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Anniversary of Michael Brown's death – Ferguson blows up

Anniversary of Michael Brown's death – Ferguson blows up

On the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson Missouri, three nights of protest demonstrations, have turned into gunfire, muggings, looters and protestors chanting “F*ck Police”, in a violent night that ended with multiple injuries and multiple arrests.

Police Chief Belmar estimated there were at least 6 shooters who unleashed a “remarkable” amount of gunfire in about 45 seconds.  Shortly thereafter one of the shooters approached a police cruiser and opened fire. Four officers gave chase and shot the man who is now in critical condition.  The police suffered minor injuries and were put on administrative leave.

The shooter was later identified as Tyrone Harris, 18, allegedly a good friend of Michael Brown.  Tyrone Harris is reported to have earlier tweeted, “I’ll do the hit myself” and is now charged with 4 counts of assault on a police officer.  

A Black Lives Matter mob shut down Interstate 70 in Missouri. 

Looters looted at least three businesses, and a local reporter was mugged.  Protesters threw rocks and frozen water bottles at police (one politically correct reporter suggested the protesters were throwing frozen bottles of water “to” police…).  Networks have taken to sending only black reporters to avoid racially based attacks.

Author’s note:  This is a mess, more people will get hurt before its over. The police in this case are very limited and the mob knows it.  The mob knows if they continue to protest they will get national attention, and perhaps Obama will even direct money or resources toward their cause.  And they are probably right.  In fact, it may be the most exciting times of their lives.

In the protests earlier this year, after a jury determined the police officer who shot Michael Brown was not guilty of any wrongdoing, the knee-jerk attention from the White House and the Attorney General just poured gasoline on the fire of protests, looting and violence.  In this author’s opinion, Obama’s handling of this led to the violence in Baltimore and the current resurgence in Ferguson.  




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