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As Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets, Trump Wins in Rematch Per New Poll!

As Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets, Trump Wins in Rematch Per New Poll!

With the addlebrained Joe Biden’s approval rating plunging to an abysmal 37%, a new Wall Street Journal Poll finds that right now, in a  one-on-one general election matchup, Trump beats Biden by 4 percentage points among registered voters surveyed across the country by 47 percent to 43 percent.

In worse news for Biden, the poll found that any third-party candidate thrown into the mix would only serve to seal the deal for Trump. When five third-party and independent candidates were included in the survey, Trump’s lead widened to 6 percentage points, with 37 percent to Biden’s 31 percent. Among these other candidates, which shared a total 17 percent of the vote, independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had nearly half of their combined support, at 8 percent.

The poll also suggested a general dissatisfaction among voters with Biden — only 23 percent of respondents said his policies had helped them personally, while 53 percent said they had been hurt by his policies. Only 37 percent approved of Biden’s job performance, while 61 percent expressed unfavorable views of the president. These are some of the worst numbers in history for a sitting president striving for reelection.

Biden has faced widespread questions about his age — he is 81, the oldest president in U.S. history — and repeated calls to step down after his first term.

The poll of 1,500 registered voters was conducted from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4 by cellphone, landline, and text-to-web. The margin of error was plus-or-minus 2.5 percentage points.

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  1. Jim wampler

    People are having buyers remorse. Maybe stupid can be fixed

    • Jim lucas

      Don’t have a meltdown frank

  2. Tom

    Old news. Haley beats Biden 51 to 36, a much bigger lead than Trump. Haley should be running. I got a telephone poll call the other day. Problem was that it was for the person that had the number before me. I question the accuracy of anything not done face to face.

    • Dan tyree

      Let’s just hope and pray that we get rid of Biden and Kamala

  3. frank Stetson

    It’s the plan.

    We want to make MAGARATS believe there’s no way to lose to a decrepit, doddering, old man with a terrible economy, distrusted across the globe, not able to win any wars or even run away and not get burned, etc. etc. etc. Then we will cheat in that magical manner that no Republican has yet to nail down and prove outside of NEWSMAX to beat Trump in the poplar for the third time and the electoral in for the second time. YES, history is repeating itself, trap is laid, the factor max that proved the fax is melted down and woven on the edging of my pillow.

    Then when we win, they will revolt, storm capitols across the land and we can lock them up, as they say.

    Yes, history can repeat itself.

    • Jim wampler

      Thin the herd

      • Frank stetson

        Yeah baby, yeah Jim. We got 400 locked up after 1.6 and they can’t vote!

        Thin the herd indeed.

        And your little dog, Toenail, too. 😁

        • Jim wampler

          They will be free after President trump gets re-elected. But when are you gonna post about the crook holding a senate seat for New Jersey? No? I didn’t think keeping bags of money and gold matters. It’s business as usual for the commiecrats. You people have no shame or integrity. Democrats are the lowest of all people.

          • Tom

            Jim, I think you will find that Frank did post about his feelings on corrupt politicians of either party. In case you missed it let me summarize it for you. Frank is in favor of due process of law, firm convictions based on evidence, and locking up proven by jury trial violators of law. This would apply to Menendez in his home state of NJ as well as any other politician. Frank has been very consistent on matters of criminal politicians on both sides of the aisle.

            Now if you want to talk who should have shame, we can have that discussion. I would like to open with Trump having no shame after his comments / attitudes on women, other religions, bullying of witnesses, convicted of rape of a woman in a department store, character assassinations of those that speak against his misbehavior, and 4 indictments consisting of a total of 91 charges. Not only should Trump have tons of shame, those that support him, contribute to his legal / election fund, and those that over look all of the harm he has done to careers should have tons of shame as well. If Trump were your child, would you be proud of these things he’s done?

            Now, please respond in kind about Biden. :>)

          • frank Stetson

            NTW — Don will be there with a $150M check to cover Rudy…… Or maybe a nice charity breakfast at Mar A Loser……

            Yes, Tom, tis what I say. Plus, Menendez is South Jersey, I am Skylands in NW NJ, like West Virginia West NJ…… Code name: shotguns and pick um ups though that has been almost wiped out in last ten years. I took my rack out finally. Having kids living in the ironbound, both of us being born near Newark, NJPAC advocate supporters and classical contributors, we are more of Super Booker fans and totally enjoy his exploits of knife fights, running into burning buildings, and shoveling sidewalks in Newark for little old ladies. Gotta admit, he’s fun! Menendez, not so much.

            We are some of the few NJ white folk from exurbia that love to play in Newark, it’s got a nice revival going on.

            Think I basically said before that Menendez skipped out by pure luck last time, how could he be so stupid as to think he could do it again. His explanation is laughable, he is toast, and should just resign ASAP. And then continue the investigation, there will be indictments, and let due process proceed.

          • Tom

            Yes Frank, I think it was about 3 to 4 months ago, maybe a little more when you said, “Think I basically said before that Menendez skipped out by pure luck last time, how could he be so stupid as to think he could do it again.”

            I always landed in Newark when heading to my meetings at Whippany and Morristown. Loved visiting friends in Red Bank and Asbury Park. I always thought highly of Newark folks. Always enjoyed my visits there. Lots of cultural food that I delighted in sampling. South is pretty much plain Jane where I am so restaurants and eateries up there were like a vacation for me! Did not enjoy traffic so much. LOL

  4. Mike f

    Most people in the US vote with their pocketbooks-if they feel good about the cost of living versus earnings, whoever is in power gets the credit-if not, then the current administration receives the blame. Unfortunately many people do not have the analytical skills needed to realize that the higher prices we have experienced over the past two years is a worldwide phenomenon, and that the US is actually doing better than almost anyplace else with regard to our economy. I do look at the big picture, and I do give the current administration credit for this. Far from being a doddering fool that many conservatives want to paint Biden, he has repeatedly shown he still has what it takes-unlike the fool that preceded him. I predict that as inflation slows in 2024, and the fed reduces interest rates, Biden’s popularity will tick up versus his likely Republican challenger…

    • Jim wampler

      You’re predicting people’s stupidity. But I will never be governed by a phony president like retard joe.

    • Tom

      Very good points Mike f. Like you, as an Independent / unaffiliated voter, I get disgusted at the ageism attacks on Biden. Fact is that Trump has had quite a few miscues that Republicans do not talk about. Unlike you, I have credit to Trump and Biden both for the economy, both the job growth as well as inflation. And you are correct, SOME prices are due to world markets such as oil which impacts most domestic and foreign production of products of services. Biden will have pluses and minuses and one year from now those may change for better or worse depending on geopolitics where I question some of his policies – but we will just have to wait and see.

  5. Frank stetson

    Jim, yes you are as are we.

  6. JPop

    Trump Derangement Syndrome utterly fascinates me. And it’s pretty funny.