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Arrest Adam Schiff Now

Arrest Adam Schiff Now

Disturbing new facts emerged this week on the Trump-Ukraine ‘scandal’ that perhaps reveal the true conspiracy behind the issue.

It turns out that the ‘whistleblower’ was in contact with Adam Schiff’s office BEFORE he/she filed the complaint. This opens the specter of obstruction of justice, fraud and treason and much more.

Hear me out.

We now need to know what was the substance of the ‘advice’ provided to the whistleblower. If it was a mere “We don’t want to know, get a lawyer and file it if you think it is right,” then perhaps there is no crime (at least in this part of the issue).

But if, as seems to be the case, Schiff’s office had a ‘discussion’ with the whistleblower, that is a much different situation.

Conspiracy to Defraud – 923. 18 U.S.C. § 371 – defines this : ” [i]f two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose.” Wikipedia says “A person guilty of conspiracy to defraud is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for any term not exceeding ten years, or to a fine, or to both”

If the whistleblower was advised to go to a particular lawyer, one who is known to hate the President, one who is associated, on who has done work with elected Democrats, then this was a conspiracy to defraud the justice system. The material in the complaint did not match the material in the transcript, demonstrating the fraudulent nature of the complaint. The fact that Schiff’s office provided material assistance (recommending a lawyer is sufficient) to the whistleblower makes this a crime.

Schiff had no evidence of a crime, only hearsay. He attempted to match it with corroborating evidence, i.e. the transcript of the conversation released by Trump, but failed to matched the charges in the whistleblower account to the transcript. He continues to pursue it, without evidence, without any foundation whatsoever.

And Beria said to Stalin – “Show me the man and I’ll show you the Crime”

Obstruction of Justice – Wikipedia – “Obstruction is a broad crime that may include acts such as perjury, making false statements to officials, witness tampering, jury tampering, destruction of evidence, and many others.”

Let’s talk for a minute about “witness tampering.” When a partisan like Schiff gives advice to a whistleblower, directs them to partisan attorneys who are not exactly wed to the truth, encourages them to file a complaint that has no substance, this is tampering with a witness. And indeed, knowing that the recommended attorney would (and may have been instructed to) embellish the complaint beyond recognition to where a sympathetic media would go wild, is witness and evidence tampering.

Treason –  18 U.S. Code § 2385. – “…Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so… Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

If you concur with the above reasoning, then you must accept the entirely of the activity as an attempt to overthrow or destroy the legitimate government of the United States through fraudulent means.   Friends, this is a genuine coup attempt!

Given the loose interpretation of laws in the attempt to impeach the President, given the loose, shoddy work use to spy on Trump when he was a candidate, given the loose interpretation of the laws used to convict General Flynn and attack Trump associates, this is a slam dunk on Schiff. Real conspiracy and real illegal actions to take down the President cannot be denied.

This is sufficient grounds to indict and arrest Adam Schiff.

What do you think? 20 years?

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  1. David Goodman

    The maximum penalty, period !!!

    • John

      You’ve got to be totally brain washed. There is definitely collusion and Trump and Putin are directing it. This is the most corrupt self serving self centered ass hole this nation as ever seen. I am not interested in living in a third world dictatorship. If that is what you want pick up stakes and move to Russia, China or North Korea.

      • Gloria Buroker

        you must be talking about obambam the BIGGEST CRIMINAL to ever serva as president

      • A/A (Actually Aware)

        You really don’t have a clue, do you? That is the problem. You have taken the bait (talking points) without reservation. If you think this is a 3rd world country, please go to somewhere where it really is. America is the best place anywhere to live, work & play. Seriously, get off your couch in your parent’s basement and visit someplace like Haiti or Somalia or even Venezuela. Then update your comments.

      • Roy Zitzman

        Boy you forget everything thing that’s out there, Dems have many of you Brainwashed

      • Hubert Parra

        Obama send WHISTLEBLOWERS to jail. CIA,agents dont have,OCERSIGHT if the POTUS.

