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AOC and Her “Squad” Demand Biden Halt Israeli Support Over Rafah Strike

AOC and Her “Squad” Demand Biden Halt Israeli Support Over Rafah Strike

New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and fellow member of her openly antisemitic “Squad,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) have demanded that President Joe Biden halt any further support of Israel over the recent airstrikes on Rafah. 

AOC said in a statement that Sunday night’s bombing of a “tent zone of innocents” in Rafah “an indefensible atrocity.”

In her comments posted to X, the left-wing firebrand said the bombing by the Israel Defense Forces — which, according to Gaza health officials, allegedly killed an estimated 45 people and wounded hundreds more — “was done in open defiance of President Biden’s red line and the [International Court of Justice’s] call for a ceasefire. It is long past time for the President to live up to his word and suspend military aid.”

She added that it is “long past due” for Biden to “live up to his word” and stop military aid shipments to Israel, following through on a threat made earlier this month in an attempt to prevent Israeli attacks on Rafah.

AOC has long accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, falsely claiming Israel was intentionally creating a famine in Gaza. The representative has also failed to condemn the sexual violence conducted by Hamas on October 7.

Jayapal (D-Wash.), who has been censured by the House in the past for making antisemitic statements, described the attack as “horrific,” one that killed “innocent children, women and elderly.”

“This IS an incursion into Rafah,” Jayapal added, “the very incursion that President Biden said he would not tolerate and would lead to stopping aid. It’s past time. There is nowhere safe in Gaza.”

In July of 2023, just a few months before the horrific October 7 attacks, Jayapal referred to Israel as a “racist state.” In May, a pro-Israel Democrat, Maxine Dexter, totally trounced Jayapal’s sister Susheela in an Oregon House primary, a strong indication that the party’s far-left wing may be alienating voters over its support for Gaza.

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  1. frank stetson

    I haven’t looked at the rest, but while AOC is against Israeli policy, I don’t see antisemitic actions, and her words usually dance around that at best.

    • RD Scott

      Blind eh?

  2. Patty

    AOC is too dumb to be in congress! She should go back to bartending where she is a better fit. She and her anti American , anti semitic so called “ squad” should be removed! They have NO place in our government! Every time she opens her mouth, she shows how truly ignorant she is!

    • Jefz

      AOL’s ignorance along with her treasonous squad companions is why our nation is rapidly being destroyed. Tragically, a reflection of a constituency that is similarly mentally deranged/deprived..

    • Pete

      Boy you have hit the nail on the head. She is an idiot

  3. Marty

    With regards to AOC she should not be given any press time , headlines or any recognition of any kind this gives her credibility. So I will not discuss her ever again

  4. Caribou

    AOC is in a supreme ongoing disadvantage. I don’t think she’s a stupid as she hacks. I think the problem is that she hangs with a stupid bunch of Democrats that don’t have the brains they were born with or the ability to use whatever they have. There one sided money, grubbing pigs. And she’s fallen into the trough and she is assuming the identity. Sorry about that AOC but it’s true!

    • Harold blankenship

      AOC and her cunt squad should stick to lesbian sex and stfu

    • RD Scott

      No, AOC is stupid. She didn’t know plants grew from seeds planted in ground by watering them. She had never experienced a garbage disposal until she entered Congress. Homeland Security is a large threat to American civil liberties. She said that “corruption” in the United States Supreme Court will slap down President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. She said that like if climate change isn’t addressed that people are gonna like, die and stuff. Or this one… She said “I didn’t go to Brown or the Ivy League. Try Google”, when confronted about her education and her lack of intelligence. BTW, Brown University IS where she went to college and it IS an Ivy League School.

  5. frank stetson

    rds: she did go to BU, but that’s Boston University. BUSTED.
    Homeland Security is a larger threat to civil liberties, many Republicans and Independents agree. So do I. Just a necessary evil IMO.
    Climate change already kills people. Apparently, it’s a necessary evil too, however, thanks to the US, under Biden, leading the way and China pitching in, a bit, we may have plateaued on Carbon emissions via wind and solar for power. Yippeee! Hope it holds.
    SCOTUS is corrupt, ask Alito or Thomas. Roberts refuses to rule the roost and have some ethics.

    Seeds and disposals —- whatever……

    To the story: I think the war must end. Biden should not withhold funds, but he should issue a warning about continued funding if Israel keeps dropping bombs, like the 2,000ton ones, on civilians. It ain’t antisemitic to be against killing civilians unnecessarily. We face terrorism, we would never condone these actions. Never should. Hamas is diminished. Time to stop using the sledgehammer and pick up the scalpel to complete the mission. And apartheid must end, one way or another.

    • Archie

      SCOTUS is doing a great job. You commiecrats are pissed because you assholes don’t get to rule the roost. The roost is ran by the constitution, not by communists who want to make it fit your needs. So go fuck yourselves.

      • Frank stetson

        Archie Bunker: scotus co decision benefits trump at speed of light. Trump immunity decision on slow boat and may never be decided. Sure, that’s fair and balanced.


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