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Another Fake Anti-Trump Story Debunked

Another Fake Anti-Trump Story Debunked

President Trump often pointed his finger at the phalanx of reporters and recorders in that back of the room and called them “fake news.”  The pompous patricians of the Fourth estate took great umbrage.  Trump was more right than wrong,  however.

We have seen yet another media-gone-bad shocker.

You will recall the months upon months that the media accused Trump of using … nay, misusing … the American military to clear Lafayette Square so he could have a photo op in front of St. John’s  Episcopal Church – “The Church of the Presidents” – that rioters had set on fire the evening before.

As the narrative went, Trump ordered the military to clear the Square. The result was the attacking, teargassing and pepper spraying of “peaceful demonstrators” so that he could walk across the Square to St. John’s for that photo op.  According to the press, Trump was violating the protestors constitutional rights.

The media narrative became one of those evergreen criticisms that they would regurgitate over and over … and over.  The media’s mission was to keep their premeditatedly crafted badness of Trump before the public at every opportunity and in every way.

There is only one problem with that awful narrative.  It turns out to be TOTALLY untrue … a lie … propaganda … fake news.  After almost a year of investigation, the Park District Inspector General issued a report that TOTALLY repudiates the negative news accounts against Trump.

That’s right.  All the “facts” presented by the media … all the mendacious analyses – all the editorial criticism … were unwarranted and untrue.  They were not at all fact-based.  They rose out of a journalism cesspool of irrational Trump hatred.

What the Inspector General’s report established is that the decision to clear the Square was made – and commenced – BEFORE Trump decided to take his walk. The decision was made in order to construct a barrier fence on the far side of the Square from the White House. 

The principal force in clearing the Square was NOT the U.S. military.

It was the National Park Police – with assists from the local D.C. police and even Bureau of Prison guards.

The media accused Trump of using tear gas and pepper spray on a peaceful gathering.  The Inspector General report stated that it was the D.C. police that used the teargas. And it was the prison guards who used the pepper spray.  The federal forces – that would be under Trump’s authority – did not use those nonlethal crowd control devices.

And as far as the “peaceful demonstrators” reports, this was the same crowd that were in violent revolt the night before engaging in vandalism – including the attempt to burn St. John’s to the ground.  More than 40 Park District officers had been injured in the melee.  If the rioters were not the product of the political left, the media might well have called them “insurrectionists.”

It was because of the previous night’s violence – and the reasonable fear of a repeat the next nightfall – that the folks heading the Park District police decided to block off the Square as a buffer zone between the rioters and the White House.

The Report contained some criticism for the manner in which the Square was cleared – most significantly that not all the demonstrators could hear the broadcast warnings.  (I have been involved in a number of demonstrations.  When the police start to move the crowd, it is impossible not to know they want you to move away – to break it up.  Just saying.)

But this is not the first time that we have seen these fake news stories against Trump – and also Republicans and conservatives. 

The elitist national news media is awash in false political narratives.

We should never forget how the elitist anti-Trump media spent two years reporting – as fact – that Trump and his campaign had conspired with Russian agents during the campaign.  Believing the Democrats false narrative, California Congressman Adam Schiff even declared that he had seen – in secret session – absolute proof of the conspiracy. 

Apparently, Schiff believed that his unconscionable lie would be given cover by the Mueller Report.  Au contraire.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that no such conspiracy existed – blowing away two years of malicious misreporting.

Mueller made no prosecutorial determination regarding Obstruction of Justice by Trump. He left that determination to his bosses at the Department of Justice.  After a review of the charges by the Department’s office of professional integrity and others, it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges.  Attorney General William Barr then announced that COLLECTIVE decision. Contrary to the false media reports that Barr had singularly made the decision.

We may see more of that dishonest hyperbolic reporting in conjunction with the riot on Capitol Hill.  While Democrats and their media cronies keep calling it insurrection and sedition, they may again be ahead of their skis.  The bipartisan Senate Committee report on the events of January 6th did not include the word “insurrection” or “sedition.”

More importantly, of the hundreds of indictments against rioters, none have yet been accused of insurrection or sedition. 

If it really was the “armed insurrection” as proffered by the Democrats and the left-wing media personalities, we would have seen more guns, more bloody violence and more indictments for … insurrection or sedition. 

It is one thing to create false narratives in the court-of-public-opinion. But it is quite another to file charges in a court-of-law where the law and legal precedent hold sway.  It seems the all-important judicial agencies are dealing with the facts as if it was a riot. Something I believed from day-one.