        This makes it a,VIOLATION of the ESPIONAGE Act & a unlawful LEAK,
        Read Glenb Becks UKRAINE/CHINA investigation & kearn the TRUTH about your DEMOCRATS & tgeir overthrow of a,us presidebt agsin

      • Moe

        John your right the proven political coup under Obama does deserve arrested immediately and punishment for treason by the deep state actors in our federal agencies that were criminalized by Obama.

      • Brian Thomas

        Simple another one troll man.

      • Not brainwashed

        What is it with you people who absolutely refuse to see what’s right in front of your noses? Perhaps you have cement between your ears! There was collusion between the Obama administration and Russia. Judicial watch has filed suit in court and has obtained documents and has proof. Proof positive. They have also filed suit to obtain more documentation from the state department and they have proof positive of Hillary‘s email destruction. There is currently a suit filed in the court system against the state department!

        Adam Schiff read a parody also known as lies of the transcript of the call. He even admitted it and said it was a parody. He said that! That’s a clue! The real transcript shows no quid pro quo. The president of the Ukraine has already stated there was no quid pro quo and the other person on the call has stated there was no quid pro quo and that President Trump requested that the Ukraine investigate meddling into the 2016 election.

        Joe Biden is actually on video committing quid pro quo. This impeachment farce is a smokescreen to stop trump from digging up more Democrat dirt and to protect Biden. Biden actually being on video and clearly being heard issuing the quid pro quo is proof positive, not hearsay which they are trying to impeach Donald Trump on, hearsay! They have no evidence. Open your eyes. And brainwash yourself. Stop swallowing socialist propaganda hook line and sinker!

      • Not brainwashed

        If you really want to see what living in a Third World dictatorship actually is, go to one of those other countries like Russia, China, Venezuela. If the United States was one of those countries I would not know so many people who have fled communist and socialist countries to come here and they are absolutely terrified of socialism taking hold here. The Democratic Party is the socialist party. The Democratic Party and here’s a little history lesson, has always been socialist. Read history on the war in Russia between The Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. The Bolsheviks won the war. Russia fell to Communism and the Russian people have suffered ever since. I have personal friends who fled Russia and they do not ever want to and I am quoting him “deal with that crap again.” By the way, the Bolsheviks were called the party of the people… And they were also known as the Democrats! You need to untwist your mind!

      • David Barron

        You wouldn’t know an asshole if one was sitting on you in nudest camp.

    • Mike

      Hang him for treason, this is still war time and the punishment is death for treason. I had a very high clearance during the end of Vietnam and if I had done just a little of what Schiff hillary, and others i would have been shot.

    • John Lemanski jr

      trump, Schiff, Clintons, mconnell all those who have broken the law must be held accountable. you want to be fair and unbias, then many from both sides need to be jailed. laws have been broken by many. we need an independent judicial body from outside the country to do investigations on all politicians who are accused of committing crimes against our country. if you want to be fair and just, there is no better way to drain the swamp.

      • Carolyn

        Wake Up
        The Dems are covering up their criminal activities including murder Indictments are on the way for DOJ Brennan Clapper Comey etc Hillary and possibly Hillary
        Are you such a fool that you think the Dems are innocent The total opposite You’re willing to lose our country to socialism we Deplorables are in large ## Take your ignorant comments somewhere else It’s Trump 2020 and indictments are coming

      • Dan

        Your an idiot if you think someone outside of the US will be fair. LMAO

      • Edie

        Is there anyone out there who can be trusted?

      • David Barron

        This is much easier than that. Just require that all House Members and Senate Members disclose their Federal Income Tax returns every year, and their accumulated wealth while in office. Then ask, where did all that money come from………book sales? hahahahah

    • Edie

      Totally agree!

    • David Barron

      You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.
      Nikita Khrushchev

  2. ed brooks

    why is not bone already?

  3. Rick snyder

    Throw the book at him. Maximum penalty possible.

  4. Freya

    For sure 20 yrs fits appropriately, but others like hrc for example and many many more deep swamp monsters also need yrs too. PS: Ms. K Harris, no we aren’t planning to leave Creepy Joe alone. I love Trump!!!!!

  5. Carol

    He should be removed right away from his seat in Congress and be prosecuted. What are you waiting for?

