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AOC Still Says Hunter Biden’s Laptop is “Fake!” (Even NY Times admits it is real) 

AOC Still Says Hunter Biden’s Laptop is “Fake!”  (Even NY Times admits it is real) 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, like it or not, sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is currently investigating the hunter Biden laptop scandal, called the infamous laptop “half-fake” during the Committee’s first hearing into the matter.

AOC claimed during the House Oversight Committee hearing that the Hunter Biden laptop story is “half-fake.” (So, does that mean it’s at least half-true? But I digress) 

She also then went on to smear The New York Post’s reporting that first exposed the device and its contents.

As part of her rant, the left-wing firebrand said:

“We’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half-fake laptop story. I mean, this is an embarrassment.”

The 33-year-old self-described “Social Democrat” raged for an extended portion of the hearing, suggesting the House Oversight Committee should instead focus on issues like “abortion and civil rights.”

AOC’s remarks came as lawmakers grilled Twitter executives over the social media giant’s suppression of The NY Post’s October 2020 stories about the so-called “laptop from hell.”

During her rant, Ocasio-Cortez also claimed, “The New York Post had this alleged information and was trying to publish it without any corroboration, without any backup information, they were trying to publish it to Twitter, Twitter would not let them, and now they are upset.”

She continued, “I believe that political operatives who sought to inject explosive disinformation with the [NY Post’s reporting] couldn’t get away with it. And now they’re livid, and they want the ability to do it again. They want the ability to inject this again. They are weaponizing the use of this Committee.”

House Republicans are probing the extraordinary censorship measures the platform took against The Post when it prohibited users from sharing articles that linked then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to his son Hunter and brother James Biden’s foreign business deals.

The social media platform, then headed by CEO Jack Dorsey, also locked The New York Post out of its Twitter account for more than two weeks because of baseless claims that the report used hacked information.

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  1. Tom

    Half fake means half real, so lets just work with that and see where it goes. I am wondering why AOC is still on any meaningful committees? Shouldn’t she be working with Adam “Shifty” Shiff on the Banana Farming and Agriculture Committee? Or maybe the Snails in Chesapeake Bay Committee?

    • frank stetson

      Why, do you think the precedent set by Pelosi and now the standard process set by McCarthy is good? Each party in power should just exclude the other? That’s half a notion :>)

      I think I know what AOC was so poorly trying to say. It is his laptop that’s true. But the one’s Rudy and others were peddling are not; they did not follow a proper chain of custody for evidence and the contents of those laptops are suspect.

      Likewise, for the “clean copy” we know a lot is valid, but we don’t know it all is —- needs further analysis. Try the WIKI, paragraphs 3 – 5. pretty much sum it up: **

      Can’t wait to find out more, but think that’s where we are, and it’s a long ways from home yet.

      Bottom line: who knows what AOC really meant, but certainly what came out of her mouth was a clusterfuck that she should walk back. But given a month gone by……

      • Americafirst

        Every time an electronic device gets listened to, gets changed to match what certain authorities want it to say. The original must be used, however, it was recorded also by the man who the laptop was taken to for repairs. The lawyers have all of it. I truly believe AOC is trying to change the entire narrative of the laptop story to befit the Democrats that will keep them out trouble. It isn’t working. They are already in so much criminal trouble that there is no turning back. In a few weeks we will all know exactly what happened and is happening on everything. Just don’t lose your faith. Redemption is on the way.

      • Tom

        Well I do not know if it is a process now or not. But I just look at the fairness. If Ploesi can do it, so can McCarthy. End of story. Maybe the two sides need to agree and put it into law but I doubt that this will work because they will make sure there are built in escape hatches.

        Yes it is hard to understand what AOC was trying to say, but it surely does seem to me that she was making a scene in an attempt to Shanghai the committee and refocus it on other topics – which is a form of evasion. So one might fairly ask, why is she trying to avoid the subject?

        According to the best computer security professionals on the planet agree that the files are original and were not altered. I doubt that any of them had input into Wikipedia. But for now until we can get God to give us the final word on all content authenticity, let’s just go with what everyone can agree is authentic and see where that leads. And let’s expedite the analysis of the remainder. I think either way, Hunter comes up slimy and Joe gets slimed in the process. I am wondering if there were any GOP on his laptop. Would love to see Mitch McConnell on his laptop as a cross dresser!! :>)

        • frank stetson

          “According to the best computer security professionals on the planet agree that the files are original and were not altered.” You have others to add above WIKI? Because that was a few. I am sure they were as good as CBS could muster as in: “The independent analysis, by two cyber investigators from Minneapolis-based Computer Forensics Services.”

          WAPO’s analysis was not a clean copy.

          NYPost, who really did not bother to analyze came from Rudy, nuff said.
          Washington Examiner got a copy of NYPOST copy that came from Rudy, getting murkier….

          I can go on; it will be great to baseline what’s authentic, but have not found much more that CBS and the FBI ain’t talking yet.

          The Objective One seems to have polled the best computer minds on the planet…. Got more?

        • frank stetson

          Pelosi bet two, McCarthy saw her two and raised her one. And it’s the arm’s race all over again. The party of law and order becomes Trump’s Party of Retribution.

          But McCarthy was also forced, kicking and screaming, to create a task force to structure a process to boot formally in the future. Perhaps a good thing, he got forced to do it in order to seal-the-deal on the vote for Omar. Perhaps the process is working and they will create a common process for any party to boot someone from committee.

          And then pigs will fly….. McCarthy won’t give up this power, it will have to be stripped and that takes a vote…..

  2. Tish

    Funny because we think Sandy from Yorktown is fake.

  3. Americafirst

    Her retort about the laptop being fake is just as fake as she is. That is not AOC everyone sees today. She was taken to Gitmo on 7/19/20 along with several more junior “squad” members. It’s available online, people, just look it up.

  4. JoeyP

    You CAN’T expect MUCH from someone who is DUMBER than a BOX of ROCKS! . . . Just SAYIN’.

  5. VinnieA

    AOC or Annoying Outlandish Clown belongs in an Institution for the Criminally Stupid! Every Time she Opens Her Rather Large Mouth she Proves just how Stupid she really is! The Question is What Kind of Mentally Bankrupt Idiot voted for her? At one time, long, long ago the Democrat Party had members, while corrupt, were somewhat Intelligent with the Exception of Joe Biden and a few others of course. Is there ANYONE in Biden’s Gang of Village Idiots that is Qualified for the JOB they have? I THINK NOT!

  6. The Redhawk

    AOC is amazingly able to continue to expose her utter stupidity

    • frank stetson

      Just trying to make MTG relevant.

      • Tom

        Good one Frank!! I agree!!!

  7. Darren

    The real scare is not that this unintelligent individual holds a position in office.
    The fact she found people dumber than her to vote for her is the real worry.
    I feel even the low IQ voters of Biden deserve better than her.

  8. Mike

    they say free speech is not allowed
    Free speech in a theater yelling fire is not allowed
    I get it
    But this woman is beyond ridiculous
    AOL is a puppet of the left and will say what ever Soros tells her to say

    • Tom

      Just as MTG will say pretty much whatever Trump farts. I would love to see the two of them in a debate!

      • frank stetson

        MTG goes well beyond Trump. Didn’t think I would ever have to say that…..

        • Larry kuhn

          Frank get ready. Trump is going to be your next leader

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…