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Arizona Fights Back Against Gun Control

Arizona Fights Back Against Gun Control

Arizona’s newest law protects gun owners from anticipated federal overreach. It prohibits local police from enforcing any policy that violates the Second Amendment

“We in the state of Arizona don’t want the federal government to infringe on our Second Amendment rights regardless whether it’s banning background checks or AR15’s, it’s up to the state to decide that,” said the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Leo Biasiucci (R).

Critics view the law as unconstitutional and hope the courts will overturn it.

“I think whenever there are these mass shootings we start talking about laws that simply wouldn’t fix the problem,” added Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R), referring to recent shootings in Georgia and Colorado. “There is a lot of discussion out of Washington about Congressional action around the Second Amendment and this law was simply to protect the rights we already enjoy in Arizona.”

Governor Ducey signed HB2111 into law on Tuesday. This was just two days before President Joe Biden made a major announcement on gun control policy. Speaking to lawmakers Thursday in the White House Rose Garden, Biden outlined executive actions including: 

  • Increased scrutiny of ghost gun sales, including background checks (ghost guns are sold as a set of components and do not include serial numbers)
  • More rules for stabilizing braces used to turn pistols into short-barreled rifles 
  • Increased power for individuals to obtain orders to remove weapons from people believed to be a threat to themselves and/or others

In addition, Senators will soon vote on House-approved gun control legislation that will greatly expand background check requirements for firearms.

Author’s Note: Arizona’s law is very clever and we can expect Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) to follow suit. 


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  1. Ben

    Police constantly say,” I’m just enforcing the law, I really don’t have any choice in the matter. “
    But now, Alice and Arizona are saying Police do indeed have a choice on how , and if, they enforce laws that are on the books.. even if they are unjust laws.
    Once again, republicans knee jerk reaction paints them into a corner that may not have intended.
    So much for saying,” if you follow the law, you have nothing to worry about”. Because now we know Police have the option to use more discretion in the field.

  2. JoeyP

    I THINK it was the NAZIs during the WWII trials that said that “I’m only following orders”. . . for ENFORCING TREASON?!? IMPEACH that FELON “Beijing Joe” Biden – IMMEDIATELY and ASAP. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    • Ben

      Joey, given your MAGA credentials, I’m not sure you should be using the phrase,” I think”

  3. LMB

    Texas Gov. Abbott, where are byou on this and Constitutional Carry?!


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