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Attacked By Both the Liberal Media and Trump, DeSantis is Unfazed

Attacked By Both the Liberal Media and Trump, DeSantis is Unfazed

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remains unfazed by the perception that he is facing challenges in gaining ground in the Republican primary. He attributes this perception to media narratives and their bias against him. Despite polls showing his support decreasing since January, with former President Donald Trump leading the pack, DeSantis believes the media’s goal is to prevent him from becoming the nominee.

While DeSantis has consistently ranked second in the crowded field of Republican candidates, he has become the target of Trump’s attacks on the campaign trail. Despite an impressive fundraising haul of $20 million in the first six weeks, DeSantis now polls around 20 percent, down from his peak of 40.5 percent in January. Steve Cortes, a top spokesperson for DeSantis’ super PAC, recently referred to the campaign as a “clear underdog,” praising Trump as the “runaway frontrunner.”

However, DeSantis is pushing back against these narratives. He points to his successful reelection as Florida’s governor and the historic victory it represented. He recalls how the media previously suggested his reelection campaign was stalling, but he ultimately emerged victorious. DeSantis also emphasizes distinctions between himself and Trump, particularly regarding his stance on firing FBI Director Chris Wray and cleaning house at the Department of Justice. He places blame on the former president for the handling of Hunter Biden’s leaked computer files by social media companies.

DeSantis attributes his sagging poll numbers to the media’s targeting of him. He believes the corporate media doesn’t want him to win the nomination, and he cites Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for U.S. citizens not to vote for him as evidence of his strength on border issues. DeSantis views himself as the candidate the media wants to prevent from becoming the nominee, as they hold him responsible for societal ills.

Despite trailing Trump in the polls, DeSantis remains optimistic about his campaign’s potential. He emphasizes that his campaign is just getting started and is in the process of building its organization. He is confident in his strong favorability ratings and plans to make his record of defeating the left a central message to voters in the coming months. DeSantis is focused on performing well in the caucuses and primaries in January and February, rather than leading in current polling.

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  1. frank stetson

    Did you expect him to say he is fazed?

    They all run as long as the money flows.

    His staff sounds fazed……

  2. Mike f

    Desantis is done. The more the public learns about him, the less they like him. His petty attacks against Disney, strong support for book banning, inane ‘don’t say gay law’ only play to a desperate base, who at this point support trump and are unlikely to abandon him. Plus, he is not a clever or likeable guy, he is done. Should have stuck to his record on Covid lockdown, would have done much better, but he is too stupid….

  3. frank stetson

    Could be that Ron just does not have a clue he is sucking pondwater and becoming a Cinderella joke. Pretty funny given his transphobia…….