a father and son keeping in touch over the grief of their loss.  That is an utterly absurd assertion.  If Hunter wanted to commiserate with his father over the death of his brother – see how the old man is coping – the last occasion when one would make those calls is during a business discussion with millions of dollars on the table.

Goldman even refutes his own spin by saying that Papa Joe only “exchanged niceties” and talked about the weather.  What?  No conciliatory talk?

Goldman contended that Biden was not a participant in the business discussions.  Most likely that is a lie.  But even if you believed he only said “Hi” to Hunter’s business associates, he was still a key factor in the deal making.  On many occasions, Hunter made his father part of the deal by invoking his name and claiming to represent the will and interests of his father.  He even claimed his father was sitting with him during several communications.  Whether Papa Biden was really there in person is yet to be proven.  Regardless, Hunter was peddling his influence with his father – and the father was being very cooperative.

We do know, however, that Biden lied when he said he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings.  We now know of several meetings in the White House with Hunter’s business partners and target “clients” – and golf outings.  You do not get a meeting with the President of the United States without stating a purpose.  Biden, himself, would inquire of his son as to why he was bringing folks to meet with him – golf with him.  Who are these people?  What do they want to talk about?

And now we have at least 20 phone conversations in which Biden talked directly to Hunter’s business associates during business meetings.  Goldman claims that no business was discussed with or by Biden, but Biden still played a role in establishing Hunter’s influence.  Biden’s willingness to take or make those calls at that precise moment was a deal closer.  It was signally.  Goldman most surely knows that.  But he is not running to the media on Biden’s account to tell the truth.

(When I lived under the corrupt Democrat Machine in Chicago, there was a way of influencing outcomes.  In political court cases, a powerful member of the Machine would casually walk into court as if accidentally. He would “recognize” the defendant as an “old pal” … wish the judge a good day … and depart.  He would never say a word about the case.  Just his connection to the defendant.  That was enough for the case to be dismissed or the defendant to get a not guilty verdict.  Southern Democrat politicians used that same technique to get white defendants acquittals of murdering black people.    Conversely, it is often how Mafia dons condemned a person to death.  Never with specific words.  Just a signal.  It is often known as maintaining the boss’ “deniability.”  But I digress.)

Goldman tried another ruse.  He noted that some of the phone conversations were during dinner meetings – implying that business is not done over dinner.  Come on, man … how far do you think you can stretch credulity.  Dinners are a common component of business dealings – as are golf outings.  Duh!

Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, has testified before Congress in a closed session.  He is reported to have confirmed Papa Biden’s participation in his son’s business dealings – especially those 20 phone calls.  Goldman, on the other hand, says that there is not one scintilla of evidence that Biden was involved in any business discussions … or profited from Hunter’s business dealing … or had any knowledge of other family members profiting.  

As a lawyer – a former prosecutor – Goldman knows that testimony IS evidence. And there is a lot of other circumstantial and hard evidence seeming to tie the senior Biden to his son’s business dealings.  Biden had to know some of the arrangements.  He had to know about all that money being doled out to Biden family members.

Some things have not yet been proven.  Did Joe get a cut of the money?  Was he the “big guy” in for 10 percent?  Were his official actions being influenced by his influence peddling son – such as forcing out the prosecutor investigating Hunter and the Ukrainian energy company he worked for?

Based on the current White House narrative, Goldman, Biden, Democrat leaders and the left-leaning media are pushing back against even investigating the accusations and initial evidence.  However, the Democrats’ nothing-to-see-here defense seems to be more of a desperation tactic.  They fear – maybe even believe – that there is a smoking gun out there.  Maybe even an armory full of them.

The Hunter issues are enough to determine just how political the Department of Justice is under Attorney General Merrick Garland.  Is this just another example of an Attorney General bending to the Whtie House spin … narrative … excuse?   Protecting the man who gave you the job?

They say the AG and the DOJ are independent and not political.  Balderdash!  We have seen this movie before.  You only need to recall John Mitchell (Nixon Watergate coverup), Eric Holder (Obama’s “Fast and Furious” fiasco), William Barr (Trump on obstruction of justice) and others.  Mitchell went to jail and Holder even got an unprecedented Contempt of Congress citation for his cover-up of “Fast and Furious.”

There is enough there there to justify a much broader investigation.  There is enough there there to justify a special counsel.  There is enough there there to justify an impeachment inquiry — which is NOT an impeachment hearing, but a preliminary hearing to secure and review evidence to ascertain if an impeachment hearing would be justified.

It is my personal opinion – based on what we know already – that Hunter Biden was the middleman in a longstanding and evolving scheme to peddle influence and shakedown foreign businesses and governments.  It resulted in the unearned enrichment of the greater Biden family – and potentially the President.  There is a lot we do not yet know.  But there are more than enough questions that need to be answered.

Even if you are inclined to believe Hunter and Papa Biden are innocent despite the accusations, allegations, the witness testimony, and all those emails and text messages, there should be no disagreement that investigations are needed to settle the issues.   The fact that the Bidens and Democrats are apoplectic over the mere idea of investigations is all that we need to know.

So, there ‘tis.