The real question is how all those so-called journalists could not have learned what we now see in the Inspector General’s report regarding the clearing of Lafayette Square.  The real facts should have been easily obtained by asking a few questions.  The answers provided in the Inspector General’s report were known at the time.  It is such a dereliction of duty that one can only surmise that the misreporting was intentional.  Once again, the media selected an outcome based on a biased agenda. Then they just reported the fiction – the fake news.

The real tragedy is that the Fourth Estate operates outside of any concept of accountability. There are no effective fact-checkers on the fact-checkers of the Fourth Estate.  And even when more objective news outlets challenge the false narratives of the politically biased press, the former are accused of bias for not bending to the purpose and the product of the corrupted left-wing reporting.

The currently corrupt east coast liberal news media is fast becoming one of the more serious dangers to our democratic Republic.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Ben

    The story was not TOTALLY untrue. While it is true that the crowd was going to be cleared soon anyway ( curfew was only 30 min away), the time line was pushed up for the President.
    And by all accounts, at that moment , the crowd was peacefully protesting as was their right to do so, when they were gassed. The crowd that day was separate from the rioters that burned the church the night before. I seem to recall not to long ago you arguing some nuance about some rioters among law abiding protesters.
    Aside from that, perception is reality. When you gas protesters and then immediately walk, uninvited to private property for a photo up of you holding the Bible upside down, the public puts 2 and 2 together…. Even if it doesn’t add up to 4.

    • Larry P Horist

      Ben … despite your occasional pleas, I avoid responding to you because you do not make good points. You seem to be either misinformed or intentionally deceptive. You are not a worthy of debate. I am flattered that you are obsessed with trolling my commentaries, but you seem to just repeat what you hear on MSNBC. BUT, I thought I would respond to your latest bs as an example of why it is useless to engage in dialogue. You response to this commentary is simply wrong … mendacious propaganda. The Part Service Police were taking precautions against violence’s once the sun set. That is when it usually breaks out. The crowd was not rioting at the moment, but the rioters were at least part of the crowd. Your reference to the curfew is laughable. When have demonstrators and rioters obeyed curfews? Or course many of the people in the streets were relatively peaceful — although they were breaking the law of ILLEGAL assembly. Virtually every violent riot started with and included a majority of peaceful minded protestors — including the riot on Capital Hill. When you say that the timeline for clearing the Square was pushed ahead for Trump, you are spreading disinformation or outright lying. That was made clear in the IG report that the anticipation of Trump did NOT result in any change in the planned procedures. So, yes. The initial fake story that was aired by media for months was TOTALLY untrue — as is your response. This is typical of your hopelessly biased and in accurate responses to my commentaries and other readers. And do not get your hopes up. I have no intention of wasting time regularly responding to your political drivel. Dialogue should be both a teaching and learning experience, but it cannot take place with a person, like you, will not learn and lacks the knowledge and intellectual integrity to teach. I shall now continue to ignore you for the foreseeable future. Enjoy.

      • Ben

        Larry , addressed me twice in the last couple of days, I’m on a roll!
        What if the rioters stayed within the red velvet ropes? Would they still be gassed?
        If peaceful protesters riot after dark, why not move up the curfew?
        Larry, you can’t have it both ways. When conservative folk gather, they’re patriots, when blacks and liberal whites protest, they are eventually going to riot, so why not preemptively gas them?
        You’ll continue to engage me, if it weren’t for me and my postings, you’d see a dramatic drop off in hits. It’s your readers that continue to engage me, and not your RINO ass. How many readers have abandoned you because you admit that trump lost. And no matter how much red meat you throw to them, they keep coming back to argue with me, not to hear your lame anti Trump rhetoric.
        You’re welcome.