  6. Michael Morgan

    What we need is a Democrat ”whistleblower” to come forward with information and evidence supporting the full extent of the corruption in all of these entrenched agencies and their corroboration in attempting to undo the election. We were not vigilant and we allowed the commie-socialists to infiltrate our government and NOW the rule us instead of serving us. All of this because our politicians are personally corrupt and these agencies have dirt on each and every one of them so the FBI, IRS, CIA and NSA can dictate policy, their own wages, their own pensions. NOW after Obama, the Military hierarchy has been infiltrated by gays, transgenders and communists it appears.

    Maybe Khrushchev was right——–they buried us with amoral demobureaucrats.

  7. Jerry Young

    I believe Shifty Adam Schiff should get the maximum penalty for his crimes and there are others as well that are perpetrated in these kind of crimes as well. Names come to mind are Hillary Clinton, Obama and most if not all of his administration, members of the DNC, members of Congress, etc. These people need to be broke to justice are none of us are safe. I also believe people in the main stream media are gulity of crimes as well.

  8. Scott

    Remove Adam Schiff from his seat and prosecute him immediately.

  9. John

    Lock the SOB up in GITMO until Hell freezes over

  10. Dale Brown

    Expose him and those who are working with him. Patiently and thoroughly! This, and all they have been doing from the start to Mr Trump, is treasonous. God be the glory. This is why it is one Nation Under God, with liberty and Justice for all.

  11. Tracy Welsh

    It’s time we turn the tables on the Dems including HRC, Obama and those in the FBI, CIA & DOJ that have been lying to the American people for years. Let’s start with Adam Schiff and give him 20+ years.

  12. Desert Fox

    Don’t just arrest him; put him in front of the firing squad and rid the world of this “adumb schitt.”

  13. Joe Moench

    It is because WE THE PEOPLE have not been doing OUR DUTY that this avalanche
    of crap is allowed to go on..
    we hear of the problems all the day long, but never a solution…
    go to get an education you will never get at a constitution
    appreciation course… a true real life … Solution to the pollution.
    Please just check it out , wont hurt a bit, but be ready to have your eyes opened,
    By the Grace of God , Lets do something besides griping.

  14. Doris Frazier

    This slivering snake should be arrested for treason and put away. He is a liar and needs to be held accountable for all the BS he has caused.
    Hammer down on this disgusting piece of crap.

  15. Patricia Potts

    In this country it is easier to prosecute a president than it is to go after a member of congress who has blatantly breached his (her) oath of office. They are given too much power and much of it is self-serving. The tax payer elects them but they have the attitude that the taxpayer be damned. There should be term limits for all and jail for some.



  17. db

    At minimum Adam Schiff should be relieved of his position on the House Intelligence committee until this matter is settled. Nancy Pelosi needs to take action or he will use us position to mask and change evidence to protect himself, a further crime. This has been the mantra of Adam Schiff all along as he hates, and hate crimes are illegal, President Trump for calling him Pencil neck and has vowed to take him down. Adam Schiff has no honor, scruples, or an honest bone in his body and will have no qualms about his own abuse of power. Just one observation on the way he handles himself in any committee shows he is an inconsiderate and arrogant Representative.

    • db

      The olny bone he has had in his body issome other duds!

  18. Anne Gerrard

    If the Republicans would put as much energy into prosecuting these people, goodness only knows there is a ton of evidence proving their wrongdoing, as they do kissing the democrats behinds we would be better off. They are totally letting the democrats run wild. They are afraid of what they will say to them. My opinion, all these Republicans leaving office is because the democrats are threatening them with all kinds of slander and instead of standing up to them they are giving in. Time to get a set and stand up for our rights, we put them there for that reason. Time to give the democrats a dose of their own medicine. Stand behind Trump and those who are standing up instead of sitting on your hands, cowering in a corner. If you want to stay in your job, DO YOUR JOB.

  19. tess


  20. APB

    March 2020 Primary In California…up for reelection is Maxine, Schiff, Swalwell and Pelosi…if Californians really want to get rid of the trash in congress they’ll vote for new people in March primary.

    • jsooz

      I would love to do that and more. Problem is though we are infested with democrats and do not have enough republicans to kick them out. My hope is they keep hanging themselves and democrat voters finally see what is going on. (I know- it probably won’t happen, buy hope springs eternal).


