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Arizona: Transgender Women Banned from Women’s Sports

Arizona: Transgender Women Banned from Women’s Sports

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) last week signed a series of bills designed to ban transgender girls from participating in women’s sports, prevent doctors from offering gender reassignment surgery to minors, and outlaw abortions after 15 weeks.

“This legislation is commonsense and narrowly-targeted to address these two specific issues – while ensuring that transgender individuals continue to receive the same dignity, respect, and kindness as every individual in our society,” wrote Ducey.

The decision to prevent biological males who identify as females from participating in women’s sports is designed to maintain fairness for young athletes and has been adopted by at least 10 states. In Arizona, the law applies to all public schools, colleges, and universities in the state.

Opponents see the law as discrimination and claim it offers a solution to a problem that does not exist.

“This bill is creating a pointless and harmful solution to a non-existent issue,” argues Skyler Morrison, a 13-year-old transgender girl. “It’s obvious this bill is just an excuse to discriminate against transgender girls.”

Arizona’s ban against gender reassignment surgery for minors is designed to prevent children from making irreversible decisions they might later regret, adds Ducey. The law applies only to irreversible surgeries and does not prevent the use of hormone therapy in preparation for gender reassignment surgery.

“The irreversible nature of these procedures underscores why such a decision should be made as an adult, not as a child, and further supports the importance of this legislation,” says Ducey.

Speaking to lawmakers last month, State Rep. John Kavanagh (R) compared gender reassignment surgery to genital mutilation – a practice that was banned in Arizona after an unanimous vote in 2014. “We should stand the same way today because this is the mutilation of children,” said Kavanagh. “It is irreversible. It is horrific.”  

Opponents insist the decision to make irreversible changes to a child’s body should be the responsibility of parents and doctors. 

The third element of the new legislation bans abortion after 15 weeks unless the pregnancy presents a threat to the life or health of the mother. Doctors caught in violation of the law will face a class 6 felony charge and fines up to $10,000. The law carries no punishment for mothers who seek abortion after 15 weeks. 

The abortion ban is a “giant step backward for reproductive freedom & women’s equality,” tweeted Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a candidate in the gubernatorial election to replace Ducey. “Governor Ducey’s signing of the extreme & misogynistic abortion ban clarifies the very real & dangerous consequences of electing leaders who are willing to throw away our rights.”

Arizona’s new laws, which received considerable pushback from Democrats and human rights advocates, come as the Supreme Court debates a Mississippi abortion ban that has the potential to reverse Roe v. Wade.

“Governor Ducey has chosen discrimination over protecting the well-being of vulnerable children,” argues Cathryn Oakley, State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel with the civil rights group Human Rights Campaign. “This isn’t leadership, it’s cowardice.” 


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs set of bills blocking trans athletes, abortions 

Arizona lawmakers vote to restrict trans athletes, surgeries 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs series of bills limiting abortion access and transgender rights

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  1. Gene Mazzei

    The courts handling this issue is laughable. About as worthless as a tit on top of my head! I have been an athletic director at a Calif Commun College for many years and this is my solution:

    Follow the old school method of dealing with this, which is, kicking the shit out of any asshole person who attempts to cross the gender line. I AM DEAD SERIOUS!

  2. Micala

    For SKYLER in this article who pushed back about transgender girls NOT being allowed to play in biological girl’s sports, here is WHY:

    1) Even though a boy feels he is really a female sexually and has taken hormones and had the radical surgery, EVERY CELL IN HIS BODY STILL CARRIES MALE DNA.
    2). Also, males have entirely different muscle structures than females which gives them more strength and endurance!
    3). Males also have a hormone (testosterone) that still flows through their muscle structure and bodies after sex conversion — even though the male is taking female hormones to develop breasts!
    4). THIS IS A HUGE DOWNSIDE OF BEING A GIRL TRANSGENDER OR A BOY TRANSGENDER: NO TRANSGENDER CAN PROCREATE A CHILD BECAUSE THEY ARE “STERILE” and do not have the biological reproductive system of the transformative sex they chose!
    5). PLUS, if ANY TRANSGENDER chooses to go back to their biological sex, that sex has been compromised by hormonal treatments and/or surgically removed and replaced with something resembling the opposite sex’s organs.
    6). Because research is now showing that five years after the transitioning procedures and hormonal treatments, most transgenders find out the radical surgeries/hormones to change their sex gender DID NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, ETC. ISSUES AND WANT TO RETURN TO THEIR BIOLOGICAL SEX, they can not for many different reasons!
    7). These lost and confused youth go to the streets trying to find a place where THEY FIT! Their own biological sex friends are gone and the trannie no longer identifies with the opposite sex he/she converted to. They are abandoned, confused and deeply depressed. Many chose suicide because life IS TO PAINFUL TO LIVE!

