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Anti-Trump Support, ‘Obama Underground’ Revealed

Anti-Trump Support, ‘Obama Underground’ Revealed

The Washington, DC-based nonprofit Center for Community Change is a progressive organization that has been directly involved in actions against Republicans and President Trump before and after last year’s election.

For obvious reasons, the Center for Community Change likes to keep donor information private. However, unredacted tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon have shed some light on the people and organizations funding what I’d like to call the “Obama Underground.”

According to 2015 tax forms, prominent donors include:

• WK Kellogg Foundation (largest donor at $3 million) 

• The Ford Foundation (no longer affiliated with the car company) 

• The Open Society Foundation (AKA George Soros)

• The California Endowment 

• Marguerite Casey Foundation (fights for low-income families)

• Fidelity Charitable Gift

• National Immigration Law Center 

Many of the Center for Community Change’s board members sit on the boards of other prominent liberal organizations. Take executive director Deepak Bhargava, who also sits on the board of Soros’s Open Society Foundation.  

In 2016, the Center for Community Change helped launched the “Families Fight Back” voter campaign. George Soros, who promised to spend $15 million courting Hispanic voters, was for months the only funder of the Immigrant Voters Win PAC – which was an integral part of the campaign.

Center for Community Change director of reinvestment Charlene Sinclair also works as a director for the Emergent Fund – an organization that aims to fight against threats to “immigrations, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color.” 

The Emergent Fund, which quickly surpassed its initial fundraising goal in 2016, has donated money to the Center for Media Justice, Black Lives Matter, and the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative. 

The Obama Underground: Democratic volunteers 

Donald Trump’s election has sparked an unprecedented number of political activists and volunteers. People who have never been part of a political group are attending protests and signing up to help elect Democrats at the local and state level. 

“This is completely new to me,” says 52-year-old Lisa Anderson. “I was so complacent before, I barely even know who our state senator was.” 

Anderson joined the New Jersey chapter of Action Together in 2016, with plans to celebrate Hilary Clinton’s election in the fall. When Trump won the election, Anderson and many others decided to get involved in local politics. 

“A flood of groups formed, promising to oppose the president at every turn, return the House and Senate to Democratic control next year, and protect undocumented immigrants and voting rights,” reports The New York Times. 

These groups are currently focused on the upcoming governor elections in New Jersey and Virginia. In New Jersey, members of Action Together have teamed up to support Democratic candidate Philip D. Murphy. In Virginia, members of Let America Vote have allied with Democratic candidate Ralph S. Northam. 

Taehan Lee, age 20, joined Let America Vote to fight an administration he opposed. “I didn’t really ever see myself being involved in a campaign setting or working on something involved in a campaign,” says Lee. “But after last year’s election, I think a lot of us college students really want to get involved. I wanted to make a difference in politics and campaigns soon as I could.”

Several smaller groups also sending volunteers to the Democratic campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia are part of the so-called “Indivisible network,” which was created by two former congressional aides who saw how effective the Tea Party was in fighting Obama’s policies. 

The network “began as an online guide for anti-Trump protestors on how to influence Congress,” reports The Times.  “Since then, it has mushroomed into more than 6,000 groups around the country.”

It’s no surprise that Murphy has a strong lead in the polls against Republican candidate Kim Guadagno. 

“These groups have not only galvanized the grassroots, they are driven entirely by grass-roots volunteers,” says Murphy, who is thankful for the energy these people have brought to his campaign. “People with a newfound recognition that while voting is important, it is not sufficient.”

Editor’s note: These groups are no great surprise, but this is a concerted anti-Trump group. They are not particular as to whether the truth is known, and do not seem to care about America or the democratic process. They are following the lead of the Obama administration, destroying unity in the American people, destroy our security and destroying our economy. The term Obama Underground says it very well.

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