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Arizona: Another bogus left-wing conspiracy theory bites the dirt

Arizona: Another bogus left-wing conspiracy theory bites the dirt

We have witnessed phony left-wing narratives and conspiracy theories fall one after another.  Unfortunately, the compliant media reports on them as if they are real … factual.  Once exposed as fraudulent, they simply move on to the next one.  Oh, some do still cling to the old false claims, but that only works for their base, who believe anything because they are addicted to left-wing news.

The grandaddy of all was the claim that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  After more than two years of vicious mendacious reporting – and outright lies by folks like Congressman Adam Schiff – the Mueller Report concluded that the accusation was not true … not accurate … false.  And even worse, it was concocted on false evidence produced by the Hillary Clinton campaign – which WAS colluding with foreign operatives, including Russians, to create the phony dossier.

The left elevated the Capitol Hill riot to the level of insurrection.  That bit of hyperbole, to say the least, is starting to fade despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to pump life into that dead horse Celect Committee.  The best counter argument to the insurrection conspiracy theory is the fact that of the 600-plus people arrested in conjunction with the Capitol Hill riot, no one is being charged with insurrection or sedition.  The best Pelosi’s kangaroo court Committee can do is to create a bunch of specious “evidence” that would never hold up in a court-of-law – but produce propaganda fodder for the compliant press.  She is operating in the dangerous court-of-public-opinion.

For weeks, Democrats and the left-wing press have been pumping the media echo chamber with warnings about the Arizona/Maricopa County ballot audit.  They used virtually every pejorative allowable on television to describe the audit, the people who enabled it, the folks conducting the audit, and anyone who did not criticize it.  They routinely call it a “sham,” “farce,” “bogus” and “fraudit.” They were inoculating the public sphere with politically-based conjecture in anticipation that those conducting the audit were about to flip the election in Arizona to Trump – and that it would be crooked.  That was the only purpose for the audit, they alleged.

Weeell … now we have the highly anticipated results.  Despite all the unwarranted demonization of the purpose and the process, the result of the audit showed that Biden had won Arizona and Maricopa County – and there was actually a slight 300-vote increase in the Biden vote.

Eager to report the calculation of the vote count from a pre-publication leak, the media totally ignored the examples of actual vote fraud within that count the Report – and the vulnerability of the machines to be hacked.  Whether they were or not, the fact that they can be needs to be addressed.

Those who conducted the audit did it well and they did a great public service.  They established that outside of a few miscounted ballots the election result was accurate.  They also showed that vote efforts and fraud do exist.  That is the part of the Report that the propaganda press ignores.  

I was not surprised by the outcome – that is why I have never joined those who claimed the election was stolen – I had remained, at best, agnostic.  

The report from the Arizona audit should put the lie to the barrage of baseless accusations and claims by Democrats and their media cronies about the audit and the existence of vote fraud.  It should serve to expose them as corrupt political players.  This clearly undermines their credibility – although you will not hear an apology or an admission of wrong.  They will against spin this result as a condemnation of the good people who conducted it.  They will not concede to the examples of vote fraud.

We will now have to see the impact of the Arizona results on other potential audits in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia.  I do not believe that they would be any more successful in changing the outcome of the 2020 presidential election – but they can be useful in pinpointing examples of vote fraud and weaknesses in the system.  That is a worthy public service.

That brings me back to my three salient points for conservatives.  Regardless of the outcome of the Arizona audit, we should drop all the talk of decertification and putting President Trump back into the White House.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Continue to investigate all charges and evidence of real vote fraud – including by audit if necessary.  And finally, focus on the 2022 midterm elections.  That is the only chance for a game-changing outcome.

The audits and election reforms are no threat to the Republic.  No one is losing their right to vote.  The real danger is the Democrats to create an authoritarian central government in Washington.  The Biden legislative proposals are a major step in that direction.  

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Joseph S. Bruder

    You can’t start a column without Democrat bashing, and go on (and on and on) about Democratic conspiracy theories and whatever excuses you want to make for Trump’s coverups. Only after that rant, do you actually get to the meat of the issue – Republicans are wrong and that Trump lost and Biden won. And then you try to minimize Trump’s culpability.

    Trump spent his entire term setting the stage for his claims of election stealing. He wound up his tin soldiers, spoke at his Nuremburg-style rallies, and sent people to the Capitol for the sole purpose of interfering with the election certification. That is nothing less than an attempted coup, and you are following the Republican leadership’s attempts at revisionist history.

    Geri-Larry, you’re a hack, writing solely for the defense of a treasonous President, just to scam a paycheck off of a conservative website…