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AOC Mocks Conservatives for Gas Stove Meltdown!

AOC Mocks Conservatives for Gas Stove Meltdown!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is firing back at her critics after taking heat for owning a gas stove. The latest dustup involving the controversial social Democrat started after she tweeted about the dangers of gas stoves to cognitive development in children in support of a proposed federal ban on the appliances – only to then have it leaked that she owns one herself!

“I do think it’s funny that, like, absolute utter Republican meltdown where they’re like you can take my gas stove out of my cold dead hands,” the progressive firebrand said in a video posted to her Instagram. 

The White House said last week that the president wasn’t considering such a move – a gas stove ban. The frenzy started after Bloomberg reported that such a ban was on the table, quoting the Biden-appointed Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. calling the household appliance a “hidden hazard,” with new research linking gas stoves to childhood asthma and other issues in children.

For her part, AOC defended the science and pointed out that “ongoing exposure to NO2 from gas stoves is linked to reduced cognitive performance.”

That led Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas to lash out and share a photo of the New York congresswoman’s own gas stove in her NY kitchen! 

“AOC says gas stoves cause “reduced cognitive performance” – yet she uses a gas stove? Is this a self-diagnosis?’ Jackson tweeted. ‘AOC, as a medical doctor, I can tell you this: what’s wrong with your head IS NOT caused by stoves. Something WAY BIGGER is causing your decreased cognitive function!” 

AOC then pushed back on that, noting she has a gas stove because she rents an apartment.

“I rent. Period,’ she said in the Instagram story. “There is very concerning science about some of the emissions from gas stoves, especially around the cognitive development of young children, asthma, cancer, etc.”

She also said there would be no immediate ban on the gas stove. 

“This is about a decision about what may be sold and regulations in the far future. Okay, so everyone, just take the temperature down a little bit. No secret government agency is gonna bust down your door and take your gas stove away,” she added.

Additionally, a number of Republicans pointed to a 2020 tweet showing Dr. Jill Biden cooking veggies over gas – a photo that was taken three years ago.

“Rules for thee but not for me,” tweeted Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Jackson, a former White House doctor, said he’d rather die than cook with electric.

“I’ll NEVER give up my gas stove. If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” Jackson said.

The majority of Americans – approximately 68% – use an electric vs. natural gas stove, according to the Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey.

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  1. Rick

    She is another insane liberal lunatic. All of them are. Liberals are the most dangerous thing there is to freedom. They are good at what they do though which is lie, cheat, steal, and connive. They operate in a hive mind and stick together in their lies and conniving activities making them successful at destroying freedom across the globe.

    • valued Customer

      SO where does the power come from to heat the electric stove element ….OH yeah coal or natural gas !!!! DUH !!!!

  2. Georgine

    AOC cannot”understand why conservatives are up in arms about the Left’s desire to ban gas stoves anywhere.It’s really simple . The more insane & ludicrous “it” sounds, you can bet your bottom dollar that somehow, someway, “they”will DO IT and we’ll NEVER KNOW about it until the government comes in and takes our gas stoves . The Dems will pass legislation in the middle. of the night and Biden will sign the law” OR just issue an executive order!

  3. Joan Perkins

    She could be the poster child for gas stoves/cognitive im[airment. I don’t like gas but I grew up with gas stoves & I have had no problem. Her husband must be making a BUNDLE to stay with her. Personally, I don’t like money that bad.

  4. Tom

    I grew up in a single family home with a gas stove. Today I have electric. I have no preference. But I do have propane logs for winter emergency heat. Will that be next? Well at least we finally have a reasonable explanation for Joe. He is sniffing gas fumes like we used to sniff glue.

    • Monty

      Just consider the source. Just another liberal bitch

    • Marty

      Frank sniffs bicycle seats

    • Pat

      Frank sniffs bicycle seats

  5. James

    AOC is a Moron Nazi Traitor to America and Americans Impeach the Moronic dumbass AOC

  6. frank stetson

    James: Nope BU grad, what’s in your sheepskin? Latex?
    Nazi — nope, Democratic Socialist,


    The rest is your opinions, have at em son.

    • Sam

      Nucking figger

  7. Liberalism Sucks

    Having used both gas and electric stoves, I have to say I HATE electrics. Much harder to regulate the temperature, and unless the heating element is glowing red hot it’s hard to tell if it’s on or not at a quick glance. No, thanks, green-freaks. I’ll keep my gas stove, and y’all can go f*ck yourselves.

    • Frank dtetson

      Exsqueeze me?

      I’m liberal and feel the same gas vs electric.

      But I will study the research before my next upgrade. Chances are the next study will validate or change the outcome. Plus, mine has a lot of air around it, 35 foot high open family area. I have tested, not bad.

      I don’t think love of gas is political. This sirecis full of gas bags like you 😁

      • Rick

        You are a commie frank. And, you admit that you are a liberal. I’ll also bet that you are older than 40 years old. Anyone that is still a liberal after 40 is really lost and hopeless, and a severe danger to the freedom of mankind. You obviously do not care anything about your children if you have any because their future is going to suck because of what you supported. I still don’t think you are really a liberal. You just like to play the ignorant fool to see what kind of reaction you will get under your 35 foot high ceilings. That is a lot of area to heat and cool. Do you also have a couple of private jets and helicopters, and limousines, and servants to clean your enormous estate? You are funny frank. Have a peaceful sleep in your ginormous bedroom with the huge master bathroom that has all of the extras and niceties known to man. Your big decision will be to decide which one of your many bedrooms to sleep in tonight, just to change it up and keep it interesting. Night, Night funny guy or maybe you are a girl or transgender or one of the other many genders the liberal loonies have created. Which ever you are, enjoy your fantasy liberal.

        • Frank stetson

          Well, you got the bathroom right. It’s sunken, cathedral ceiling, skylight, Jacuzzi is hot water solar fired, nicely tiled and we recently redid the shower with a nice high hat. Wasn’t real big shower but I knew we had height so we added a foot to make it feel larger. Then painted the room in four shades, each just a few drops of white different from each other. Custom granite sinks I got for like 30% by teaching home depot how to deal with their suppliers.

          Do a lot of the work myself as much of the house we restored. This year restored the barn with new siding. It’s great but lonely now that the horses are gone. And who will eat all that grass?

          How’s your home? Doublewide?

          Thanks for asking. Hardly hopeless or lost, but you seem a bit angry and frustrated, sorry.


          • Larry kuhn

            Is that where you shower with little boys?

          • Frank stetsoj

            What a deplorable idea. Are you experienced?

            Consider the source I guess. Just a rude petty little man who gets satisfaction in a perverse way.

          • Rick

            I lived in a single wide on some acreage when I first moved away from home. I might have even been a liberal back then being 17 years old. but, I grew up and left dumb liberalism behind. You on the other hand did not grow up and will die as a silly old liberal. I don’t live in a manufactured home now but I would rather have friends that live in a doublewide and have their head screwed on straight than an old fool with 35 foot ceilings that thinks it knows everything but is nothing but a dangerous liberal communist.

  8. ion chiru

    And that why our Beautiful Country is a deep trouble.
    GAS STOVE?????? Really ?