Author Comment:  Since the writing of the commentary, it has been learned that Congressman Dan Goldman lied when he said that Devon Archer confirmed that President Biden did not know who was on the speakerphone calls from Hunter.  That is incredulous on the surface.  We are to believe that the President goes on speakerphone without any idea who is in on the conversation.  Now that the actual testimony has been revealed, we learn that Archer said the opposite.  Papa Biden knew who was with his son on several calls.  Goldman pulled an Adam Schiff.  He lied about what he thought would be secret testimony – and got caught.

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Larry Horist

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  1. frank stetson

    “We saw that with Biden’s dealing with their seventh grandchild – Hunter’s love child. Now we see it with Biden using his deceased son as a strained explanation for those calls with Hunter Biden’s business associates.” I wonder how old are you to use the term “love child?” Guess now that abortion is banned, it’s gonna be cool to use that all the time….. Nice job bringing it back, Mr. Horist.

    And now he goes for yet another child, the dead Beau to go after Biden.

    From Mr Horist, I learned the answer to this one with rhetoric that he has conveniently forgotten now that it’s on the other side of the political fence: it’s legal, get over it. Suddenly, because it’s Biden, character is important again…… Can’t wait for his exposé of Trump raping EJ Carroll, digitally, as now adjudicated by a NY Judge. Apparently “I can grab em by the pussy” was not braggadocio. Wonder what other overlooked statements are really true and not just words……

    That said, Goldman, who is very smart, who is taking Comer and company apart on the facts, should have known better. Even if true, it’s not his place to surmise. That’s where the Horist’s of the world come in. Like “Goldman contended that Biden was not a participant in the business discussions. Most likely that is a lie,” which is a much yuger swag than Goldman’s guess. Quit guessing folks, let the evidentiary chips fall where they may.

    Horist is right that Biden said no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings, that seems pretty far fetched after 20 phone calls, even if they were simple drive-bys he had to know Hunter was using him, he had to know these were clients or prospective clients and he was the door prize. Horist said: “Goldman claims that no business was discussed” leaving out that Archer said: “illusion of access,” and that Biden was not involved in Hunter’s business affairs never asked or taking official actions based on Hunter’s business. The head of Burisma said the same thing, although he’s a liar. But for Archer, unlike Comer and Horist, this is under oath.

    While Comer has jack shit for evidence of Biden’s potential crimes, IMO, there should be a Special Prosecutor named to look into any possible business dealing or profits. The fact that these calls were said not to happen should be enough to trigger that. So far, smoke, but enough to see if a fire is there.

    Twenty calls over ten years with Hunter at Burisma for five years. Obviously, not all the calls were Burisma related, or even business related. This needs to be fleshed out. For all we know, all the relevant calls fall outside the Burisma sandbox and do not include any Chinese. Who knows where that might lead. But enough doubt and questions on the table for a real, hands-off, Special Prosecutor to investigate.

    Then Horist claims: “We now know of several meetings in the White House with Hunter’s business partners and target “clients” – and golf outings.” OK, from Comer and company, and the blogosphere, I got everything from 80 White House meetings with Team Hunter, over 20 sessions with Hunter’s Seneca, one Hotel lobby buzz by in China, and, of course, the famous Hunter flew Air Force One to China. Wonder if Hunter did the piloting? Gonna need a source on that little turd dropping Larry…… We got the place, we are guessing Joe as VP, but who, when, whatever? No sourcing, as is your way of mystery backed up by “everyone knows,” the blogosphere’s lament…..

    Bottom Line: think it’s all legal so far, but given the misrepresentations about the calls and contacts, time to get it out of Comer’s corner of the FOX Universe of rumor and innuendo and into the hands of a Special Prosecutor — heck, let Comer pick the prosecutor.

    If this is where Horist is today, can’t wait for Horist-2024, ought to be wild!

    • Tom

      I like that term “love child”. And it is also a song by Dianna Ross and the Supremes! Good one Larry, thanks for bringing back the memories of that song on the Atlantic City boardwalk showplace, it was a great show! I think the most important thing so far is that statement where Hunter was selling the “illusion of access.” And that there is enough reason to investigate if Hunter stepped over the line a few times, and, was Joe an unknowing participant in Hunter’s access scheme, or, was Joe knowledgeable and may have been counseling Hunter, and there was an intent to enrich the Biden family via access to the VP. I agree with Larry and Frank that investigations should be done. I agree with you that Larry 2024 should be a real party!

  2. frank stetson

    Tom, Note that, legally speaking, nothing with regards to the calls seems to “stepped over the line a few times,” not even ONE TIME, no matter what you allude to, without evidence.

    And Navy is not a “LOVE CHILD,” no matter how horrid or popular that term. She’s a stripper’s and crack addict’s sex child, if one was stupid enough to brand a four year old child’s manner of creation, while broadcasting her picture, to the world.

    I am glad Horist is going after Hunter on this. Next he can take on Florida’s love children to be sure their grandpa’s tow the Horist morality line. Oh wait, just the Democrat ones will suffice :>)

  3. Waynette Brown

    Frank Stetson YOU are a horrid person to label Navy that way! To continually call Lunden a stripper does not define who she is as a person. Just as Hunter being a crack addict in the past does not define him as person. No, i don’t like him. My opinion of him is he may not being using now but he is still a crook and lowlife just like his Dad. If Biden had not been power hungry we would not have learned how corrupt he is.