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Another Flawed Anti-Fracking Study Gets Withdrawn

Another Flawed Anti-Fracking Study Gets Withdrawn

Add a study by University of Cincinnati to the list of erroneous articles providing “evidence” that hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking causes air pollution.  

Researchers from the university retracted the study and admitted that correcting the errors “changes air concentrations significantly relative to those reported in the published article. This correction also changes some of the conclusions reported in the original article.” 

Sadly, the error could have been easily avoided considering it was a simple mistake of basic math, whereas the wrong units were used in calculations.  

The researchers owned up to the mistake at an event by the anti-fracking group known as the Carroll County Concerned Citizens.

But this wasn’t the only flaw found in the study.

The participants were biasedly recruited by the anti-fracking activist group, whereas they didn’t use random testing. The researchers also previously admitted the sample size was too small.  

Like we said, this isn’t the first time eco-activists have release reports trying to prove fracking has catastrophic effects on air pollution and drinking water. They continue to try to provide “scientific proof: of this with lies about the oil industry, even though the EPA and other regulatory bodies have demonstrated that this is absolutely not the case.

Nonetheless, fracking is still banned in areas and these areas suffer from higher electric bills and less jobs from the oil industry. How much longer must the government stunt growth in the gas and oil industry due to an eco-friendly agenda evidently built on lies?


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