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AOC Says Ron DeSantis Has Made “Critical Errors”

AOC Says Ron DeSantis Has Made “Critical Errors”

Controversial progressive Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) had some scathing criticism for GOP presidential wannabee Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In a recent interview, AOC said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “has made some very large, critical errors” as the governor contends for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. 

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” host Jen Psaki asked Ocasio-Cortez if she thinks former President Trump will be the easiest Republican candidate for President Biden to go up against in 2024.

Ocasio-Cortez said she believed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was overplaying his hand in trying to be like former President Donald Trump. 

“I think that Governor DeSantis has made some very large, critical errors,” she claimed. “You can’t out-Trump Trump; that’s what he’s trying to do.”

AOC explained that DeSantis, who has been Florida’s governor since 2019, is trying to outdo fellow candidate Trump, noting his recent attacks and legislation targeting his state’s school system and LGBTQ community.

“Well, you can’t out-Trump Trump, right? And that’s what he’s really been trying to do. His attacks on teachers, on schools, on LGBT Americans, I think, go way too far in the State of Florida,” the lawmaker said. “And I think that they are a profound political miscalculation and an overcompensation.”

Ocasio-Cortez added that she thinks DeSantis sacrificed showcasing himself to be the rational candidate compared to Trump in an effort to win votes from Trump’s base.

“He may be trying to win a base, but that base belongs to Donald Trump,” she added. “And he has sacrificed, I think, the one thing that others may have thought would make him competitive, which is this idea that he would somehow be more rational than Donald Trump, which he isn’t.”

AOC’s remarks come as questions surround DeSantis’s presidential campaign strategy nearly a month after he launched his 2024 presidential bid. Even after the anticipation of his campaign launch, DeSantis still continues to trail Trump in national polls, as results from Real Clear Politics’s average poll of polls show 52.4 percent of respondents support Trump, while 21.5 percent cast their support for DeSantis.

However, Proponents of DeSantis have argued that he has empowered parents. DeSantis has said that Florida is where “woke goes to die” and has signed legislation banning divisive political ideologies such as critical race theory, sexualized curriculum in K-12 education, and transgender medical interventions on minors.

Many of these efforts have been applauded by the right, and other GOP states have closely followed in his footsteps. 

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  1. frank stetson

    Yup, Bill’s got a female problem……

    There’s nothing wrong with what AOC said here. These are all valid, relevant criticisms. imo

    I looked at DeSantis before he announced. But as he piled more and more Trumpism’s on top of Disney, he was not copying Trump, he was trying to move to the right of Trump.

    I am pretty sure it’s just a matter of time until Florida hits the bust side of boom and Ron is seen as a problem. Heat waves, malaria, abortion, guns, gays, liberals, immigrants —- he’s got issues, right here in Florida’s cities.

    In the close to 200 years since Florida has become a State, no President, not even a guy born in Florida. A half dozen tries, all stillborn, like DeSantis. It is the last State in the top ten population States to get a guy into the office.

    DeSantis has many advantages. The State loves him, he is popular. The State is full of every type and breed of American, many of whom were not born and raised there. A virtual petri dish of American culture, opinions, and demographics. He had to have tapped into some of that to be elected, but most certainly to be popular. And he left all that behind to attempt to steal Trump’s base by out-Trumping him which portends zero voters outside the base and few within the base since the DeSantis alternative actually has a scintilla of charisma and and overabundance of personality —- two things DeSanctimonious will never have.

    He had the opportunity, skills, and experience to figure this out, but instead doubled-down in the one thing certain to lose the election, probably at the primary polls. AOC is spot on.

    • Dan tyree

      Her parents made it critical error

  2. bozo mctavish

    aoc is a stupid cum dumpster !!!

  3. Mike f

    Clearly AOC is completely right. Other than a few bigots, desanta has seen his popularity decline since he announced his candidacy and people started paying attention to what he says and does. Attacking Disney because they said the didn’t approve of his don’t say gay bill? Ridiculous… What happened to freedom of speech? Banning books? Yep, that’s desanta too. Ban abortion at 6 weeks? Check that one too. He had a chance running on his record of opening florida up early (despite having more deaths per capita in the state) but he has totally blown it. Also, people look at the inflation rate in florida (2 X national rate) part of which is attributable to him. He’s through, and I predict he will never hold office again after 2026..