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Arizona Democrat Tells Girls to Shower with Boys Using a Curtain

Arizona Democrat Tells Girls to Shower with Boys Using a Curtain

Radical leftist Democrats are opposing policy efforts of conservatives to safeguard the privacy of girls on school campuses using the so-called transgender rights as their basis for advocating all-gender bathrooms.

Earlier this year, the Republican-controlled legislature of Arizona passed the bill SB 1040 that required separate bathrooms for those male and female students on school campuses who did not want to use the group bathrooms. Liberals opposed the bill arguing that it could lead to rise in discrimination against transgender students.

A clip from the debate on SB 1040 captures the moment when Democrat Senator Christine Marsh of Phoenix criticized the law and stated that instead of having separating bathrooms for male and female students, the law could just place shower curtains in the common bathrooms. The Twitter account of AZ War Room, which supports conservatives in the AZ State Senate, posted the video clip of Christine Marsh’s message to girls on the shower issue, calling it “sick and demeaning.”

The Western Journal, reporting on the circulation of the video on social media, called Marsh’s comments an illustration of “the lunacy of the left.” The story cited Terry Schilling, American President of the Principles Project, commenting:

“To believe that young girls should be comfortable showering with males, behind a shower curtain or not, is utterly deranged.”

Another conservative Twitter account posted that Marsh’s reasoning in favor of shared bathroom showers separated by just a curtain call for the need to vote her out in the next election.

On June 8, 2023, AZ Governor vetoed SB 1040 after the Senate passed it in May. Promoting transgenderism as the expense of taxpayer’s money remains active on the priority list of Democrats and liberal activists. Katie Hobbs also issued an executive order in June to allow “gender-affirming care” in state employee health plans. This week, a liberal judge Rosemary Marquez – appointed by former president Barack Obama – ruled to eliminate a ban on gender-affirming care provided under Arizona state employee health insurance.

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  1. frank stetson

    Showering with ” BOYS USING A CURTAIN” is just wrong.

    Boys should use water to shower.

    • Dan tyree

      Give them golden showers

  2. Frank stetson

    Just don’t let assistant coach and shower smack down artist Jim Jordan in there. He likes to watch.

    • Tom

      Jordan likes to watch. Trump likes to pet. Weiner likes to expose. Biden likes to smell. Gaetz and Trump like to rape. No wonder I am an Independent / Unaffiliated voter. Both parties are stacked with pervs. And the lady in the video, well, IMO she does not have to worry about showering with trannies or using a curtain.

      • WEs

        These are Biden policies. Democrat policies. Biden is catering to illegal immigrants, WHO, WEF, Climate Cultists, Soros, Trans-Genderism, pedophilia, criminals, racism( he is the racist), China, Ukraine. How Trump keeps getting in the conversation is beyond me. I think the Trump haters are more dangerous than the MAGA. Mainstream media, along with “The View,” love to put Trump and his supporters down24/7. If they had a real job here would be less time running their potholes. Go out and help someone. I been helping at least one person a day for 35+ years. All they do is waste air time, money, and resources. Where is the Fraud and Abuse Committee? Trump got the vaccine approved in record time. Sent a ship with doctors, masks, vaccinations, beds, and supplies to New York while Cuomo was bragging about his book. Also sent infected people into nursing homes. Trump closed travel to and from China. Called the virus China Virus. It was. Put him down for that. Surprise. January 6 Committee found nothing. Hillary paid people to lie about Russia. So did FBI, DOJ. And Hunter and “The Big Guy,” conveniently hidden. Sorry people that put Americans last. Selling out are sovereignty. Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Authoritarian people and policies. Destroyed many societies. They are the threat to Democracy. “The First” and NEWSMAX are the only good news. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, N.Y. Times are all Democrat run with finances d from Nazi, George Soros. Wake-up people. Pray in Jesus Name. Reject the devil.

        • Tom

          Sorry with all of your dribble it is hard to understand your point? You responded to my criticism of BOTH parties and their perversions. So what is your point?

  3. JoeyP

    UHHH . . . Yeah – Don’t THINK so! Tell these PERVERTS to shower in the APPROPRIATE place. These PERVERSIONS have GOT to S-T-O-P.

  4. paul

    Is this complete and total person of shady character going to be the first to try it.

  5. Steve

    Leave it to communist pervert Democrats to suggest girls give up their established rights to privacy, security, safety and modesty in ALL biologically designated female facilities. The toxic transgender massive communist WAR is on all 166 million American women. It’s bad enough that the transgenders EXCLUDE women from winning awards, trophies and scholarships in female sports, they also EXCLUDE women’s ESTABLISHED rights to security, safety, privacy and modesty in all women’s biologically designated female facilities including bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, showers, bedrooms for school away events, abused women’s shelters and women’s prisons.

    • Tom

      Steve you know very little about communists. They do not like homosexuals or trannies.

