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As Trump Triumphs on Super Tuesday, New Polls Suggest He Would Beat Biden!

As Trump Triumphs on Super Tuesday, New Polls Suggest He Would Beat Biden!

After resounding victories on Super Tuesday that should catapult Donald Trump to the GOP nomination, new polling suggests that he would beat Biden in a 2024 rematch!

Four large, new national polls show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden among registered voters. The same polls show that Trump is also leading the 2024 popularity contest against Biden among voters, a signal that Biden has lost a key feature of his political persona: his likability advantage.

In four separate surveys, all of which took place before Trump’s victories on Super Tuesday, released by The New York Times/Siena College, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS News/YouGov, Trump’s lead ranged from two points to five points among registered voters.

The Fox News and Wall Street Journal surveys both showed Trump with a two-point lead over Biden, 49-47 and 47-45, respectively. This was within their 2.5% margins of error.

In the CBS News/YouGov poll, Trump led by four points, 52-48, outside the poll’s 2.8% margin of error.

The Times/Siena survey showed a slightly larger lead for Trump of five points, 48-43, also outside the poll’s 3.5% error margin.

Taken together, they paint a picture of a race that is extremely tight but one where Trump’s advantage is solidifying. In addition to the hypothetical matchup lead, the surveys also hinted at a deeper shift in voter perceptions of two men who have been campaigning against one another on and off for the past five years: They suggest Biden may be losing his long-held “likability” edge over Trump.

Across all four polls, Trump had a higher favorability rating than Biden did with respondents, although some were within the surveys’ margins of error.

Biden’s popularity still lagged even as voters expressed more optimism about the economy, an issue that has weighed heavily on the president’s reelection campaign so far.

On a question that measured perceptions of inflation, voters were asked whether they believed prices would go up or down under the differing policies of Trump and Biden. Fifty-five percent said Biden’s policies would drive prices higher, while only 34% said Trump’s would do the same.

Biden has been fighting tooth and nail to convince voters that the economy’s post-Covid recovery is the result of his economic agenda, which aides have dubbed Bidenomics. But voters, still feeling the inflationary squeeze on their budgets, have yet to give Biden credit for the objectively strong economy, which bodes well for Trump.

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  1. frank stetson

    Shit yeah, he will crush Biden. No need for anyone to turn up. I guarantee I will not be going to the polls.

  2. Andrew Gutterman

    Yes, the same polls that predicted a huge RED wave in 2022 that seemed to all but fizzle out.

  3. frank stetson

    This depends on turnout — big turnout, Biden wins. Less turnout- Trump wins. Funny thing is after voting real time in the IOWA cold and snow, suddenly Trump is talking positive about mail-ins…. Guess no-shit-Sherlock finally figured it out….. Trump has no money, really can’t even spend his own, so he will do what he does best: shock and awe to block out the media sun. He will try to fill the airwaves with his spew looking for free advertising.

    From the Democrats side, our biggest risk is the young and progessives. Luckly, both demographics ofen found in same voter. Biden had to know he would piss them off before he entered the Whitel House. Like 15% are turned off. So, we hope that a closer comparison will bring this all in sharp relief as to the difference and importance of their vote. Biden has a huge warchest of money, getting more, but Team Biden is not the best at marketing and messaging and, let’s face it, Joe is old as is Trump. Hopefully, they can get it together and find their voice.

  4. Darren

    The RED wave did not happen over the Likes of Lindsey Graham and The NO Abortion NO Matter What.
    The Catholic Religion apparently does not recognize Modern Medicine or advances in technology.
    I think the lesson has been learned and the word is getting out that this thinking is Archaic.
    Trump will win!

    • Jim wampler

      Trump will trample the commiecrats into the ground.