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Assassination Attempt on Trump Foiled by Police

Assassination Attempt on Trump Foiled by Police

Las Vegas authorities are reporting a 19 year old man at a Las Vegas rally for Donald Trump claimed to be trying to kill Mr. Trump.

Michael Sandford, who carries a British drivers license was arrested last Saturday night after attempting to grab the service revolver from a police officer. Police said Sanford was chatting with the officer under the pretense of wanting an autograph from Mr. Trump. When Sanford made the grab, multiple officers assigned to the event descended on Sandford and detained him. 

Sandford told police he drove to Las Vegas especially to perform this act, after having heard the event was scheduled. He claimed had practiced with a gun for the first time only a few days ago.

He was not remorseful. He told police if he were on the street again he would make another attempt. He further said he had been “planning to kill Trump for about a year but decided to act on this occasion because he finally felt confident about trying it.”

He also had tickets to a later Trump rally in Phoenix, just in case he was not to make the attempt in Las Vegas.

The Secret Service has charge him with two violations including assault, and he could face a decade in prison.

Editor’s Note: I am actually very confused at the lack of press coverage of this development. Even if the potential killer was incompetent, this was an attempt on potentially the President of the United States. If this had happened to Hillary it would have been major news, with an outpouring of tears from all quarters.  Are we so used to having Bernie protestors attacking people at Trump rallies that we are immune?

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