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Baltimore State Attorney Slapped with Disbarment Charges Over Freddie Gray Case

Baltimore State Attorney Slapped with Disbarment Charges Over Freddie Gray Case

It all started on April 12th, 2015 – the arrest and subsequent death of 25-year-old African American Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland. Before the investigation was over, State Attorney Marilyn Mosby vowed revenge on six of the policemen involved in the arrest.

Mosby, known for defending young black “victims,” insisted that the boy’s death was caused by police brutality and negligence. The impassioned speech she gave to the public incited protests and riots that sent Baltimore into a sate of emergency. Over 20 police officers were injured in the civil unrest that persisted for many months. Over 200 arrests were made as Black Lives Matter mobs damaged more than 300 businesses, started fires, and looted 27 drugstores.  

Mosby’s indictments were suspicious from the start, and many called her to recuse herself from the case. Now, a professor has filed an ethics complaint against the attorney, asking the Maryland Bar Association to disbar her due to misconduct in her prosecution of the six officers. The complaint claims that Mosby withheld evidence and asks for a full investigation into Mosby’s conduct during the case. Mosby has also been accused of making false statements, engaging in fraudulent and deceitful behavior, and continuing to prosecute cases even after the judge assigned to hear them found insufficient evidence to support her convictions. 

Three of the six officers have been tried by Judge Barry Williams (also black). After being acquitted, two of them have decided to file lawsuits against Mosby for invasion of privacy. Many are demanding the attorney give up on the remaining three trials. 

Mosby’s chances of getting any convictions out of the remaining three cases are slim to none, but not proceeding with the trials will only serve to reinforce the accusation that she never had sufficient evidence to back up her claims in the first place. And trying the cases and losing, which is likely, will only reinforce the disbarment charge. 

Attorneys are supposed to impartial, but it is clear in this case that Mosby was not. She had assumed office just a few months before the Freddie Gray incident and probably thought that by nailing six police officers – and thus pleasing the rioting Black Lives Matter crowd – her political future would be sealed. Mosby’s ill-fated and politically motivated campaign against Baltimore police has tarnished her credibility as an attorney and she should be disbarred. 

“The legal system assumes that a prosecutor will not win every case, but it also assumes, and gives a prosecutor ample discretion and tools, that cases will not be tried that do not have at least a good chance of success. A former Assistant US Attorney told me that never in his 18 years prosecuting cases had he ever heard of a prosecutor losing three successive cases stemming from the same offense,” writes Breitbart’s Alfred Regnery. 

Mosby has done enormous damage to the state that entrusted her with office. Her political activism has led to a shocking increase in crime, generated a widespread mistrust of police officers, and has cast a shadow over the justice system as a whole. 

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