    Above is what happens to a healthy young child that is naive and innocent to our world’s “wicked” ways of grooming them to be something they are not! Parents and Peers can destroy any young child simply by repeatedly telling them they are a boy in a girls’s body OR a girl in a boy’s body —- WRONG ON SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS!!!

    FYI: PARENTS PAY ATTENTION: All young children play with the other gender’s toys or are curious about fingernail polish or playing with cars, trucks, etc. Many young girls LOVE Sports, but that DOES NOT MAKE THEM A BOY in a girl’s body! Many young boys like cooking and wearing bright colors, but that does NOT mean they are girls in the wrong sexual body!!! THOSE ARE ALL UNPROFESSIONAL ASSUMPTIONS DANGEROUS TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR YOUNG CHILD! Do NOT DO THAT TO YOUR HEALTHY CURIOUS CHILD!

    The transgender “event” that is happening right now is destroying so many young kids, teens, etc just because some misinformed PARENT, RELATIVE OR PEER CHOSE TO REPEATEDLY TELL A CHILD THAT THEY ARE SOMEONE THEY ARE NOT!! S T O P T H I S. N O W!! OR YOU WILL LOSE THIS CHILD FOREVER OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!

    PARENTS: if you truly ❤️ LOVE ❤️ YOUR CHILD and have questions about their behaviors, reach out to a PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIST TO HAVE YOUR CHILD EVALUATED 👉BEFORE👈 ASSUMING YOUR CHILD IS IN THE WRONG SEXUAL BODY!! In fact, have your child (and yourself) evaluated and educated about CHILD DEVELOPMENT so you can understand that ALL CHILDREN EXPERIMENT “being” the other sex because they are curious — THEY ARE NOT MAKING A CHOICE BUT ARE JUST CURIOUS, WHICH IS 100% NORMAL!!

    And Parents, be careful of your child’s PEERS because their comments can be irreversible and damaging to your child’s psyche! If you see a change in your child’s behavior, talk with them but do so in an unthreatening way. Be gentle and understanding, and find out what is being said!
    Many children have been convinced by peers that they are different and literally pushed into a life they never needed nor wanted! You, Parents, can stop this from happening….



    As for Skyler, if you became a he/she just so you could compete and beat girls at their own Sports, well that is not going to happen in many states, including Arizona! So maybe now you need to re-evaluate “WHY” you chose to be a boy in a girl’s body when ALL YOUR CELL DNA REGISTERS “MALE”! Hopefully you didn’t get the radical conversion surgery and can just go back to being a “dude” again because Female Sports aren’t happening for you!

    • Micala

      A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kerry Lear and Alice Green for precise and extremely informative articles about the present “Transgender CRAZE” happening to our innocent and naive children! These children are not emotionally, mentally nor physically ready to not only change their sex from biological to superficial but to also alter their lives from ever bearing their own children while having to take dangerous hormonal treatments the rest of their lives — which for many are not measured in years but months!!

      Someone, some Journalist must take up the baton and expose this blatant child abuse to the world! Not only the GROSSLY IGNORANT parents are responsible but now many doctors have jumped on the “ABUSE WAGON” because they can make mega bucks from a confused and ignorant parent thinking they are doing the right thing for the wrong reason!

      Then there is the LGTBQ Community that is blaming the anti-transgender rhetoric for causing transgenders to commit suicide. WRONG! It is not only the LGTBQ Community’s ignorance along with ignorant parents and greedy doctors that are responsible for the high mortality rate of transgenders, but the lack of CHILDHOOD EDUCATION and knowledge that has triggered these events! So tragic for our innocent children!


    • Gerald

      Micala you are correct.

  3. Lowell

    I am still trying to figure out how someone can “transition” to something they claim they already are.

    • MicalA

      It’s because they want the “whole package” including hormones and reconstructive surgery so they LOOK like the opposite sex. There are many different reasons for many younger males to want to do this. Sports competition is one. However, that is no longer becoming available to a female trannie.

      Unfortunately for Skyler, who is a girl transgender (supposedly a girl in a boy’s body) thought he could compete and beat biological females in Sports. But this plug has been pulled in many states now because a boy never stops having testosterone flowing throughout his body even if he is getting female hormones; plus his muscle structure is stronger and has more endurance than a female’s muscle structure! IT is grossly unfair to put a female transgender competing against any biological female!

      So to answer your question: the transition you are talking about is “changing” from the biological sex you were born with to the opposite sex by using hormonal therapies and reconstructive surgeries. So if a boy “thinks” he is a girl in his biological boy body, he wants to change his gender through those therapies aforementioned.