      • JimmyF

        That’s correct Tom. It’s also correct that the communist socialist Democrats HATE gay people and trannies. So DUH, they are utterly perverted Godless liars. Why women put up with them is beyond me. The feminists especially. What a bunch of total ho’s. They are supposed to protect women from delusional males posing as females, or other perversions of a female. You all better hope the GOP takes back all three branches of the government from the lunatic left DNC, or it’ll be the fault of the masses of out-of-touch women voters for electing the possessed people in office that are doing their very best to cater to the transgenderism and socialism-loving far left. Kick those noodles out of office FOREVER next year if you care one iota about yours or your friends’ innocent daughters. Stop the insanity already before 1776 has to be repeated once again. this time against the tyranny of the left. You want that? Then women better wake up or face consequences and repercussions beyond our worst nightmares.

      • Steve

        Tom, communists use them for that very reason. they cannot stand them, so they make great weapons.

  6. David William Olson

    The governing spirit of this nation has only gotten more perverted since Sayyid Qutb concluded that the West is perverted and then founded the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s.

  7. Darren

    Obama wants the whole world to Be Bi Sexual because he is Bi Sexual.
    Thank you for nothing, Biden!

  8. Edgar D Hemby

    I don’t know how that person became such an idiot. Certainly most all young studs would like your idea but the girls deserve the privacy they have at home. It’s time all you perverts realize that most Americans are educated and will not put up with your

  9. frank stetson

    In hearing this, I do understand your pain, and just wonder if there might be a better way.

    Then I remembered Starship Troopers and the famous unisex shower scene which actually amplified the director Verhoeven’s earlier work, Robocop, now a classic, where you see some nudity by both genders in a unisex locker room. It was the director’s nod to gender neutrality in the future. Nobody even noticed.

    So he bumped it up a notch in Troopers and boy, did they notice. Pretty funny.

    The author, Heinlein, I don’t think had it in the book, but would have loved it —– he’s a nudist. I think Verhoeven may be too.

    Some day we may all shower, shit, and shave together, and it don’t bother me. But IMO —– give me my own stall, stall shower, whatever —- I don’t want to see anyone or vice-versa. It’s not an issue for me, I am a child of the Woodstock Nation and all that entails. But, even then, in the words of Dieterich, “I just vanted to be alone.” Then again, I am not too hot on being next to people when fully clothed either :>)

    • Tom

      I noticed it in both movies Frank. In the Bible, man and woman began as nudes and only got clothing once they sinned. God made the first set of men’s and women’s clothing. So God intended that private areas that he says are lesser in glory should be covered. I did not allow my child to watch these movies. Heinlein displayed his erotic thoughts early in a book I had to read in psychology class called “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Ever read it?

      • Frank stetson

        Psychology? Get your money bach for that one 😁

        Nope, read the other two guys but not much of a sci fi reader.

        God cares about clothes? Cool. Pleats or not, cuffs yes or no, single or double vents, and how about that break? I prefer a slight one myself, but I am not Godly. I got my HSM as L&T branded on the cheap. I was very conservative in business attire. Mentor instructed me on the prime rule. Have everything be coordinated so when you dress in the dark, it all matches. Often starting my day at 4am, I found those word s illuminating. Blacks n blues, blue oxford button down, no white or floppy collar, all sorts of colorful ties, and black oxford wingtips. Didn’t have to worry about the tie, they all matched! In later years, added pink and a few other shirts, all oxford button downs.

        Now my non business attire. Think Lands End and LLBean. But got much at Reading outlets which i think is your old stompning grounds.

        To think it was all about God. Go figure 😁

        • Tom

          Yes, Reading is my old stomping grounds! It became outlet city. Moss street outlets had many bus trips there from out of state every day. Hard for the local peeps to find parking spaces. Yes, God made the first clothes and sandals. They were designer ram skin custom fit clothes. You would have looked really cool in ram skin shorts and leather sandals! LE and LLB have been trying to copy ever since! All they did was change the materials. 🙂

          • frank stetson

            In the beginning, yes, I brought the four wheel to park in the dirt….. Fun though although Reading is hard to get to from NW NJ — no direct highways. Made it more of an adventure. Have some relatives there, wife’s side.

  10. Joe

    No girls should have to shower with a trans. They are still the opposite sex, with an appendage,named dick. So these dummycraps need to get their heads out of their arse, and put these mentally ill people, where they belong,segregate them with each other,not innocent girls.How fkg sick,do u have to be,this is insane.Girls shouldn’t have to go through this idiotic abuse, a trans/either way, is still the same sex they were born with, GOD doesn’t make mistakes,remember that.

    • Jim lucas

      The trannies are sick bastards and should be locked up

  11. frank stetson

    Have to thank Earnest on this one. Forced me to do a bit of research into this 1% problem that seems to inflame everyone to emotional reactions. That I will get o in a later post. First — a funny look down commentator lane with some amazing responses. It’s the “All the Young Dudes” summary….

    Dan don’t need TV, he desires a kinky sex act with them. Oh Dan, you two-faced T-Rex scamp.

    Television man is crazy Wes wisely blames Biden and the NAZI’s for what AZ did. Fuck, he barely got elected there by .3%, 10K votes…. Only four comments in and we got Nazi’s.

    Boogaloo dude Joey wants them to shower in the shower which seems to be what is already happening. Maybe he wants in.

    Steve wants to kick in the head as he seems to equate communism with the rainbow coalition in his alternate reality that is the Republican party.