        • Arthur

          Larry, Ben constantly tracks true, while you stand on your soap box going on and on making points few concern themselves with.
          Little does what the order of events were.make much difference. The way for Trump was cleared for his unholy grandstanding stunt in front of a worship place that had been disgraced by fire.
          Trump’s dance that evening belittled the Office he was elected to honor. Those in the entourage merely followed unknowing what Trump was playing at. As the scene Trump headed up progressed others in his company were unfairly placed in an awkward place. Which is made clear by the video. Known dignitaries on Trump’s grand procession through the park did not appear impressed, more embarrassed. Trump squandered the high value capital of those trusting souls.
          Trump, ever the showman, reality TV brand, and inventor initiator of tall tales of an alternate reality universe. Yet, never real presidential material.
          This one time a blip on the radar credits an infrequent truth in a stinking sea polluted with disinformation, prevarications, bold as brass falsehoods, and general propaganda for personal gain.
          Very likely, Trump himself , that evening, hade made known his desire for the evening and Secret Service made it happen. How it went down with protestors at the moment looked bad. Those with eyes to see, they saw the events unfold. Right – Left – Centrist media spun facts, reported events, or opined as each saw fit. The IG May have cleaned up some details of that night. However, registering a debunked win for Trump is a stretch. He held no fire pushing his story. The entire debacle was another poor judgement error for Team Trump, and a relatively small gaff at that.
          That time, citizen protestors were unjustly treated regardless. Not long after this, Trump again spoke his wishes in the weeks after his electoral loss, January 6th, 2021 and an assault on the Capital Complex that is detailed in videos and brought tragic consequences.
          Larry, consider conservatives on the Hill in DC and around the country are pushing a narrative in support of a theory of the events that day which twists reality into white washing Trump’s role.
          True fact is, the less than grand red team is playing to the Audience of One. At stake for elected sworn representatives of we the people is government’s honor before Americans, or loyalty by fear to a hard taskmaster. Well knowing loyalty, in this case, is a one-way street.
          Larry, keep going for it with your own take on whatever. At the end off the day, a ridiculous worded phrase over used, not wit in this world changes with opinions of yours drenched with pomposity in grandiose scale torqued with sanctimonious delusions, and prose loaded down with self-aggrandizement.
          One honored widely for degrees earned, experience.and accomplishments, and being published often, that person needs no lengthy explanation maintaining why their opinions matter.
          On occasion coming across outlandishly assumed correctness shouting from a title, the assumption is you’re at it again.
          The first lines give away a gist of the remainder in labored unoriginal text. Quick skim yields plot and substance.
          Our Constitution give broad leeway in its first amendment, your writings depend on grace allowed in the.letter not it he Laws spirit
          And, that is a wrap.

    • Deplorable Lanie

      Your missing the point, Ben. The point is that all during Trump’s Presidency, the msm went out of their way to paint the President in the worst way possible. Many times, at the expense of the FACTS. The msm stated over and over that it was the Secret Service, at the direction of the President, that “cleared” the square. THIS was not true. It was neither done by the President’s security nor by the President’s direction! And I hope I will not be “judged” for carrying my Bible upside down! Which I have done many times.

      • Ben

        Trump went out of his way to paint himself in the worst possible way. It was his shtick. He relished in being the politically incorrect villain, pissing many people off in the process. Then he acted shocked that he would be portrayed as such and The cult ate it up.
        Never forget how important Two Corinthians is!

