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Avenatti’s Avenono

Avenatti’s Avenono

Sometimes there’s a story where the irony truly does verge on the palpable. For the media is ablaze with reports that – apparently now former – hero of the resistance movement against president Trump Michael Avenatti has was arrested and booked for “domestic violence with injuries” according to records obtained by stations such as ABC.

Avenatti had until now been making a name for himself on the other side of the wire when it came to mistreating women – if that’s what this information entails. As chief legal spokesman and council for various crumpled attempts to defame Trump and company; including former adult actress Stormy Daniels in a massive public campaign that ended up being tossed from court.

More recently one might recall Avenatti attempting to jump in on the now broken Kavanaugh dogpile publicly pushing extremely dubious – and in some cases now potential illegal – claims against now justice Brett Kavanaugh.

While Avenatti has come out swinging against the allegations, suddenly a champion of ‘innocence until proof of guilt’; the irony of the quagmire the opportunistic legal professional is apparent to all. Fox’s Tammy Bruce writes,

“Avenatti had no problem trotting out a woman named Julie Swetnick who claimed – without a shred of evidence –that Kavanaugh spiked the drinks of girls in the early 1980s at high school parties and lined up with other boys waiting to rape the girls.

At Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing another woman – Christine Blasey Ford – testified that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. Though she presented no evidence, Democrats rushed to praise her and said women must always be believed when accusing men of sexually assaulting them or other sexual misconduct.

The universe has a funny way of making a point.

The news that Avenatti is now accused of assaulting a woman can be seen as karmic retribution. After all, Americans watched for weeks as he and like-minded Democratic politicians reveled in trying to convince Americans that a man accused of sexual assault was guilty until proven innocent, and that the burden of proof was on the accused.”

She’s right you know… Avenatti could not be receiving a more deserved fate if he was deliberately trying. Now faced with career, and schtick, crushing allegations Michael’s tune has rapidly changed from a ‘believe first, evidence later’ mentality he brought to the table against the likes of Trump and Kavanaugh, to that of an actual constitutionalist; now that the winds are more favorable that way.

Even previous allies of Avenatti, once frothing over his bombastic promises of collapsing the Trump presidency with porn stars paid hush money, are turning their backs to a man who suddenly seems more villain than hero to the likes of the #metoo movement.

Once the dashing protagonist of massive spotlights on such publications as the New York Times, Avenatti is now being bombarded by bad press, even from some of the more stalwartly left leaning outlets, forced to choose between principles and the former common guest personality.

Once a common sight as a Tv guest during the climax of anti-Trump hysteria, now former friendly banners like ABC’s The View are even turning on the alleged domestic offender. Co-host Joy Behar told an audience,

“We know him, he comes on the show. It was very upsetting to hear this, very disappointing. If it proves to be true, I will disavow him. I think he should take a polygraph test just to clear the air, I think that would help him.”

While its certainly good news to see that many outlets still have *some* degree of integrity and consistency when it comes to purported values, many still are holding out for ‘their man’ despite the appallingly clear problematic position the LA lawyer finds himself in; especially given current affairs.

But don’t worry, as for Avenatti himself he’s confident this won’t impact his prospective 2020 presidential run.

Right, Mike… right…

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  1. Eileen Jones

    Karma….What comes around goes around….You reap what you sow….Don’t shovel s^^t in the wind, it comes back and hits you in the face…like I said KARMA, Mike !

  2. madmemere

    And “may the sky fall on him” – – -LOL!

  3. Jobert Ronson

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving POS

  4. Dan Danser

    Now Joy wants PROOF! That is hilarious.
    This is the woman who was one of Trump’s strongest critics, especially about him saying he could grab a women’s crotch. There are pictures of her grabbing Robin Williams crotch with Whoopie laughing her ass off about it.