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Another story to talk about: Walter Scott, Police brutality?

Click click, boom, another black man is down.
Who shot him? 
A white cop. 
We’ve been hearing the same story in all major headlines since the first case regarding Trayvon Martin, yet the problem with recapping the story remains. Different circumstances for each case still result in the same story being told: Killer cops on the loose. Still if each story is warped into a homogenized cluster of generic accusations, how can we learn to differentiate between an actual tragedy or an act of police duty? 
The news reports focusing on police encounters with unarmed suspects have actually divided society and have caused a major divide between societal definition of justice and equality. The liberal side tends to use all examples of interactions between police and citizens in which someone ends up dead as a way to spread controversy about race. Yet, if liberals really want to see justice done – each case should be examined uniquely.
In the case of Walter Scott, even those who previously disagree with Ferguson being a racial issue, have stated the shooting of Walter Scott to be a blatantly obvious injustice. Cellular phone footage released showed Officer Slager shooting Scott 8 times in the back as Scott ran away after being pulled over for a tail light issue. Slager has been charged with first degree murder and was fired from his position as officer. 

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