    • Arthur

      There you go again, Larry. Bias against those other kind of Americans you despise seems to have cancelled out critical thinking by a “so called journalist”. You have every right to your own opinion, as an American citizen. However, you grant your self general license to trample the other side in broad brush none effective attacks.
      The “Forth Estate” theory is pure conspiracy made up as truth for consumption by so called Conservatives. Those in your echo chamber pander to your reinforcing another untruth.
      Accusing your #1 enemies of the state and most detrimental to our democracy, of being pompous assumes you believe yourself are not.
      Given your predictable responses are self congratulatory based on broadly experiencing every conceivable situation in American life. The Expert of Experts has every right to be legitimately pompous and in fact is guilty of an additional charge. That being sanctimonious in the first degree. The two, pompous and sanctimonious, generally negate value related to information spun rendered unintelligible from what did really occur as actual factual truth.
      Humility and some self deprecation does require human awareness of self as imperfect, not having full knowledge with total practical experiential understanding. This characteristic, humility, and practice in self deprecation are both non- existent here. That you, Larry, possibly could totally miss the mark with your enlightened mind and sharp intellect is a real true fact.
      If the Trump years in office taught America and the World anything it is wariness of person’s advancing a notion as real fact in the real World. Trust makes the difference. Trust Trump and believe his assertions, see where that leads, or, use critical thinking and look to reliable neutral sources for proof of real facts. How many of us think critically and search out sources who may prove Trump correct or on the other hand, disprove facts presented to the unwitting public. In the later case, after receiving information numerous times which directly contradict facts presented as true. Trust in the privately sought source becomes proven .
      Trust of the public authority becomes diminished to the degree that doubt and disbelief of any information results.
      This, doubt with complete unbelief, is the result that sums in my mind. Not that this means much, for who am I, but a nobody in the scheme of things important to you.
      However, I think critically, take nothing for granted in a written article, nor make snap judgments based on political position, religious faith, and which media source published the author’s piece.
      A history following your opinion writing during the past year plus has more than convinced my mind that you are convicted of a certain point of view, a particular World View, and that view does not align with my own. Still, I need to know other people’s take with different World Views from my own.
      Although, your age, as the photo suggests, appears to be near to my own, one’s year’s are no assurance that wisdom has been accruing through experience living. If your bio is in fact true, you missed comprehending the thing(s) most important in this life. Other people are more important. The quality of life, growing up, receiving the best education,
      a stable home, enough food, equal fair treatment, and full employment. The different governing bodies have done enough, nor is it possible government will. But, individual involvement in other’s lives and everyone’s over all wellbeing makes change possible,
      Proving to others you are more correctly
      right, are more informed and intelligent, and your opinion matters works in your chosen echo chamber. So, your opinion showing up in a public space probably does its intended purpose, support your ego’s need for continued reinforcement.
      Consider your intended audience, do they need further confirmation that the Conservatives’ opinions are what is correct and all others must join their line. What of our democracy, our nation’s Constitution being the controlling document, it guarantees( not maybe Ron condition. The Conservative perspective can not be the one way. FORMER Pres. Donald Trump May push Conservatives’ buttons and stir up dis-unity, but that does nothing for We, the people, long term. Stomping all over the pillars of our Republic and Democratic government is for his personal reasons of political power play antics and self gratification. Holding the reigns that messes with lives of elected representatives by instilling fear of Trump’s wrath should anyone fail the loyalty test.
      True facts: the coronavirus remains in force especially where a majority are in-vaccinated. The virus cares not a wit about things political. Only things practical for its own want for life spreading, and changing form in avoidance of detection.
      Additionally. Real fact of the matter, Pres. J. Biden is in charge and is head of the Executive Branch of Government. He is in the White House because he received more citizen’s votes, giving him a majority of electors in the Electoral College, resulting in Congress ratifying the States’
      Vote counting.
      DJ Trump continues reiterating the “Big Lie” and grift. He is taking money from believer followers, his loyal base. What does the money do for the loyalist?
      True fact is: the political parties are further apart on critical issues than in past Congresses over decades. Reason being: Trump’s hands are in the Republican Party’s business, at least into the mid/term elections.
      Larry, a change in thinking from all Democrats are alike, all news media of the
      more politically left are wrong in all regards, the Fourth Estate is a real and organized entity.
      Generalizing a whole party into a simple minor equation along with whole ethnic groups, lumping faith groups into a single stereotype description, voicing some equivocation on something still strongly held. By the way, once turning from a particular faith, one looses credibility speaking on matters of faith. You may connect with others with whom “loosing one’s faith” resonates, Yet, when choosing the option of quitting, your negative bias towards faith beliefs taints judgement. Judgement on everything, that is.


  2. I'm Not A Robot

    “By all accounts” doesn’t cut it Ben.

  3. Kris

    Does the media realize that so many people have opted out of main stream news. I, for one, can’t tell you the last time I read anything or watched broadcasts. There are many more like me.
    I cannot understand throwing good money after bad. One would think that their opinions & biased dialog doesn’t interest people. Just report the news-No bull***. Please. We are bright enough to make up our own minds.

  4. DeplorableLanie

    Great article, full of FACTS, and well stated.

  5. Scarfoose

    You calling media biased is like the kettle calling the pot black. Who checks your facts? Your slant is so far right the words look like a west wind has arisen.

  6. Dan Tyree

    Ben you should go find yourself a fag blog. Us true patriots don’t want to read your bullshit

    • Ben

      Larry invited me to this blog, it would have been rude of me not to accept. I read “fag”blogs also. I like to educate myself on different view points. That doesn’t mean I agree with them, but it does help me to understand where people are coming from. It helps me to empathize with our fellow citizens.
      Like this blog for instance, although I rarely agree with anything that is printed here, it’s good for me to read the concerns you have. I don’t understand the fear ,hatred, meanness, or pettiness, but it’s good that I know how you conservatives feel about important ( and trivial wedge issues) issues of the day.
      With that being said, I will continue to visit this site and endure your insufferable intolerance.

  7. Donn Zhang

    Thank you very much!