    Jimmy rapped all night about his suicide, thinks Dems do this out of rainbow hatred in his alternate reality. Steve doubles down cuz he sees it too.

    David blames the real mean team, the muslim brotherhood from the 50’s. Darren drags Obama back. That’s Obama, Nazi’s and the 1950’s muslim brotherhood. Edgar caps it off by telling us he’s educated as he mutilates the English language.

    Joe wants to race some cat to bed as he proudly claims all trans have dicks. Apparently, he did not read the final paragraphs about an AZ trans named Russel.

    And Lucas closes with the request to round up the trans sick bastards and lock em up.

    Lock up all the young dudes, carry the news, boogaloo boys carry the news.

  12. frank stetson

    In researching this, first I have to say that I don’t really understand and have no clue as to a solution. Somebody get the smelling salts for Larry, he’ fainted :>)

    I do know both sides are crazy, we have 50 ways to treat this and nothing is working anywhere for anyone — straights, gays, drag queens, and trans. We can’t even find common ground for definition much less discuss issues and options.

    For sake of this, we will speak of trans, not drag, not gay. Just “normal” trans where people reject God’s assigned gender in favor of a God-blessed opposite gender. Because God blesses all of their works. After all, free will is a God-given gift. Also, we find trans in every country, every race, and every gender. However, it’s a 1% issue that we are “fixing.” We will deal with trans-rights-to-equal-services, which this law is about.

    First, all humans are born equal —- I think we can agree to that one, right? Accordingly, transgender people deserve the same rights as everyone else if we can muster it. Likewise, no one deserves to be preyed upon, “groomed,” by anyone else.

    Second, there seems to be something wrong with men competing in women’s sports and I don’t see how we can “muster” a fix for this one. It’s just unequal. Tennis – men serve at 130mph, women at 100mph, they are different games. Plus, even in HS, there’s money involved, futures at stake, it’s really serious to some. A woman being bumped off a team by a man is unfair and even life changing for the “victim” woman that got bumped by a trans. Not fair, don’t see how it could be made to be.

    On the other hand, my HS was 1,500 kids, three years, pretty good size and 1% is both a nit as well as 15 people, a basketball team, which seems significant enough to think about. Fifteen souls simply crying out for equality as well as sports equality. I don’t have a sporty answer, special Olympics may be best I can do.

    Showers, bathrooms, etc. in a perfect world would be designed for single occupancy of a private nature. Case closed, end of problem. Except there are millions of communal facilities out there and it costs money to re-engineer all that. But that’s what we should do to solve a host of equality issues. And no special treatment like black bathrooms versus white bathrooms vs trans bathrooms. Just bathrooms.

    This law specifies that if a wrong-gender is discovered, the school can be sued for liability. That’s what we are talking about: legal liability without having to prove harm. That’s just a stupid law to hold the school monetarily liable for something that could even become a prank at that point. Watch me bankrupt the school just by running into the shower. I can see it now.

    It’s a stupid law that, of everyone, you would think Republicans would not come up with an answer which is basically a “burn the school down” response that only harms everyone. Republicans want to bankrupt the school which is their own tax dollars because someone did a nude rude through a locker room.

    Like I said, I have no good answer in this one except to say — AZ: build private showers, end of problem. Or stop showering in school altogether. They smell anyways. And smelly kids have less sex. A win-win.

    Then I read the last part Earnest added about the case of a liberal judge appointed Obama ruled to eliminate a ban on gender-affirming care provided under Arizona state employee health insurance. Earnest conveniently left off what that the dude seems like a lady…. That is, this was gender-affirming care for a God-given women who became a God-blessed guy and the surgery was a double mastectomy. FYI – she knew it in her teen years but had to endure it until of age.

    Suddenly, the gravity of all this hit home like the hot kiss of an angry fist. She was willing to do all that to be a he. That’s some serious want. Seems almost a do-or-die want. Most women fear the double and dealing with the after affects, especially in a love life. People have died rather than have the procedure. If you knew this at 15, it’s a long way to 21 to be able to do something about it just because some uptight skin’s white bastard feels it’s mutilation. It may be, but it’s YOUR decision, not the conservative crap head.

    If all people are created equal, we’ve got some work to do here, because they aren’t. It’s only 1% but that’s 33M people we are not treating equally.

    And is it necessary, or is it luxury like cosmetic surgery? In this case, seems necessary.

    FYI — he is a college professor, happily married to a woman, and is raising two kids. Sounds freakin normal enough to me. Why in Hell would anyone want to stone this guy, ruin this family? It’s just a person, obeying the law, living a decent enough life typifying the American dream.

    That’s when it really hit me that all people are created equal, we need to do things to make sure that happens. We need to leave the timing and kid decisions to kids, parents, and professionals. Make your laws on age if you will, but it better not be 21, and it better have professional guidance and approvals. And then monitor the results to see if there are ANY re-conversions, in which case, more laws, more regulations on the professionals are needed. Zero tolerance on that.

    What we are attempting now with our hodge podge clusterfuck laws, different in all 50 states is just not fair, equal, or just. I really don’t have the answer except to know that this is not it.