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Appoint a Special Prosecutor NOW! Attorney General Lynch Won't Prosecute Hillary

Appoint a Special Prosecutor NOW! Attorney General Lynch Won't Prosecute Hillary

The evidence is mounting, and has been following the story as the revelations become more and more horrible.

It is clear to us that by purposely and flagrantly ignoring basic security protocols, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, compromised top secret intelligence capabilities, negotiating positions, confidential assessments of foreign diplomats, and personnel movements that likely facilitated the Benghazi attacks.

However, our Facebook fans don’t believe for a second Attorney General Loretta Lynch has the guts to hand down an indictment. Congress must act now.

Our expert fanbase pointed out a couple of things (thanks Robert and Keith).

First, the FBI director James Comey is free to share the results of the investigation with Congress. In fact, it is pretty clear from media reports a number off Congressmen and Senators are following the case fairly closely. The Director of the FBI is under less political pressure since he is appointed to a 10 year term, and is rather difficult to fire. It might even work in his favor since the next President is likely to be a Republican.

Then my facebook experts pointed out that if a case involves a potential conflict of interest  (like an Administration whose SecState is running for President) they can appoint a special independent prosecutor.

We are calling on Congress to do this now, before its too late.

These are the stories, you be the judge.

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