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Barrett Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Barrett Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is not Justice Barrett of the Supreme Court. She was confirmed by a vote of 52 to 48, with only Senator Collins of Maine voting negative on the Republican side. Democrats dramatically approached the Senate leadership, gave a thumbs down and marched out of the Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Schumer was quote as saying that this was the “darkest day” in Senate history, and that the Republicans had lost the right to have any say in a Democrat lead Senate (that they are hopeful of, come election day…). This was said to be a reference to “court packing” which has become an election issuing, meaning the adding of (four) new Justices to the Supreme court to form a liberal majority. Biden has not ruled this out, instead saying he will appoint a committee to “study the issue.”

Senator Collins is fighting a tough race in Maine, and it is thought that a “no” vote might help her with independent voters. Commentators have suggested that she may have had “permission” from Senate leadership since the vote was already safely in hand.

Barrett was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas this evening, and will begin work immediately, since the court is a month into its current session.  She will participate in a case that has the potential to declare Obamacare un-Constitutional, and if any election results rise to the level of the Supreme Court, she will be participating in that as well.

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  1. Michael Litoris

    Schumer, Warren, and Markey are liberal assholes! This trash should be removed from the Senate!

    • Michael Hunt

      I agree, Michael Litoris!

    • Valli Neal-davis

      Absolutely asap…

  2. Michael Hunt

    I agree, Michael Litoris!

  3. Richard

    This country would be so much better off if we get rid of all Democrats, they are all to ruin this country, can’t stand any of them!

  4. DB

    As a whole Democrats are a group of lazy, worthless, on the dole people who want government to take care of them so they can continue with their lazy lives of constantly complaining and bitching about anything that does not produce anything but discourse. Their worth to this nation has been a negative on society for way too long. It has placed the Black Population on welfare to make them dependent on handouts, much like slavery was prior to the Civil War. The Hispanic Population has been bombarded by constant attacks telling them that Republicans are bad for them, will keep them suppressed, and refuse to let them into the USA. On the contrary, Republicans want them to enter the USA as Legal Immigrants, want the to succeed, want them educated, and want them as citizens. Democrats do not want the Constitution to get in their way and try to find ways to circumvent it, bend it, destroy it while Republicans are constantly being called worshipful of a 250 year old document that needs upgrading. Our forefathers were brilliant when they foresaw the events we see today as a danger to our freedom and ability, if we try, to succeed. There is indeed the biggest difference between Republican and Democratic basis. Republicans feel that through Hard Work, education, and drive they can succeed and ultimately reach their goals. Democrats on the other hand want Government to give them everything they need from Birth to Death to include a well paying job, a free education, free health care, reduced work hours due to COVID18, holidays, children, and free retirement. They do not want a justice system that is blind to listen to the two different sides and make a decision based on the Law and its merits, they want everyone to feel good while they continue to rape our society, and generally Godless people. Democrats strongly support socialism, want to gain power through making others dependent on their ability to promise, not deliver, freebees. Democrats are bad for what the USA was founded on. We have allowed the creeping tentacles of socialism to reach into the USA must like Nikita Khrushchev said it would in his United Nations speech while banging his shoe on the podium. The rich and powerful of this nation support those Political Lemmings that appear to be leaders but in effect are nothing more than paid cronies that allow the continued rape of the citizens of this nation and poisoning of the minds of our children. Barrett is only a stumbling block in their efforts to destroy what parts of the Constitution we still hold evident that we are all the same under the eyes of the Law. They fear her ability to avoid personal bias to rule her laws based decisions and unwillingness to bend to the political winds of hell.

  5. Brad Tipton

    I had the thought that Sen. Collins may have voted “NO” in order to help herself in her re-election, and stated so well before this article appeared. It appears I was correct.

  6. Terry Bell

    To the DUMPACRAPS I will say “TOUGH SHIT”

  7. David

    Who gives a RAT’S ASS whether or not the Demonrats are happy or not we the people elected Donald J. Trump to do what he did which as President is his Constitutional duty, the Demonrats have acted like school kids every since he’s been in Office and hopefully the people in their Districts are as tired of their bullshit and do the right thing and vote them out!!