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AOC Ducks Question About Shutting NYC Schools to Use for Migrant Shelters

AOC Ducks Question About Shutting NYC Schools to Use for Migrant Shelters

As the Joe Biden caused crisis at the border continues to escalate NY Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blew of a question about NYC’s controversial decision to shut schools to use them instead for migrant shelters!

The self-declared Democratic-Socialist dismissed a Fox Business reporter’s question about New York City shutting down a school to use it to shelter illegal immigrants.

James Madison High School in Brooklyn announced students would “pivot to remote learning” last week in order to accommodate 2,000 illegal immigrants sheltered at Floyd Bennett Field. Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn asked Ocasio-Cortez about the school shutdown.

“You know, I think it’s — Again, this is not, it’s not in my district,” Ocasio-Cortez, who represents parts of Queens and the Bronx according to the Cook Political Report, responded. “I think it’s very clear here that what’s most important is that we identify a facility that’s appropriate for these folks. I don’t anticipate this being a long-term solution. It shouldn’t be a long-term solution.”

Wow, what a non-answer!” the reporter, former MTV VJ Kennedy, said in response.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York City defended the decision to shut down the school, citing an imminent storm with strong winds. Adams announced budget cuts to address the influx of over 130,000 migrants in November, including cuts in hiring police officers, and has also sued bus companies that bring illegal immigrants to New York City.

Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona began busing migrants to New York City and other so-called “sanctuary” cities in 2022. “Yeah, it’s not my district, you guys, so I don’t really have to worry about anything,” Kennedy said. “It’s her policies, and that’s the problem, is people like AOC aren’t taking ownership of their philosophy, which is bankrupting cities across the country and people in New York, people in Chicago never really had to think about the immigration crisis, because to them it was theoretical. Well, now it’s actual.”

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  1. Jim wampler

    That bitch should go back to giving blow jobs in her bar. What the hell’s New York thinking?

  2. Richard

    AOC is the biggest socialist phony in Congress.

  3. Rick

    Just another example of liberal lunacy. All liberals are crazy. They are hell bent on destruction. If we could find a cure for liberalism, most of the worlds problems would simply go away. I know they cant help it. It is a disease, and that is why we need to make it a priority to find a cure before they destroy everything and there is nothing left to save.

    • Suzy-Q

      Rick, you hit the nail on the head 100% w/ your comment!

  4. Old SARGE

    All part of the Democrat quest to make a liar out of who ever said “CRIME DOESN”T PAY”. It pays big time for illegals.

  5. NavVet

    JIM the problem is NY has no one who thinks. AOC is a democrat with no brain power and no common sense . She, like her brother Biden, has no concern for America, Americans, the rule of law and the middle class. They only care about destroying America and the constitution. If they cared about us they would take responsibilty for what they have done to this country, take the blame for what they have done and stop lying.

  6. AC

    Who’s on First. What’s on Second. Whom has Third covered.
    Who or what is “punching” doing.
    Next, “bag” is what thinks it has an opinion coming this way.
    So, again, who or what is “punching” whomever.
    If “punching” and “bag” are commentary authors, then “post” is warming up off stage right
    I got it. Who’s punching old bag, what’s got post.
    Don’t you get it? Go ask punching.
    Can’t you just hear ol’ Joe G a laughin’ out loud?
    Is you surprised punching appears here? Shouldn’t be, every played out opinion pusher on the right is here. Punching will fit in fine, it’s all the same. No better, no worse, as always, just awful, punching the bag post off stage right.

  7. Lyudmila

    AOС and her team don’t care whether little Americans go to school or remain illiterate. The main thing for these socialists is to fill the schools of New York with millions of illegal immigrants who will be completely dependent on these America haters entrenched in the US Congress.

  8. S.

    These people are breaking our laws and getting a free pass for everything. We the people get to pay for it.