      This is the greatest of sadnesses for a Society to allow the deforming and destruction of our healthy and innocent children because some uninformed and very ignorant person has convinced them their child is unhappy in that body. Sad beyond belief that any truly loving parent would ever allow this to happen to their perfect child!

      But evil does exist and it is running rampant in the ignorance of a very dumbed down general public that has forgotten IT IS THEIR DUTY AS A PARENT TO PROTECT THEIR CHILD AT ALL COSTS!

      • ben

        Let’s look at this a few different ways.

        First: Micala, feel free to have your stupid opinions, but stay the fuck away from my kids and don’t put your funky State mandates on me on how to raise them. I am tired of your Red State NAZI mandates about what I can do with my kids, my body, my choices. You want to live in a NAZI-nanny state where the fatherland tells you what you can do and not do in the upbringing of MY kids. Sit on a stick and rotate.

        Second: Yeah, sure, it’s all about getting ahead in sports….. Real rocket scientist came up with that one. But, seriously, these kids are out there. They are human, after all. Shouldn’t they be allowed to play sports? You choose, guys or girls, but to just say no sounds really harsh to me. There’s less than a million transgens in our 330M person country. Less than a third of a percent, across all ages, all gender modifications. It’s smaller than that pimple on your ass you call your brain.

        Third: many, if not most, of these kids have gender issues before they reach ten years of age; to wait for maturity is literally asking them to wait a period of time equal to their entire life. Generally, there are doctors, therapists, and other professionals involved in the decision. It is not trivial and it is not about getting ahead in sports, it’s not about parents desiring a girl when they got a boy. That’s just ignorance talking.

        Fourth: quit using government to force people to do things that government should have no business in prescribing outcomes. Keep Micala, and government, out of my life whenever it’s possible. True conservatives would be against the AZ law just for that. Only unwoke troglodytes wanting to go back to Mayberry. And Barney should have come out of the closet, might have calmed him down a bit :>)

        Life is better when open and transparent. Not so good when you have to hide who you are.

        I am so tired of people going 100% overboard on .3% issues.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I think you have missed the point. The idiotic liberals want to teach children about perverted sex starting from when they are 5 YEARS OLD. I don’t like the word “grooming” but you get the idea.

          If children below the age of 10 are having “gender issues” it is their parents fault. Teachers are trying to give “choices” to kids who will act on them but don’t yet understand them because they have not reached puberty yet.

          And I agree 100% that government, especially liberal bullshit teachers, should not be involved in the sexuality of kids. That is the parents’ responsibility. But I will maintain that transgender surgery on a kid is the worst kind of child abuse.

          • ben

            You think you are God’s gift to morality and values, but, in truth, you just want to tell others what to do via Statre mandate. You don’t like it so personal responsibility goes out the window and you want to put your grubby little hands on my kids via jack-booted government thugs. Where the fuck were you when a million people made the decision to die and not be immunized against covid? A million deaths is cause to void the mandate, but a few kids a year is a bridge too far. Fuck, you probably lost more kids to covid, and that rarely happens. And now, it’s more people just in your party, but mandate a shot, no. Better to mandate how parents make sexual decisions for their kids. If you are going to be against mandates, be against mandates.

            “If children below the age of 10 are having “gender issues” it is their parents fault. ” Parents fault? Perhaps you should talk to God….. The freakin kids have an issue and you conclude said issue is parents fault. How lame. The issue is God’s fault, the kid just has it, there’s nothing the parents did, it’s not in water, people are not just being trendy. And now, you got the problem, so WTF are you gonna do about it? Your answer seems to be to tell the kid they are whackadoodle and wait until they turn 21 to work the issue……. AZ has the law that I would break in a wink if I faced this situation. Freakin law wouldn’t even register in my decision process.

            And, in the words of a kid, “you’re not the boss of me,” so get the fuck out of my life with your “worst kind of child abuse,” fear mongering about something you appear to know squat about if you are making such stupid opinions. Do you have any freaking evidence whatsoever about the eggregious worst kind of abuse OR are you just projecting your own unprofessional, unexperienced, attitudes?

            Sure, transitioning and detransitioning are the buzz words of the day and experts claim both are OK, both are terrible. Most often, like I said, many professionals are involved in the process decision including doctors, therapists, etc. It is rare that regret to the point of detransitioning takes place. Freaking people just close the door before looking in the barn to see in the cows came home. In this case, they do not.

            A wise quote, from the story, “Media’s ‘detransition’ narrative is fueling misconceptions, trans advocates say
            They say the current narrative makes “transition regret” seem more common than it is and contributes to misconceptions about transgender people in general.”: “Are there risks to getting gender affirming care? Maybe. But are there risks for not getting gender affirming care? Definitely. And the risks of the latter usually outweigh the former.”