    You are part of the big problem why our country got into, people like you should move out of the country!

  22. stephen

    Arrest Adam Shift, send him to GITMO for the rest of his Filthy Reprobate Bottom Feeding Treasonous Puke of a life!

  23. CCblogging

    Bug Eyes needs some serious prison time for his crimes against America.

    • db

      Being that he is gay he should enjoy that very much.

      • Ron

        He’s a ORDINARY DERANGED FAG.! PUT him in PRISON with rest of his kind.

  24. Mary

    Shitty Schift needs to GO! LOCK HIM UP!!!

  25. Gerri

    Prison is to good for him. Treason demands a death sentence and I say make it public.

  26. Ron

    PUT SCHIFF behind BARS and then place him in front of a FIRING SQUAD for TREASON ! This DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE PEA BRAIN must been DROPPED on his head just to see he could bounce ! He’s MOMMY and DADDY should have Aborted him when they found out it was a BOY !

  27. Grizz Mann

    Nancy and Hillary did say, no one is above the law. Let’s see if they mean it? Whoops they don’t.

  28. Randolph Chin-Quee

    Yes 20 years at hard labor in a regular penitentiary this is some one that is a known liar and instigator who only wants to destroy President Trump because he won the election from the crooked untrustworthy corrupt liar Hillary Clinton.

  29. GarnerWall

    Am wondering—-If hate crimes pertain to all Americans, why don’t they apply to Schiff? Mad Maxine and others who spew HATE whenever they open their mouths?
    The Democrats pay no respect to the Office Of The President Of The USA. They profess to HATE our President so why are they not liable? No one wants to answer my question!

  30. Desert Fox

    This has gone on for far too long and we want to see action taken NOW! Treason demands the ultimate penalty and that is THE FIRING SQUAD! Let’s have another Epstein/Klinton Suicide!

  31. Donna

    Not everyone watches alot of news like I do– so when you have a man in such a .high position as Adam Schiff– BLATANTLY DISTORTING & LYEING ABOUT the WORDS OUR PRESIDENT Supposedly said –; but they were NOT our Presidents words at all -THAT IS WILLFULLY MISLEADING the American people !!!…especially the underinformed ones that only tune in here & there & trust the news and those in powerful positions to be credible !!! & THAT ABSOLUTELY IS ENOUGH GROUNDS to GET HIM FIRED !!!!! Let alone for the fact he’s totally LIED Before about this President– telling our country HE HAD CONCRETE PROOF Trump Colluded with Russia !!!! Yet — THAT WAS A TOTAL LIE TOO — BECAUSE HE NEVER PRESENTED THAT “supposed” EVIDENCE TO US !!!! WHY WAS HE NOT MADE TO RESIGN FOR THAT ??? THATS DISGUSTING!!!! He is nothing but an unfair partisan LIER !!! And he is a DISGRACE to the High Position he holds!!–and there is NO Excuse for it !!! He needs to be FIRED !!!

    We The People Are ABSOLUTELY SICK of the TOTAL DOUBLE STANDARD– they apply to our outsider wonderful President Trump —; while THESE ESTABLISHMENT Globalist Bunch of obviously. Very corrupt politicians get away with every blatant horrible crime !!!! SWAMP DRAINING IS IMPERATIVE !!!! AND SCHIFF IS AT THE TOP OF THE SWAMP !!!! SCHIFF HAS TO GO TO RESTORE FAITH IN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM !!!!

  32. Doris Frazier

    I believe he is on Killery payroll. His chronic lying and being so hateful and misleading. Been saying for 3 years he has things on Trump that would impeach. Turns out he has NOTHING. The parody he used when reading transcript of call was so disgusting, What is wrong with him? People have it in front of them to read and what he said was no where near the actual call. He is corrupt and evil and needs to be held accountable for all the hell he has put Trump thru as well as Americans. Tax money into millions and for what? NOTHING but a scam. Congress has done NOTHING to help America. It is a disgrace what these people are making for a salary and do nothing but harass the President who has done GREAT things for this country in the short time. America does NOT want this impeachment and we will re-elect Trump 2020.