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Anticipation for Donald Trump's First Debate Increases

Anticipation for Donald Trump's First Debate Increases

There is much anticipation for this Thursday’s GOP debate – where Donald Trump will finally face off against the GOP field that has strategically and verbally gone after the business mogul since his candidacy announcement. With his verbose nature and controversial reputation, Trump has set the stage for one of the most highly anticipated debates in history.

The debate, which is the first of nine, is scheduled for 9 p.m EST in Cleveland. That reduced number of debates is half the amount that was planned for the previous two elections. With less opportunities to correct their mistakes, each candidate has to be thoroughly prepared.

“The candidates ought to figure out what their message is for the American people rather than worrying too much about the back-and-forth with others,” said an experienced GOP operative.

Wanting to lower the expectation for his performance during the debates, Trump had made these remarks: “Im hearing everyone say I’m going to be good at the debates – I dont know if I’m going to be good. Ive never done it before. Politicians do it every night.” 

Regardless of Trump’s comments on his performance, expectations are set high – and all the country will be watching Thursday evening. 

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