            Guiding the conversation—types of regret after gender-affirming surgery and their associated etiologies


            Amount of regret:

            So, get out of my house, get out of my family, take care of your own and leave mine alone. Quit passing gentile laws.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            A) I am indeed God’s gift to morality.
            B) Your exaggerations do not do you credit. If you are talking about “millions dead” you might want to refer to the abortion issue,rather than covid
            C) Children do not establish sexual preferences until puberty.
            D) The “worst” was my descriptor, but “child abuse” is the descriptor of a group of pediatricians. You can search for that on PBP
            E) “gender affirming care” is a self licking lollipop.

          • Ben

            My answers are in the links and apparently, those experts do not agree with you. Specifically, the age thing is noted as I referenced.

            And you are right Joe. If you believe many more millions of kids were killed via abortion, then you should’ve done something about that too. We long time ago. Certainly a bigger problem than trying to solve the transitioning/de-transitioning problem and what age it should be done and what responsibility the parents and the state should have. So yeah Joe I thought your priorities are way off and I use. Covid as an example, but you are right thatcusing abortion as murder would show that you’re incredibly way off And apparently can’t solve anything that results in large quantities of dead people. But yet you wanna focus on the transgenders… And the freaking handful they might have regrets, a very small handful. At least according to the experts. Again.

            What is the bottom line is my points for being made within the links that I provided and it seems that you did not read them so I think I can stop here.

        • Dennis

          Ben you and your kids go ahead and be freaks. Nobody cares. Here’s a solution. Form teams for trannies only. You can enroll your kids

          • ben

            Dennis, do you have to work extra hard to be such a horse’s ass?

            You judge me as gay, my kids as trans, based on my opinions. That’s stupid and not true, not that it should even be relevant except for judgmental assholes like you. But if you like, by the same though process, you love lies, female groping, Putin, and white supremacy, you can enroll your kids in the US NAZI YOUTH MOVEMENT :>)

            There aren’t enough transgenders in the US to form trans-only teams.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Dennis, we allow only first party insults in this forum. I.e. Ben is gay, but no comments on his kids. OK?

            Ben, you know the rules.

          • ben

            Yes, you have consistently said what you inconsistently do…..third party insults bad, sometimes even against liberal. First party attacks, insults, vulgarity, are just super with Joe, it’s what the First Amendment is all about….

            And Joe……I did not insult, just presented an enrollment opportunity for Dennis’ children based on Denis’ own thogh process, or lack thereof.

        • Unwoke

          Ben you aren’t a good parent. Good fathers try to keep their kid from turning queer And joe I’m not violating the rules here. I don’t know anything about Ben’s kids. I just hope that they stay straight. Ben seems like a groomer to me. There’s a lot of that going on. Isn’t there enough fairies already?

          • Ben

            You don’t know squat about didley. .

            Just how do these good fathers keep their kids from being gay? Restrict them from listening to freddie, david, and elton?

            You gotta tell us your gay-keeping technique. Ought to be a hoot.

    • ben

      In your case, would that be the transition to an asshole?

      Just kidding, but what an ignorant question, hope you were just being cute, cuz you can’t fix this much stupid.

      • Harold blankenship

        Ben you said that there aren’t enough trannies So that’s why people like you try to groom more of them.

        • Ben

          I said neither, you project your own fears.

          • Darren

            But you have no problem with kids being groomed And yes, we fear for our kids. Nobody should be teaching my kids that being gay is ok. As a teenager my friends and I used to hang out and lie about all the poon tang we were getting. We never boasted about sucking dicks or engaging in butt fucking. So we were normal. Unless some of them were hiding secrets. If so, they kept their mouths shut. No pun intended.

          • Ben

            Crap, Darren, can you imagine any gay speaking openly around you? With your attitude?

            I don’t even know what grooming is, seems to be some sort of QAnon made up word that you can plaster against liberals, but I certainly don’t support it. As far as teaching people that guy is OK, what the fuck is your problem with that? Or let me ask is gay not OK but lesbian is? Do you know all guys like to watch….:

            Generally speaking, people are not groomed to be gay, people are not forced to be gay, people are gay, that’s all there is to it. Sometimes they know what a very early age, sometimes they know it a later age, sometimes they swing one way and then determine they should swing the other way, let’s just keep the fuck out of it all and go about with our lives.

            I have stayed at what I thought here. I’ve been told that I am grooming, I’ve been told that my kids are gay, I’ve been told I am a bad father, and I have done none of this. For some reason, you people all seem to see me as a target to vent your fears upon as if somehow that will make it all better. Guess what, nothing you will do will stop people from being gay. Nothing you will stop people from transitioning.

            Maybe you could spend more time trying to get along with other people instead of crucifying anyone who’s different the world would be a better place, or at least your neighborhood.

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